Episode 3806

Australian Air Date: 30th August 2004

Summer Bay reels after the murderous rampage. It’s time to say goodbye to a friend forever. Shelley and Rhys wreak havoc in the Bay. What is Scott’s amazing proposal to Dani?

Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3805. Appeared to Hayley as a ghost during her grieving process. Also appeared in a flashback sequence to the events following Episode #3805.
Final return appearance. Appeared in a flashback sequence to the events following Episode #3805.
Return episode, last seen in Episode #2790. Returned to the Bay for Noah’s funeral.

Extended Summary

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Jesse opens the door to Scott and ‘Dani’, only to find Scott and Sarah. Sarah pushes her way in, complete with gun, greeting them all with a cheery “hello!”
Peter arrives back at the safe house, and is promptly knocked out by Sarah
Sarah demands that Felix’s killer step forward, and Noah fails to make her realise that it was she that killed him with crystal meth
Rhys finds Dani tied up at the Palace, and she frantically tells the cops that Sarah’s got the gun – and she has taken Scott to get the others
Peter, half conscious, mutters to Leah that Vinnie’s still alive
Dani and Rhys, followed by the cops race to get to Leah’s as Sarah counts down. They’re too late. Dani runs up to the house and gunshots are fired. She screams.


Sombre music plays and it seems that everyone is accounted for as Alf, Colleen, Irene, Kim, Sally, Flynn, Kirsty, Kane, Dani, Hayley, Scott, Jesse, Leah, Rhys, Shelley and Noah walk along, clad in black.

Scott is the first to speak, announcing that theyare gathered there to say goodbye to a “great friend”. He wanted to say a moving speech, but when he went to write it all he could see was “his” face laughing, and he realised that no words would be good enough. He suggests that everyone take a few moments to remember him in their own way.

As the group stands in silence, we move around those that were involved in the siege as they flashback to that night.

(FLASHBACK) Flynn tries, but fails, to talk Sarah into putting the gun down, and as the countdown concludes, havoc ensues. In the struggle fopr the gun that follows, the gun goes off several times, before Sarah tries to make a run for it. Noah follows her outside, Hayley screaming after him.

The ashes are removed from a bag, and Scott, Dani, Hayley and Noah walk away from the group, up to the side of the cliff, but only Hayley and Noah go right to the end. He reassures Hayley that she can do it as she clutches the urn, staring tearily down at the sea below.

(FLASHBACK) Outside Leah’s, Sarah comes across Dani, and raises her gun. However, Noah catches up with them, interrupting, and Sarah swings around, pointing the gun at him instead. She fires, and as the second guinshot is heard, we return to the cliffs.

Hayley scatters the ashes – “I’ll always love you Noah”.

Later, the atmosphere on the cliffs is still sombre as everyone attempts to comfort one another.

There is an obvious void between Rhys and Shelley, who stand alone, Scott watching them, angry that Beth didn’t attend because she knew that they would be there.

Dani tries to convince Kirsty to go and talk to their parents, but she insists that the day isn’t about Rhys and Shelley – it’s about Hayley. Predictably, Kane backs her up, also pointing out how Scott would feel was Dani to go and talk to her parents, although Dani thinks that Scott would understand.

Kirsty goes over to Hayley to tell her that it was beautiful, and remarks that she was so brave. Hayley thinks that it was nice that Rhys and Shelley came so far just to attend, and is shocked to learn that Kirsty hasn’t so much as spoken to her parents. She voices concern about the family splitting up, and encourages Kirsty to be stronger, accompanying Kirsty and Dani as they go to speak to Rhys and Shelley. She announces that Noah wouldn’t want to see the animosity that exists within the Sutherland family at the moment – families should be together, as life is too precious, and too short. Rhys and Shelley state their love for Kirsty, assuring her that they didn’t want to cause any hurt, but they just had to be together – if they had gone on pretending then they would just have been lying to everyone. Kirsty shakes hands with her father, before launching into a hug, the family reunited.

Scott and Kane watch the reunion from a distance, and Scott walks away looking upset.

Alf checks that Hayley is ok, assuring her that if there’s anything he can do for her, he would be happy to help. She thanks him, sadly observing the couples around her.


Scott, Dani and Hayley return home, and when Dani asks whether Hayley wants anything, Hayley asks that she be left alone – she just needs some time for herself. She goes up to her room, and conversation between Scott and Dani turns to her parents – she insists that she can’t simply ignore them, and although Scott understands that, but he couldn’t keep his mind off Beth at home by herself. They pledge their love for one another, but Scott is still on edge, knwoing that their family issues aren’t simply going to go away. Dani knows that together they can get through anything, but he walks out, going for a walk.

Kirsty tells Kane that she wanted to hate her parents so much – but she now recognises that they’re in love, and that THEY wouldn’t be together if they had listened to what was right and wrong. Kane understands – he has been thinking after what happened to Noah, and has realised that they’re getting too caught up in things that don’t really matter. For example the bad blood between he and Rhys doesn’t really matter in the big scheme of things – what matters is them. He promises that, whatever she decides to do, he won’t cause any trouble.

Hayley is in her room when Noah appears beside her, announcing that he was really proud of her for the way that she reunited the Sutherland’s earlier – after all, life’s too short for arguements. They lie down, side by side, and he assures her it’ll all be alright – she knows it will be if he is there with her.

Leah sits by a coma-bound Peter’s bedside, telling him about Noah’s service, and how “beautiful” it was. However, it got her thinking about Sarah, and who would have been there to say goodbye at her funeral. She thinks that everyone deserves to have their loved one’s there to say goodbye – even Sarah Lewis – and has actually been feeling sorry for her. She begs Peter to wake up, as she needs to know what he meant.

Rhys enters the kitchen to see Alf and Colleen. He tells Colleen bluntly that he wants to see Max, but she is reluctant – after all, he caused enough trouble when he finally decided to call Max. However, at Rhys’ insistence she agrees to talk to max. Rhys then turns his attention to Alf – he gathers that the surf club has taken it’s vote, and he is displeased that he was not present. Alf points out that the world won’t grind to a halt just because he decides to leave for a while, but Rhys won’t be silenced – he knows that the vote was swayed by his break-up with Beth, and wants to be able to have his say before a revote. Alf is horrified to learn that Rhys intends to return to the Bay. Rhys continues to insist on a revote, and tells Alf that if he doesn’t get what he wants, he’ll be pursuing legal action.

Leah talks to Flynn about Peter’s condition, but things are looking uncertain – there’s no way of telling when Peter will wake up – it could be days, weeks or even months. However, he tells Leah that Peter’s brother is on his way to the Bay so she won’t have to spend so much time with Peter. However, Leah WANTS to be there – not because she doesn’t want to return home, but because she wants to know what Peter meant about Vinnie. Flynn tries not to get her hopes up – after all, Peter had had a large bang on the head when he told her. Leah tells Flynn that there was something about the way that Peter said it that tells her it was the truth.

Hayley is still in her room when Scott returns from his walk, having had a good think. Dani tells him that it’s best not to pressure Hayley and that they should just leave her alone. Neither of them want Rhys and Shelley to come between them, and Scott has come to recognise how important his relationship with Dani is to him – it could have been either one of them in place of Noah, and it has put things into perspective – they shouldn’t spend so much time worrying about others. He then asks Dani to marry him – he has never been surer of anything in his life, and knows that their relationship was, meant to be. She tearily accepts.

Upstairs, Noah smiles, announcing to Hayley that Scott has just proposed. “Finally!” Hayley responds – she wants everyone to be as happy as she and Noah. As she and Noah cuddle together, the camera pans out. Hayley lies alone on the bed.


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