Episode 6262

Australian Air Date: 18th August 2015
UK Air Date: 13th October 2015
Writer: Nick King
Director: Geoff Bennett

Leah tells Zac that she wants nothing to do with Hunter. Hannah draws an unhappy Chris out of himself. Josh gets expelled from Summer Bay High.

Extended Summary

Zac tells Charlotte how threatening Hunter was to Leah, but she shrugs it off.

Zac gets a call from Leah and they both rush to site of Leah and Evie’s accident. Both are fine but they came extremely close to hitting a tree, and Leah, remembering her door being unlocked, suggests that it may not have been an accident.

Later, Charlotte implies to Hunter that she believes he was involved in Leah’s accident, but Hunter admits to nothing. Meanwhile, Leah and Evie are back home and everyone discusses whether it’s possible that Hunter caused the accident. Leah doesn’t jump to conclusions in front of everyone, saying simply that the mechanics will work it out, but once alone with Zac she asks whether he believes that it was an accident. Zac is upset and refuses to believe that Hunter could do such a thing.

It’s Hunter’s first day at school, and when questioned by Evie over whether he tampered with Leah’s breaks, Hunter says he did, aggressively pushing their buttons. Matt tells him that he shouldn’t joke about it and VJ gets worked up, aggressively stepping up to Hunter but Principal Snelgrove intervenes before anything can happen. Josh asks Evie if she’s okay after the accident, she says she is and walks off leaving Josh thinking about her.

VJ and Hunter end up in a physical fight in class, causing Charlotte and Zac to rush in and helps pull them apart. They all get called to Principal Snelgrove’s office. VJ and Hunter get told off, then after the boys are sent out, Snelgrove has a go at Zac and Charlotte telling them to take the day off to sort them out.

Later, Leah finds out that her car wasn’t tampered with, and Zac apologises to Hunter for the fact people doubted him. However, Hunter is still angry, and pushes back defiantly when Zac tells him he needs to control his temper. Despite now knowing that the accident wasn’t Hunter’s fault, Leah tells Zac that Hunter frightens her and that she won’t have anything to do with him anymore.

Snelgrove and Irene try to plan their date at the Diner. Greg isn’t keen on going local, so Irene invites him to have dinner at her place, causing John to smirk nearby. He tells Irene that if a woman invited him to her house for a first date, he’d be wearing his best undies.

Josh and Andy are nearby talking about Josh getting his trial HSC results and whether Principal Snelgrove knows about the study drugs that Josh has been taking.

Irene lets slip to Andy and Josh that Hannah kissed Chris, causing Hannah to defend herself to Andy and Josh that nothing is going on between her and Chris.

Soon after, Hannah drops in to see Chris who’s morosely sitting on the couch. She tries to persuade him to go bodyboarding with her but he’s reluctant. Later at the diner, Irene tells Marilyn and John that Hannah has managed to get Chris out of the house, meaning Irene and Greg can have the house to themselves for their date. Irene looks worried and tells them she’s afraid that John might be right and says she’s going to cancel the date. Marilyn quickly jumps in and suggests that she and John join them, making it more like a dinner party than a date, to take the pressure off.

Charlotte asks Andy whether he got her message, and suggests they hang out… Andy makes excuses not to see her and after she leaves Andy tells Josh not to ask why. Outside Josh quizzes Andy about fobbing Charlotte off, suggesting that he’s still hung up on Hannah. Andy admits that may be so but insists that he’s with Charlotte, and that’s that.

Hannah and Chris have been in the water but Chris is still out of sorts. Hannah puts her foot in it saying that they’re all worried about him, he’s angry and thinks she’s only there out of pity. When she says he’s not being himself he lashes out saying that she doesn’t know him, that no one does. Later Hannah apologises to Chris for pushing him into the bodyboarding. Chris tells her that he puts on the outgoing personality, that he hasn’t always been that way. Hannah tells him that he only has to be himself with her and as they hug Andy sees them.

It’s exam results time. Matt’s happy with his results, despite still being beaten by Oscar. Josh also did well, but before there’s time to celebrate Principal Snelgrove calls him into his office. Snelgrove tells Josh that he can’t tolerate drug taking in the school and expels Josh, dashing his hopes of studying architecture and everything that he’s worked so hard for.