Zac frantically searches for VJ. Kat and Kyle confront Phoebe’s stalker. Maddy confesses her love to Oscar. Brax learns his sentence will be reduced if he pleads guilty.


Marilyn is devastated when they receive an offer on the house. Brax puts his affairs in order in preparation for his trial. Hannah tries to reignite the intimacy in their relationship but Andy pushes her away.


John is overjoyed by the offer on the house but Marilyn and Jett don’t want to move. Spencer is upset about Oscar and Maddy becoming an item. Nate considers whether he should divorce Sophie.


Spencer decides to organise a fundraiser for teenagers with cancer. John finds the perfect romantic gesture he can give to Marilyn. Zac goes to the city to make their family work whether VJ likes it or not. Sasha returns to the Bay early to surprise Matt.


Matt and Sasha make up and decide to continue their long distance relationship. Brax attends court to learn his fate.


Brax’s lawyer hopes they can beat his murder charge by discrediting Sam as a witness. Sophie serves Nate with divorce papers. Spencer and Evelyn come up with the perfect idea for Maddy’s fundraiser.


Police find the duffle bag of money at Angelo’s. Spencer takes his planning of the fundraiser a bit too far. Phoebe’s stalker breaks into her room.


Andy tries to force Hannah to talk to him about their break up – will she listen? Oscar is worried Maddy is pushing herself too much.


Hannah starts to feel some sensation in her legs again. Sasha and Matt decide to spend the night in the Diner. Maddy decides to return to school, despite her illness. VJ lashes out at everyone as he struggles to cope with Leah’s absence.


After spending the night with Matt, Sasha misses her tutorial and may fail her assignment. Ryan attacks Phoebe. Zac agrees to let Maddy come back to school. VJ finds a healthy outlet for his anger over Leah’s illness.


Maddy prepares to return to school and finish Year 12. Kat flirts with Nate. Ryan kidnaps Phoebe.


Andy and Hannah are more in love than ever. Nate goes out on a date with Kat. Oscar realises he wants to break up with Maddy, but is torn when he realises how much she loves him.


Oscar breaks up with Maddy. Hannah succeeds in lifting her leg on her own. Evelyn tells Josh she’s ready to take their relationship to the next level.


VJ and Jett try to convince their parents to let them participate in a real boxing match. Evie and Josh take their relationship to the next level. Sasha is thinking of transferring to a uni closer to home so she can be with Matt.


Ricky is told she can visit Brax, but is having second thoughts about their relationship. Matt breaks up with Sasha. Denny kisses Ash.


Ash’s betrayal of Brax enrages Ricky. Sasha takes desperate measures to save her relationship with Matt. Oscar warns Josh to take care of Evelyn.


Will Ricky’s unravelling push Brax to do something dangerous? Ash’s honesty pushes things forward with Denny. Nate and Kat’s romance heats up.


Kat’s insecurities get in the way of a relationship with Nate. Andy and Hannah’s attempt at being spontaneous turns bad.


Kyle and Kat help Phoebe put her demons in the past. Zac and John’s attempts to put VJ & Jett off boxing backfire.


Spencer accidentally humiliates Maddy on her return to school. Denny finds moving on harder than she thought.