Kim discovers a horrifying secret. Sally goes on the warpath against Hyde. Alf’s coin-flipping is out of control.


Brooke makes a shocking revelation. Kim cuts off Hyde. Robbie is stunned by Tasha’s offer. Irene and Hyde get romantic.


Catastrophe strikes Robbie and Tasha. Why is Rhys lying to Beth? Kirsty is blown away by Kane’s insight.


Beth and Rhys reach crisis point. Tasha’s mistake could ruin everything with Robbie. Jesse gets a life-changing surprise.


Tragedy for Rhys and Beth. Is Leah going to betray Jesse again? Will Irene’s decision destroy Tasha? Dani is stunned by a surprise phone call.


Tasha pushes Robbie to the edge. Irene makes a startling discovery. Has Max run away for ever?

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Irene gets a shock visitor. What is Robbie and Tasha’s big secret. Max’s decision breaks Beth’s heart. Are Dani and Scott cracking under pressure?

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A new arrival shocks Summer Bay. Irene receives some terrifying news.

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Summer Bay is under siege – Sarah’s back and determined to make them pay. Dani and Scott make a shock decision. Jesse gets some stunning news.

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A night of terror ends in tragedy, as Sarah enacts her final murderous rampage. Peter’s revelation will change Leah’s life forever.

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Summer Bay reels after the murderous rampage. It’s time to say goodbye to a friend forever. Shelley and Rhys wreak havoc in the Bay. What is Scott’s amazing proposal to Dani?

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Hayley contemplates the unthinkable. Max’s decision stuns Colleen. Will Rhys return to break Beth’s heart?

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