Tragedy rocks the Sutherland family. Tasha discovers who her mother really is.

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Dani and Beth struggle to pick up the pieces. Hayley begins a desperate search for Alex. Can Noah save the Drop In Centre? Hayley makes a life changing decision.

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Is it over for Alex and Hayley? The tragedy leaves Kane reassessing his future. Noah is devastated at losing his livelihood.

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Summer Bay learns the shocking identity of Tasha’s mother. Beth faces a major decision as she looks towards her uncertain future.

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Will Tasha come to terms with her true identity? Leah struggles to cope on the first anniversary of Vinnie’s death. Will Noah and Hayley give in to temptation and kiss?

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Tasha saves Robbie’s life. Noah is offered a new job at Summer Bay High. How will Kirsty respond to Kane’s ultimatum?

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Peril strikes the Drop In Centre. Noah and Max’s lives are put in grave danger. A faux-pas threatens to ruin Seb and Jade’s relationship.

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Will Noah and Max perish? The Hunter twins’ arrival causes havoc. Will Alf find out what Seb’s been up to?

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Alex is thrown by Brodie’s return. Max decides to move out. Rhys reveals the truth to Tasha about himself and Angie.

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Will Alex betray Hayley? Seb asks Jade to live with him. Jesse has reservations about Leah’s pregnancy.

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Hayley and Brodie turn against Alex. Alex drives Jesse to breaking point. Scott has a drastic plan to prevent Kirsty leaving. Dani’s upset that her sister is lying to her.

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Will Kane accept Scott’s startling offer? Max is shattered by Colleen’s betrayal. Dani catches Alex out on a lie.

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Will Max and Colleen ever be friends again? Seb is hurt that Jade might be using him. Dani confronts Brodie and Alex.

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Noah nurses deep regret over Hayley. Flynn is shocked to discover Kane and Kirsty’s plans. Matilda ruins Rhys and Beth’s exciting evening.

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Things will never be the same between Alex, Hayley and Brodie. Will Flynn reveal his secret about Kane and Kirsty? Romance heats up for Robbie and Tasha.

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Hayley is shattered – will she leave the Bay? Tempers blaze in the wake of Alex’s betrayal. Beth has an exciting new idea for the wedding. Kirsty has doubts about the future with Kane.

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Sally receives devastating news about her career. Will Leah lose Alex if he marries Brodie? Will Flynn and Sally manage to waylay Kirsty and Kane. Romance blossoms between Tasha and Robbie. Tensions mount over the surrogacy.

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Jade is stunned by Kane and Kirsty’s break up. Max lays down the law to Henry and Matilda. Beth and Rhys’ wedding plans are threatened.


Beth and Rhys stage an elaborate surprise for their family. Alex realises the horror of what he did to Hayley. Jade is devastated by Kirsty’s farewell note.


Beth and Rhys’ nuptials are mirrored by another secret wedding. A shocking accident leaves two lives hanging in the balance. Celebrations are marred by disturbing news about Kirsty.

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