Tori’s decision to fire Nate has professional and personal repercussions. As his family grow more concerned with Brody’s behaviour, he makes a risky move. Phoebe receives the offer of her dreams.


Will Brody’s brush with the cops set him straight? Phoebe worries her potential music career in America will tear her relationship apart. Can Zac and Leah fix their broken marriage?


Seeing the chaos surrounding Luc, Ash decides he’s got to do something about her custody situation. Leah’s unlikely to forgive Zac any time soon. John and Marilyn prepare themselves for John’s trial.


Roo continues to hide her romance from her friends. John must make a difficult request of VJ before his trial begins. Kat’s blindsided by Ash’s bid for custody of Luc.


Will Morag win John’s court case? Olivia and Hunter realise just how good they have it.


Phoebe returns from the tour, but her romantic reunion with Justin is short-lived. Leah’s thrown by a new entrant to the custody battle for Luc. Marilyn and John must adapt to their new reality.


A messy custody battle brings out a lot of truths. Will Justin reveal Brody’s drug problem? Phoebe’s going to America – will Justin follow?


Brody takes a step into darker territory. Roo collapses while moving house. Leah delivers a blow to Zac.


John defends Marilyn in prison. Olivia is desperate to avoid celebrating her 18th birthday. Roo faces a life changing prospect.


Olivia’s birthday lunch turns out to be more memorable than anticipated. Roo supports a struggling Marilyn, but then experiences a potentially life changing shock of her own.


An indecisive Roo doesn’t know how to break her big news to James. Kat pushes down her feelings. Brody demands his family’s trust.


VJ and Leah face a tough situation. Kat and Patrick attempt to hide their discomfort. An unfortunate event puts Brody in an uncomfortable position.


Hunter and Olivia have good intentions, but it doesn’t exactly go to plan. Kat tries to come to terms with an adjustment.


Zac makes a desperate plea. Hunter and VJ face a tough situation. Marilyn questions her relationships.


Zac makes a final attempt. John faces a dangerous situation. Justin has to decide what he wants.


Raffy’s worried that Brody’s lying to the Morgans about his drug habit. Will Brody’s lying and thieving save him from Zannis’ wrath? Marilyn has doubts about John’s character.


Brody’s lies unravel as Tori gets closer to the truth. Irene and Leah’s friendship is on rocky ground. Zac endangers himself after drinking away his sorrows.

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