Episode 6261

Australian Air Date: 17th August 2015
UK Air Date: 12th October 2015
Writer: Nicky Arnall
Director: Geoff Bennett

Chris remains upset with John’s comments. Evie pulls off a peacemaking family lunch, despite VJ and Hunter’s issues with each other. Leah and Evie have a near miss when the car brakes fail, but was it sabotage?

Extended Summary

Irene thinks Chris is pretending to be sick, suspecting it’s really because John upset him with his comments about Chris being a clown, and that he couldn’t get Hannah if he tried. Irene, Marilyn and Alf all tell John off. John protests that he was joking but he’s firmly told to go and make it up to Chris.

John tries to apologise to Chris, but he isn’t having any of it and pushes John out of the house. John tells Marilyn and Irene what happened, and that he’s worried about Chris. At home, when Irene tries to talk to Chris he tells her he just wants to be left alone.

Zac and Leah are acting like there’s nothing wrong, but are finding it hard to keep their issues a secret. Matt notices that Zac has slept on the couch, and once he points out Leah and Zac’s over exaggerated effort to act normally, all the teens find it odd and want to know what’s wrong.

VJ is sure it’s something to do with Hunter, so they all decide to make more of an effort with him, with Evie speculating that if they did, it might ease things for Leah and Zac. Back home, Zac tells Leah that he’s prepared to get the paternity test done if it will make her feel better, which she appreciates.

Evie suggests they invite Hunter and Charlotte over for lunch, and suggests they invite Denny too and make it a peacemaking meal. Leah’s not convinced but Evie’s enthusiasm and Zac’s support of the idea overrule.

Zac talks to Charlotte about getting the paternity test, but she’s not happy about it. He then invites her and Hunter to lunch, but when she tells Hunter that they’re going, all she gets from him is attitude.

Evie is rushing around getting everything ready for the lunch, with Matt, Oscar and Denny. Leah, Zac and VJ arrive, but VJ is in a bad mood. When Hunter and Charlotte arrive, introductions are made, and the twins and Denny make an effort to connect with Hunter lightening the mood. However, VJ continues to sulk and when the adults suggest VJ could show Hunter around Summer Bay High, sparks begin to fly, causing Hunter to walks out.

Leah goes after Hunter, apologising, and saying that VJ may simply be jealous as he never got the chance to know his father. Hunter softens and Leah says she wants to make the crazy family work. Back at the house, VJ apologises to Zac, and later apologises to Hunter when he and Leah return.

When Charlotte and Hunter return home, Hunter finds the paperwork for the paternity test, and angrily pushes Charlotte to tell him who asked for the test, finding out that it was Leah. He goes and confronts Leah, accusing her of wanting to rip him and Zac apart, grabbing her arm roughly and making threats. As Leah escapes his grasp and he walks off, he stops and looks back at her car…

Charlotte finds Hunter out near the water and apologises for the whole debacle. He says he couldn’t care less about Leah now, she could die and it wouldn’t bother him.

Leah tells Zac what happened with Hunter, and that he really scared her. Zac says he’ll go and talk to Hunter. When Leah leaves to go shopping with Evie, she’s puzzled to find the car open, but shrugs it off. As they drive along, Leah realises the brakes aren’t working. As she desperately pumps the pedal, the pair both start to panic. As the car hurtles unchecked down the road, Leah yanks up the handbrake in the hope that it will stop the car, causing it to swerve and the pair both scream as the car flies towards a tree. Will they survive…?

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