Olivia’s launch party proves to be a success. Brody is accused of assault. Raffy opens up to Roo about her future.


Scarlett breaks the law in an attempt to save Brody. Leah plants a seed of doubt in VJ’s mind. Coco tries a bizarre exercise to bring her family together.


Ziggy’s fractured relationship with Maggie could stem from something more sinister. Brody is cleared of the assault charges. Scarlett’s sleuthing costs Kat her job promotion.


Scarlett reveals what she really thinks of Kat. Ash finally makes his move on Tori. John and Robbo forge a friendship.


Ash and Tori finally get together. VJ tells Coco the truth about his feelings towards her. Olivia’s stress over her new design company reaches boiling point.


Olivia takes drastic measures to achieve her career goals. Raffy’s behaviour goes from bad to worse. Beth and Mason’s happiness is marred by tragedy.


Tori breaks the news to Beth and her family that if she doesn’t get a new heart soon she will die. Despite an initial blunder Scarlett comes through for Brody in court.


Robbo is blindsided when he discovers it is Kat’s birthday. Raffy acts out at school. Caleb finds Scarlett in Summer Bay and forces her to confront the demons of her past.


Robbo takes Kat out on an amazing date to make up for her birthday blunder. Justin discovers why Raffy has been acting out. Ziggy harbours a guilty secret.


Coco’s secret is finally out. Ash and Tori go on their first official date. Olivia hides her theft from Hunter and Irene.


Mason jeopardises his career trying to help Beth. When will Ash & Tori sleep together? Irene becomes an investor in Olivia’s company.


Ash and Tori’s happiness is short-lived when a phone call threatens everything. Irene visits Mick in the psychiatric facility. Scarlett and her estranged husband bond.


Irene makes a decision about her involvement in Mick’s life as he fronts the parole board. Mason makes a discovery about Tori’s patient. Scarlett makes her intentions towards Caleb clear.


Mason attempts to convince a grieving husband to donate his wife’s organs. Ben resolves to physical labour to mend the rift between Ziggy and Coco. Coco’s life is endangered by her eating disorder.


Leah informs the Astoni family about Coco’s bulimia. Ziggy runs away. Robbo comes up with a solution after the Surf Club is robbed. A stranger watches Robbo.


Brody is made an offer by Irene and Marilyn. Robbo’s fundraiser is a success. Olivia thanks Hunter for all his help in her own way.


Mason is fired from his placement at the hospital. Irene and John make a bet about Brody. Kat, Robbo, Scarlett and Justin’s weekend getaway is ruined by a bomb explosion.


Mason and Beth’s romantic date is tragically cut short. Caleb warns Justin off Scarlett after she is hospitalised. Robbo learns that his real name is Beckett Reid.


Mason struggles to cope after Beth’s death. Irene secretly helps Mick after she realises he is not safe in the halfway house. Ben, Maggie and Coco worry about Ziggy’s whereabouts.


Ziggy’s drink is spiked when she goes to the bathroom. Irene gives Mick his marching orders after growing guilty. Roo tries to alleviate Maggie’s stress.

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