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Monday 13th July (7367)

Dean accepts an unexpected proposition. Ziggy seeks closure. Tane disappoints Ari.

Tuesday 14th July (7368)

It’s a special celebration for Ben and Maggie. Ziggy and Dean overcome challenges. Marilyn and John make hard decisions about their marriage.

Wednesday 15th July (7369)

Marilyn and John reach the point of no return. Tori draws a line in the sand. Ryder encourages Alf to seize every moment.

Thursday 16th July (7370)

Jasmine’s behaviour reaches a crescendo. Nikau and Bella’s relationship continues to blossom. Tori makes an impossible choice.

And now for an extended look at the latest Home and Away spoilers, as we explore everything we know that’s coming up in the months ahead…

Ben and Maggie Astoni leave Summer Bay next week 😭

The latest Home and Away spoilers see Ben and Maggie leave Summer Bay

We’ve had strong suspicions for months that Ben and Maggie will be leaving Summer Bay, but it seems the suspicions are about to become reality in scenes set to air in Australia next week.

Neither Rohan Nichol or Kestie Morassi having been seen filming on Sydney’s Palm Beach since December. While that alone isn’t necessarily confirmation of their departure – with indoor scenes all filmed behind closed doors – recent scenes airing in Australia have seen the newly reunited pair plan a move to Italy.

Back in December, fans saw the filming of a celebration lunch outside the surf club, in which Alf, John, Marilyn, Leah, Justin, Dean and Ziggy all joined Ben and Maggie for the occasion.

Photos appeared to show Alf standing up to give a speech, making a toast to Ben and Maggie before Ben himself stood up to saw a few words.

Later the same day, a scene was filmed showing Ben and Maggie driving past the infamous ‘You are leaving Summer Bay‘ sign, which is usually only dragged out for arrival and departure scenes.

The Astoni family – Ben, Ziggy, Coco and Maggie – first arrived in Summer Bay back in June 2017.

In 2019, daughter Coco moved to Queensland to take up a scholarship in Cairns, as actress Anna Coquerel left the show in what was originally cited to be a move down to part time.

Ben and Maggie’s impending departure will leave Ziggy as the last remaining Astoni, with her newly secure garage job and renewed commitment to Dean hopefully enough to keep her in Summer Bay for a while longer.

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What does the future hold for Evan and Ryder? 👨‍👦

Home and Away has been thoroughly tearing at our heartstrings in recent weeks. Not only has Ryder had to get to know the father he never had, he’s also had to come to terms with the fact his long lost dad is dying, and that the two only have a matter of months left.

Evan turned up in Summer Bay in mid-May, claiming he simply wanted to get to know his son and make up for his past mistakes. However, he quickly revealed to Roo that he’s dying of mesothelioma (an aggressive cancer caused by asbestos exposure) and that he wanted to get to know his son before it was too late.

Recent scenes saw Evan head to the city with Roo to organise palliative care, with Ryder dreading a phone call telling him that Even had passed away.

On the day of his departure, actor-cum-musician Cameron Daddo posted an intriguing Instagram post with 3 photos of him alongside Lukas Radovich (Ryder), Georgie Parker (Roo), and Ray Meagher (Alf).

come on science… time for a cure! @georgieparker @lukas.radovich @homeandaway #lifestooshort #tv #stonetheflamincrows

With there currently no known cure for mesothelioma, it would be a stretch for even Home and Away to bring Evan back to Summer Bay right as rain.

However, it seems we haven’t seen the last of Cameron Daddo…

As the Home and Away cast and crew returned to set in May, Georgie Parker (Roo) uploaded a photo to Instagram with the caption “Warming up for socially distant acting 🎭 🌿. Happy Wednesday 💗”

Showing off the new social distance measures all of the crew are having to contend with, the photo sees Ray Meagher (Alf), Emily Symons (Marilyn) and Cameron standing arms stretched out on the set of the Summer Bay caravan park.

With these scenes filmed in May, and Home and Away filmed about 5 months in advance of Australian airings, it looks like Evan…or someone who looks very much like him…. will be sticking around for a fair few months to come.

Is Dean Thompson a father? 😬

There’s rumours abound that an ex-lover of Dean’s is set to show up in Summer Bay later this year, with a child in tow!

Dean and Ziggy are finally on solid ground, and one of the few secure couples in Summer Bay right now.

They’ve had their troubles, most significantly Ziggy kissing a colleague while working as a mechanic on a race track pit crew, but Dean eventually managed to forgive her and the pair got through it in one piece.

