Home and Away Spoilers – Cash and Alf clash over Marilyn’s exit

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, Alf pushes Cash for information on Marilyn’s whereabouts, while Ziggy suffers yet another setback at the garage.

After Marilyn (Emily Symons) quietly slipped out of Summer Bay last week, apparently never to return, her loved ones have been desperate to track her down.

Ashamed following the dramatic showdown with long-lost daughter Heather (Sofia Nolan)—which saw Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Alf (Ray Meagher), Roo (Georgie Parker) and Irene (Lynne McGranger) lured to a country mansion, drugged, and tied up—Marilyn left a note for Alf explaining that she didn’t deserve them as friends, and apologised for the trouble she’d caused.

If the shame that she’d lied to all of her friends (with the exception of Leah) wasn’t enough, Marilyn felt particularly guilty after the drug that Heather gave them all landed Alf in hospital, having suffered a reaction due to his heart condition.

After receiving a visit from Marilyn in the hospital, he was crushed to return home to find her letter.

It’s devastating for Alf that Marilyn feels so bad about this whole mess that she has to leave the Bay,” Ray told TV Week. “She’s been through hell with this daughter [Heather], and he can’t believe she’s left and he can no longer help her.

Irene and John (Shane Withington) had no luck with ringing around to see if anyone had seen Marilyn, and the pair went to the police station in the hope of reporting her as a missing person.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) told them he couldn’t do that, but agreed to make some unofficial enquiries—after all, he needed to get hold of her himself in order to get her statement.


Cash eventually received a call from Marilyn, but whilst she was keen for it to be known she was safe, she explicitly requested that he doesn’t tell anyone where’s she staying, she doesn’t want any contact.

It was left to John to tell Alf the news, and needless to say he wasn’t too happy.

This week Alf confronts Cash over his secrecy, furious that he’s acting as a barrier between him and his dear friend.


This isn’t like Cash is saying where the crown jewels are, or ‘I know where the body is hidden and I’m not going to tell you’ – it’s Marilyn!” Ray continued.

Alf considers Cash to be a friend, and Cash knows how tight-knit the Summer Bay community is, so the fact that he’d keep Marilyn’s location secret infuriates him.

As Alf begins to blow his top at Cash, his heart condition comes into play again, forcing him to sit down and take a breath.


Roo and Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) can see that getting angry with Cash isn’t the way to get him to open up. When they calmly ask him for help, Cash eventually gives in and gives them a single bit of information—Marilyn is in the city volunteering at a youth shelter.

When the pair finally track Marilyn down, it’s clear that she feels she has to make up for her past mistakes. She let Heather down 27 years ago by agreeing to place her in the care of the Frazers, and it broke Marilyn’s heart when she had to tell her daughter that she couldn’t be in her life after the attack on her friends.

So, while it was a difficult decision to leave the bay, helping disadvantaged youths at the shelter is her way of trying to undo her past wrongs.

Roo and Nik are quick to point out that all of her loved ones, who are only too happy to support her, are back in the bay. Surely she can’t fully find peace whilst she’s surrounded by perfect strangers?

Will Marilyn be convinced to return home?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, after throwing her brother Cash and best friend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) together to help organise her wedding, Flick is hoping that the pair will be able to sort out their differences.

Things have been tense between the two after Eden admitted that she was falling for Cash, following their casual hook-ups. Cash made it clear that he didn’t feel the same way, and told Eden that they needed to stop seeing each other.

Although Cash later tried to make small talk with Eden, it was too much for her, as she asked him to stay away.

Having got over the initial shock of her bestie and brother hooking up however, Flick is keen for the pair to get together.

But now it’s Cash who is back to playing it cool. Whilst Eden does her best to stay civil, she’s taken aback when Cash later tells her that they can no longer be friends.

This really hurts Eden,” Stephanie told Yahoo Lifestyle. “She really tries to be amicable throughout [Felicity’s] wedding planning, but when Cash doesn’t even want to be friends it does break her heart a little bit.

Also this week, the decision to take on a new position at the garage comes back to bite a pregnant Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), when she doubles over in pain whilst at work.

Ziggy had initially kept her pregnancy a secret from boss Justin (James Stewart), not wanting to tell him until she reached her second trimester, but it did mean that she had no excuse to not take on the promotion she had been offered.

Thankfully the incident doesn’t turn out to be anything serious, but Justin is fuming when he finds that the garage was unexpectedly closed up.

Not wanting Justin to think that her pregnancy is holding her back, Ziggy claims that she simply forgot to open up. However, that doesn’t offer Justin much in the way of reassurance – did he really make the right decision promoting her?

He comes up with a compromise, but it only ends up with Ziggy feeling insulted and her pride dented. Will she ever be able to admit that she’s struggling?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 17th October (Episode 7907)

Kirby wants closure from her ex. Cash and Eden declare friendship impossible. Roo and Nikau team up to track down Marilyn.

Tuesday 18th October (Episode 7908)

Ziggy hides the truth from Justin. Can Roo convince Marilyn to come home? Alf doesn’t need Leah’s babysitting.

Wednesday 18th October (Episode 7909)

Remi wants the woman he can’t have. Marilyn turns a new page. Justin’s compromise insults Ziggy. Jacob’s decision blocks Bree’s escape.

Thursday 19th October (Episodes 7910-7912)

Can Justin manage without Ziggy? Bree turns to Remi for help. Xander picks up a hot date.

Ziggy’s pride works overtime. Remi pushes Bree to report Jacob. Eden seeks out Cash for advice.

Can Rose stay out of Xander’s love life? Eden worries Remi is getting too close to Bree. Justin gets back into Ziggy’s good books.

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