Will Kirsty reveal the truth to Kane about the baby? Flynn admits he’s attracted to Leah. Hyde threatens the kids with expulsion. Will they hold out? Kane busts Kirsty out of the lock-in.

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Flynn reveals a shocking secret that leaves Sally reeling. Kim’s world is turned upside down. The student revolution spirals out of control!

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Summer Bay High reaches the brink of anarchy. Kim learns the shocking truth about his baby. Will Sally lose her job to save her students?

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Have Kirsty’s lies ruined everything for Kane? Have Jade and Seb sacrificed everything? Seb attacks Principal Hyde!

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Is Kane and Kirsty’s marriage crumbling? Jesse and Leah are heading for trouble. Dani’s newspaper story makes her a deadly enemy. Floss and Colleen battle for the affections of Max.

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Will Sally’s lie destroy her marriage? Leah drops a bombshell on Jesse. Kim takes a bribe from Principal Hyde. Floss and Colleen hatch a plan to teach Max a lesson.

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Could a near kiss evoke an affair? Has Jesse interrupted his worst nightmare? Will Kirsty’s betrayal leave her without a husband? Hayley’s art turns her world upside down.

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A kiss threatens to tear apart the lives of four friends. Will Sally walk out on Flynn? Leah and Flynn can’t deny their feelings for each other.

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Is Sally leaving Summer Bay for ever? Catastrophic news for Jade and Kirsty. What’s Noah’s huge surprise? Alf has a great idea for a mega-party!

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Jade and Kirsty’s lives are changed forever. Who is the stranger causing so much hurt in Summer Bay? Will Jade leave Summer Bay? Hayley’s uni plans are in ruins.

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Tragedy strikes Flynn and Sally! Has Leah gone too far in her love for Flynn? Jade has a shocking plan for Seb!

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Leah drops a love bombshell on Flynn! Noah plans a shock for Hayley. What has Duncan done to Jade? Summer Bay gets ready to party!

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Leah and Flynn give in to temptation! Felix continues to torment Dani. Duncan and Seb fight it out at Hayley’s party.

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Tragedy strikes at the party. Duncan is drugged up and out of control. Will Henry steal Max’s girl?

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Summer Bay is in shock after the deadly accident. A body is found at the crash-site – but whose? Will Leah tell Jesse about her kiss with Flynn? Alf disowns his son.

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Fisher receives devastating news about Seb. Sally is back but can Flynn tell her the truth about Leah? Is Duncan going to jail?


The Sutherlands’ world is turned upside down after a shocking discovery. Who wants Dani dead? Leah struggles with her infidelity.

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Fisher decides to return to Summer Bay for good. A bitter Seb strikes out at Jade. Someone is stalking Dani! Scott is bowled over by a mysterious woman.

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Seb’s announcement shocks the Bay. Jade’s huge decision will change her life forever. Alf tries to make Duncan the man he should be.

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Seb’s big day comes as a shock to everyone. The mysterious woman is Scott’s life is revealed. Leah threatens to tell Sally everything about the kiss.

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