Home and Away Spoilers – Bree’s trapped as Jacob decides to stay

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Bree’s opportunity to escape her abusive marriage is shattered when Jacob announces he’s staying in Summer Bay.

Dr Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin) first appeared as the doctor who treated Cash when he was shot by gang leader Marty (Ben Wood).     

New in town, she got the job shortly after Logan’s (Harley Bonner) exit from the bay, and soon struck up a friendship with Remi (Adam Rowland). However, while Remi wanted more than friendship, she kept knocking him back, simply seeking company in a new town.

When Remi confronted her on why she wouldn’t even give her a chance, considering how well they got on, Bree admitted that she was married.

She explained that her husband, Jacob, was a fly-in, fly-out mechanic on the mines, and that’s why he hadn’t been around. They were high school sweethearts who loved each other very much, and while they often spent months apart, they made it work.

However, it soon became clear that Bree felt a pang of jealousy when she saw Remi with nurse Stacey (Maleeka Gasbarri), suggesting that perhaps she liked Remi’s attention just a little bit.

A few days later, when Bree and Remi were enjoying another friendly brunch on Salt’s balcony, Bree was surprised when Jacob (Alex Williams) arrived in Summer Bay unannounced, and it soon became clear that there was a lot going on with their relationship.

Jacob was instantly jealous at the sight of Bree enjoying brunch with another man, and his frosty reception made sure that Remi was aware of just how he felt.

When the two were alone, Jacob accused Bree of flirting with Remi, which she denied, but he didn’t want to hear it.

Sadly, it wasn’t long until things escalated.

When Jacob discovered that Remi had sent Bree a text checking on her, he became even more enraged. Bree later called Remi and told him to stay away from her, but this backfired when Jacob discovered the secret phone call and beat her.

The next day, Bree tried to cover her bruises with makeup as she headed to work, but Remi found her with a bust-up lip and quickly realised what was going on.

However, despite his attempts to get her to open up, Bree denied that anything was going on and warned Remi to stay away.

Needing someone to talk to, Remi opened up to Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) about what Jacob was doing.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long until the pair bumped into Jacob outside the surf club, where he immediately set about patronising Remi over his poor performance busking earlier that day.

Unable to keep her cool, Eden answered back, telling him to watch how he speaks to her friend. When Jacob remarked that Remi might want to get Eden under control, she snapped: “Why, what are you gonna do, hit me?”

It was Bree who bore the brunt of Eden’s words, as the following day we saw her placing her hand on her abdomen at the beach, suggesting that she may have suffered another beating at the hands of her husband.

This week, Jacob pushes Bree too far. She snaps and tells him to stop his abusive behaviour, but, while he tells her he’ll change, she knows it’s not going to happen.

Then, she thinks she’s about to catch a break as Jacob discovers he may have to head back to his job in Western Australia sooner than expected.

“Jacob’s heading back sooner than I thought, so things will get back to normal,” she explains to Remi as they chat at Salt, with a glint in her eye.

Yet the happiness is short-lived. Jacob walks into the restaurant just as the two are chatting, and Bree’s panicked reaction makes it clear to Jacob that he was interrupting something.

When Bree tries to placate her husband, ushering him towards the balcony to grab a table outside, he tells her he’s changed his mind – they should head back to the motel and order food in.

It’s there that he drops a bombshell.

“I’m not going back to WA,” he tells her. “I’m going to resign from my job and I’m gonna stay right here with you.”

He hugs her tight, but Bree’s body falls limp as she realises that she’s lost her one chance to escape.

Finally accepting that she needs help, Bree turns to Remi, who pushes her to report Jacob. Will he provide the help she needs to escape her abusive relationship?

However, while Remi only cares about getting Bree away from Jacob, Eden begins to worry that Remi is getting too close to her.

“You need to take a step back,” Eden advises her best friend, not wanting him to get hurt – neither physically nor emotionally.

Talking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Stephanie Panozzo explains: “She cares deeply about Remi, he’s like her brother, and doesn’t want him to get hurt. But, on the other hand, [Eden] is very concerned about Bree’s current situation.”

But, with Bree finally admitting that she needs help to get rid of Jacob, Remi can’t give up on her now.

Will he get her the help she needs to escape Jacob’s abuse?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 17th October (Episode 7907)

Kirby wants closure from her ex. Cash and Eden declare friendship impossible. Roo and Nikau team up to track down Marilyn.

Tuesday 18th October (Episode 7908)

Ziggy hides the truth from Justin. Can Roo convince Marilyn to come home? Alf doesn’t need Leah’s babysitting.

Wednesday 18th October (Episode 7909)

Remi wants the woman he can’t have. Marilyn turns a new page. Justin’s compromise insults Ziggy. Jacob’s decision blocks Bree’s escape.

Thursday 19th October (Episodes 7910-7912)

Can Justin manage without Ziggy? Bree turns to Remi for help. Xander picks up a hot date.

Ziggy’s pride works overtime. Remi pushes Bree to report Jacob. Eden seeks out Cash for advice.

Can Rose stay out of Xander’s love life? Eden worries Remi is getting too close to Bree. Justin gets back into Ziggy’s good books.

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