Even a recent forgotten anniversary wasn’t enough to cause a rift between the pair. Australian viewers recently saw Ziggy forget their 1 year anniversary, stunned when Dean presented her with a necklace as an anniversary gift, her head too filled with worry over the breakdown of her parents’ relationship to keep track of the milestone.

But Dean didn’t take it personally, knowing how caught up Ziggy has been with her parents’ drama, and Ziggy instead cemented her commitment to him by getting an as-yet-unknown tattoo.

But now a shock twist could throw everything up in the air and prove their biggest challenge to date.

In scenes set to air some time in August, a mystery woman will show up in Summer Bay with a young boy in tow. It’s speculated that the woman is one of Dean’s exes, and the boy is his son!

Actress Madeleine Jevic will play the mystery woman, who’s been pictured filming with Patrick O’Connor and a young boy.

A fan spotted the trio filming on Palm Beach back in March, and claims that they saw scenes in which Dean met his son, rumoured to be called Jai, that he never knew he had.

The mother is played by Madeleine Jevic, who previously starred in Upper Middle Bogan and Wentworth.

Madeleine Jevic ©Linsten Management

While the exact background to the pair is still speculation, if it’s true then Jai is yet another member of Dean’s rapidly growing family.

Dean only learnt the identity of his father, Rick Booth, a couple of years back. That discovery led to Mackenzie Booth arriving in town, buying Salt in a dramatic effort to get to know her half brother and gain financial independence from their shared father.

Now just a couple of years after gaining a father and a half sister, it looks like he’s set to gain a son.

How will Dean react to the news, and how will it affect his relationship with Ziggy?

If he steps up and plays a part in his son’s life, will Ziggy be able to deal with his ex-girlfriend playing a more regular part in his life? Or, after everything she’s been through with Brodie, and her own recent paternity troubles, will it all prove too much?

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Angelo Rosetta returns to Summer Bay 👮‍♂️🚓

In February it was announced that Luke Jacobz had reprised his role as Angelo Rosetta after nearly 9 years.

In an unusual move, the show announced his return at the same time as he commenced filming. In a statement, a Home and Away spokesperson said that “It’s been almost a decade since his character Angelo Rosetta left the Bay, and now he’s back on the police force with everything to prove.

What could bring Angelo back to the bay, and is he romantically linked to the new woman he’s been seen filming with…?

The police sergeant turned restauranter departed the bay in 2011 for a new life in the city with girlfriend Nicole Franklin and her baby George.

Now back on the police force after being forced to resign in 2010, the sharp suit may indicate that Angelo has moved up the ranks to detective.

Being Summer Bay, it’s of no surprise that Angelo is rumoured to be investigating a crime, but could it involve one of our favourites? After all, Summer Bay’s own local copper committed murder last year…

Another obvious question has been that of his relationship status.

Paparazzi photos of Luke filming his first scenes have in fact shown that Angelo is wearing a wedding ring, so could he have tied the knot with Nicole?

There’s been no sign of Tessa James returning to play Nicole however, so whether she has remained in the city with George whilst Angelo moves away for a few months, or whether they’ve since separated, remains to be seen.

Could there be another potential romantic interest to add to the equation?

Actress Annabelle Stephenson has been seen filming at Palm Beach in scenes alongside Luke, fuelling speculation that the characters could be linked somehow.

However further scenes have also been filmed which saw her character being rather friendly with Colby Thorne (Tim Franklin), so the jury is still out on that one….!

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Ava Gilbert returns

Justin’s daughter Ava will also be returning later this year, with actress Alice Roberts having been seen filming with James Stewart and Ada Nicodemou at Palm Beach in March.

Ava was last seen on-screen back in October, where she was sent to stay with Justin whilst her mother Nina and stepfather Brian were going through a messy divorce.

Although Ava will no doubt be excited to see her little cousin Grace, and Aunt Tori who was in hospital during her last visit, there will no doubt be a tinge of sadness following the death of Ava’s uncle Mason.

Scenes filmed in March see Ava once again playing football with Leah and Justin near the surf club, as well as Ava having a heart to heart with Leah whilst sitting near the Pier Diner.

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Meanwhile, even more Home and Away spoilers for UK viewers:

The Paratas hit a snag, whilst Ben & Maggie make big plans.

This week on Home and Away in Australia, the Paratas set off for New Zealand in order to return Mikaere’s ashes to his homeland, but find their plans thwarted by Colby.

Meanwhile, Ziggy is shocked when Ben and Maggie make a huge decision about their future.

Plus, we speculate whether Gemma Parata could be set to depart Summer Bay for good…

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