Home and Away Spoilers – Will Justin’s prank ruin the golf tournament?

This week on Home and Away in Australia, a prank by Justin causes chaos at the golf tournament, while Eden tries to recover $12,000 worth of stolen wedding dresses!

Summer Bay’s inaugural golf tournament finally gets underway this week, organised as a charity fundraiser by Roo (Georgie Parker) and Marilyn (Emily Symons).

The pair are hoping to raise $40,000, to buy a new food truck for the community kitchen they’ve been volunteering with in the city.

With limited availability on Summer Bay’s golf course, who have provided 9 holes for free, the pair had their work cut out in organising the contest in less than two weeks.

Luckily there’s been interest from various local businesses who have offered prizes—Leah (Ada Nicodemou) and Irene (Lynne McGranger) even offering a year’s free coffee at the diner—but the icing on the cake was Roo successfully convincing a local showroom to give away a car as the top prize!

In the meantime, John (Shane Withington) has been desperately trying to scramble a team together, but was unimpressed when Justin later started up his own team and poached his star player Theo (Matt Evans).

Seeing the effort John had gone to in creating ‘Palmer’s Putters’ team t-shirts, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) decided to stay put, and has been receiving lessons from new teammate and police force star player Rose (Kirsty Marillier).

After learning of the top prize, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is suddenly keen to join Justin’s team—with a baby on the way he could certainly do with the windfall.


The surfing River Boy isn’t the first candidate that would come to mind, but at this point Justin is keen for anyone to complete his trio, particularly after placing a $1000 wager with John!

Despite Dean’s initial reluctance to take part, having pointed out that his home town of Mangrove River wasn’t exactly known for its golf courses, it seems he’s actually quite the golfer.


His teammates are impressed by his unexpected putting skills, and an unlikely golf star is born.

New photos on the official Home and Away Facebook page show Justin and Theo cheering enthusiastically as it soon becomes clear that they’re in with a chance of winning.


All John and Rose can do is look on in shock as John realises he may be able to lose his $1000 wager.

Sadly for Justin, his competitive side gets away from him, and the tournament ends in scandal when a prank with a golf buggy goes wrong.

Theo has already suspected something is up, when the night before the tournament he notices Justin’s cagey behaviour.

What has Justin done, and will he be able to make amends?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) is in shock after $12,000 worth of wedding dresses were stolen out of the back of Lyrik’s van.

Having taken on the role of chief bridesmaid for Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), Eden had managed to wangle a selection of dresses for Flick to try at home, after she refused to set foot in another bridal shop.

The two had a fun afternoon trying them on, but ultimately Flick didn’t believe she’d found the perfect dress, so Eden arranged to return them the following day.

But with an empty void in the back of the van where the dresses once lay, Eden has a major problem on her hands. Not only has she put down a $1000 deposit, but she’ll be liable for the full cost of the dresses if she doesn’t return them.

If that wasn’t enough, Flick suddenly decides that one of the dresses she’d tried on is indeed the one she wants to wear on her big day!

Eden feels there’s only one person she can turn to in this time of crisis—local cop Cash (Nicholas Cartwright)—but unfortunately things still remain problematic between the pair.

The last thing either Cash or Eden want is to be in each other’s presence,” Nicholas explains to Yahoo Lifestyle. “So when Eden asks Cash to help find the lost wedding dresses it’s extremely awkward for them both.

It shows that they both still want the other around,” Nicholas continued. “That even though their lives in the Bay are complicated, they still care about each other enough to help each other out.

A recent promo teasing the upcoming weeks leading to the season finale has hinted at more will they/won’t they drama between the pair, with a near kiss and more upset on the cards.

Felicity is set to interrupt the pair just as they’re leaning in for a kiss on the sofa in the Parata house.

Hello,” Felicity grins… “What did I just walk in on?

Will the two finally be able to get their act together?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 14th November (Episode 7931)

A crime brings Cash and Eden together. Remi’s protection suffocates Bree. Felicity gets tongue-tied over her vows.

Tuesday 15th November (Episode 7932)

Ziggy escapes from bed rest. Felicity is a stubborn matchmaker. Cash is Eden’s hero. Tane plans a surprise.

Wednesday 16th November (Episode 7933)

Can Xander and Stacey be just friends? Justin’s competitive side takes over. An unlikely golf star is born.

Thursday 17th November (Episodes 7934-7936)

Stacey plays by Xander’s rules. The golf tournament ends in scandal.

Justin makes amends. Bree finds a friend in Ziggy. Remi fears for Bree’s safety.

Not everyone is excited for Ziggy and Dean’s baby. John tests Irene’s patience.