Home and Away Spoilers – Dana’s big mistake as she reveals too much

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, as Tane looks into options for fostering the abandoned baby he found last week, a mistake from Dana could prove costly.

Tane’s (Ethan Browne) friends continue to show concern next week, as he refuses to leave the side of the baby he found abandoned on Summer Bay’s beach.

Tane was preparing to hold a PT class when he found the baby girl lying in a gym bag amongst the dunes.

Tane immediately took the infant up to the surf club where she was given a quick check-over by nurse Dana (Ally Harris) before being taken to Northern Districts Hospital in Yabbie Creek.

Recently promoted to Senior Constable, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) was given the case as the first in her new position, but all immediate enquiries to find the parents came up blank.

Meanwhile, Tane accompanied the baby to the hospital, and hasn’t left since. Housemates Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Mali (Kyle Shilling) were already voicing their concerns to each other as the week came to a close, after Tane told Mac that he was all the baby had at the moment.

Whilst social worker Harper (Jessica Redmayne) had begun the search for emergency foster carers, Mac informed Mali that the whole reason Tane had broken up with Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) was because he wanted children.

Next week, Tane is concerned when the baby is moved to a ward from the emergency department, but Dana explains that it’s simply procedure now that she has been given a clean bill of health. With Tane still not having eaten properly or rested, Mali suggests they all head back to the farmhouse, but Tane stubbornly refuses.

Harper informs Tane that they’re having trouble finding any emergency foster carers in the area (they need to rewind 30 years!), and as she points out that the baby’s real family could come forward before any are found, Tane scoffs at the idea. Harper is quick to point out that Tane shouldn’t judge without knowing the circumstances.

Tane eventually pulls himself away from the baby to head home and get a change of clothes, but tells everyone that he’s going to be heading straight back to the hospital rather than opening up the gym.

Mac asks Tane whether his experience with Flick has somehow clouded his judgement, but Tane doubles down and says he’s not going to walk away from the baby like her real family did.

When Dana comments that it’s a shame they don’t even know the baby’s name, Tane takes it upon himself to give her the name Maia – the Maori word for courage. When Rose sees the name placed on the crib, she warns Tane, Harper and Dana that the name shouldn’t leave that room—hearing it may discourage the parents from coming forward.

Harper is surprised when Tane later announces that he’ll take Maia on as an emergency foster carer. She points out that the application process could take some time, and he’ll need to ensure he has all the relevant paperwork ready, including his permanent residency information.

Tane’s heart sinks as Harper explains that only Australian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to become foster carers—he is neither.

Tane laments the situation to Mali, he just wants to help—what will happen to baby ‘Maia’ now?

When Roo (Georgie Parker) later brings in some donated items for Maia, dropped off by wellwishers at the surf club, she also suggests he go home and get some sleep, but to no avail.

As Tane talks about how he can’t understand any mother abandoning her child like that, it touches a nerve with Roo, who gave her own daughter Martha up for adoption in 1988.

In Tane’s eyes, if you have a child then it’s your job to either find a way of coping, or seek help.

As Felicity hears about the saga and drops by the hospital, she can see that Tane is in his element. When she later learns that Tane’s bid to care for the baby has been kyboshed due to his residency status, she can’t believe it’s over something so ridiculously simple.

Determined to help, Flick heads home and starts searching the internet for information on becoming a foster carer.

It’s a massive turnaround for Flick, who was so adamant that she never wanted children that she secretly took contraceptives whilst trying for a baby with Tane, bringing about the end of their marriage.

Is Flick doing it for the right reasons, or is a hope that she’ll be able to win back Tane clouding her judgement?

Later in the week, a shady character enters the surf club and starts taking photos of the donations table set up for the baby, as well as the list of donors.

Alf spots him and asks if he can help, to which the man introduces himself—Peter Rolfe (Roman Delo), a reporter for the Coastal News.

Alf isn’t impressed, he’s read some of Peter’s work and knows that he never lets the truth get in the way of a good story. Peter starts fishing for information about the baby but Alf didn’t come down in the last shower and isn’t biting.

As Peter then starts trying to feed ideas about the mother being some sort of welfare cheat or addict, Alf tells him to sling his hook.

The next morning, Dana is handing out information leaflets about the baby when Peter approaches—he hopes the baby is okay.

After hearing that the baby is fine, Peter latches on to Dana immediately, asking how she knows. After hearing that Dana is a nurse at the hospital, he offers to take her for a coffee, to thank her for all her hard work.

Feeling stung after being knocked back by Xander (Luke Van Os), Dana sees it as a perfect opportunity to show that she’s already moved on, by suggesting they get a drink in Salt.

Dana is too engrossed in seeing if Xander’s watching her to realise that Peter is once again prying for info about the baby, and she accidentally lets slip that the baby has been named Maia.

Peter is further intrigued when Dana then tells him that Tane, the man who found her, has not left Maia’s side.

Once Peter has left, Xander approaches and asks Dana about her ‘date’—she does realise he’s a journalist right? Xander witnessed him the night before trying to interrogate Alf on the baby.

Dana’s heart sinks… what has she done?!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 22nd April (Episode 8211)

Theo is hooked on the high. A hurt Valerie draws boundaries. Tane faces a roadblock.

Tuesday 23rd April (Episode 8212)

Valerie decides enough is enough. Rose makes a public plea. Felicity makes a rash decision.

Wednesday 25th April (Episode 8213)

Bree gives Remi an ultimatum. Cash throws a wrench in Felicity’s plans.

Thursday 25th April (Episode 8215)

Cash interviews for a new job. Remi is stuck between a rock and a hard place. John is on a mission to marry.

Friday 26th April (Episode 8215)

Alf runs into a shady stranger. Dana gets tricked into revealing too much. Stevie won’t take no for an answer.