Will Marilyn and John’s attempts to become foster parents be successful? Alf’s behaviour worries Roo.


Tori suggests they sell Salt to pay for Brody’s rehab. Brody and Ziggy get their friendship back on track. Alf faces off with his mystery attacker.


Brody objects to Tori’s plan to sell Salt. The mystery man in the bay has amnesia – will he remember who he is?


Maggie asks Ben to reconsider the renovation plans after bonding with Leah, Irene and Marilyn. Scarlett discovers the reason behind Justin’s rejection. Kat is jealous of Tori.


Ash and Kat make amends after she accuses him of cheating on her with Tori. Maggie realises that she can’t ask Ben to give up his renovation dream. Raffy is frustrated at being unable to visit Mason.


Hunter struggles to fully connect with his real dad. Raffy stands up to Jennifer when Coco is being bullied. John and Marilyn receive some bad news about fostering, but John has another idea.


Will Ash make it out alive? Marilyn’s not sure what she really wants. Mason faces severe damage.


Brody is tempted by Lena. A friendship blossoms between Robbo and Kat. Will Mason ever walk again?


Brody starts to get back on track. There’s more between Justin and Scarlett than they’d care to admit. The Astonis aren’t settling in as well as they’d like.


Will Justin and Scarlett finally give things a go? Ziggy has something to hide. John’s dreams might be over.


Wally’s wife reacts to his news. Is Coco’s problem a cry for help? Raffy tries to repair her friendship.


Kat is shocked by one of Robbo’s possessions. Hunter and Wally reach an impasse. Ash tries to deny the chemistry between him and Tori.


Love looms for Leah. Ash and Kat might finally be back on track. Kat has to remove herself from the Robbo investigation.


Justin and Scarlett reach the end of the road. Mason’s anger affects the Morgan family. Coco’s on the edge of a downward spiral.


Zannis’ return puts Brody and Ziggy in danger. Brody struggles to stay clean as Mason refuses to forgive him.


Zannis kidnaps Ziggy. Hunter asks Wally for a second chance. Raffy’s true intelligence is uncovered.


Zannis’ kidnapping of Ziggy and Brody is interrupted. Ben and Maggie struggle to get their plans approved. Will Robbo’s memory return?


Robbo uncovers a hidden talent. Brody’s past ruins his friendship with Ziggy. Ash and Ziggy attempt to resist temptation.


Scarlett aids Robbo in his quest uncover his identity. Is this the end for Wally and Hunter? Kat and Ash decide to end their relationship.

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