A buried treasure leads Tasha to a shocking discovery. The Sutherland family unite but Shelley and Rhys are up to something. Why is Tasha dressing like Angie Russell?


Kirsty’s life hangs in the balance as her operation goes haywire. Tasha finds an envelope from Angie with a secret that could change her life forever. Beth knows Rhys and Shelley have done something – but what? Jade is back in the Bay – but will she stay?


Leah realises something is drastically wrong with her baby! Duncan plays a devastating trick on Leah. Hyde could lose his eye! Laura is back in town to search for something.


Will Sally and Flynn arrive in time for the birth of their baby? Jesse is shattered when Leah cuts him out of the most important moment of her life. Alf suspects Duncan is evil.


Kirsty and Leah mourn together over the loss of their babies. Why is Tasha giving Duncan so much money? Sally has a very special name for her new baby. The birth has brought Jesse and Flynn back.

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Is Duncan blackmailing Tasha? Duncan pulls a gun on Robbie and Kim! Rhys continues to find himself drawn to Shelley.

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Is Jesse out of control? Dani thinks Scott has finally asked her the big question. Hayley is caught in the crossfire of a break-up. Alf feels like a failure over Duncan


A vicious attack solves a huge problem for Dani! Rhys asks Shelley to come back to Summer Bay! Is Leah about to break apart? Sally and Flynn experience first-child nerves.


Who committed the vicious assault at the uni? Everyone’s a suspect. Are Sally and Flynn cracking under the pressure of parenthood? Jesse makes a symbolic goodbye to Leah.


Irene receives a letter with information about Tasha’s father. Will she open it? Tasha sets a ‘trust’ trap for Irene. Matilda hatches a plan to swindle Tasha. Noah gives Jesse some awful news.

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Rhys lays down the law to his family. Robbie takes control with Tasha and discovers a shocking secret! The police want to take Kane in for questioning. The Sutherlands try to adjust to a new ‘family’ member.

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Kane makes a shocking discovery! Leah is back in town, but is everything as it seems? Will returns to Summer Bay. Jesse has new focus in life.


Summer Bay is rocked by murder! Jesse is gutted by Will’s proposal. Leah is the one person who can help Jesse – but there’s a barrier.


Kirsty is told Kane is cheating on her! Why are Robbie and Kim stealing money from Tasha? Flynn asks Leah to lie to Sally.


Is this the end for Robbie and Tasha? What is Hayley’s sensational idea for her wedding? The police pay a visit to Flynn. Sarah continues her devious ways.

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Dani realises who killed Felix! Flynn thinks Tasha may have run away for ever! Noah and Kane are upset about Hayley’s wedding suggestion.

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Dani confronts Felix’s murderer! Robbie and Kim discover the shocking truth about Tasha’s father. Beth gives Rhys an ultimatum on their marriage and Dani may be an accessory to murder.


Will Tasha have the courage to meet her real father? Beth makes a painful decision. Matilda has a plan to make Beth and Rhys happy. Who stole Irene’s car keys and phone?


Kane receives a chilling message! Noah’s buck’s party is saved by an unlikely source. Hayley warns Jesse he’s making a big mistake.


Leah’s stunned when Peter finally reveals his secret. Is someone trying to sabotage the wedding reception? Jesse refuses to sign the adoption papers. Will and Hayley try to mend bridges.

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