Episode 3805

Australian Air Date: 13th August 2004
Writer: Dan Bennett
Director: Scott Hartford Davis

A night of terror ends in tragedy, as Sarah enacts her final murderous rampage. Peter’s revelation will change Leah’s life forever.

Final episode. Was shot dead by Sarah Lewis after saving Dani’s life.
Final episode. Shot herself dead following her murder of Noah.
Second appearance, last seen in Episode #3804. Kept watch at the Palace.
Assisted the night-watch at the Palace.
Showed Det. Baker the break-in at Irene’s house. Referred to as ‘Leon Clarke’ by Peter Baker.

Extended Summary

Over at Leah’s house, things are as normal as can be in an abnormal situation. Kane arrives back from his boat tour as the rain buckets down. Jesse tells him the news about getting the license for the Kiosk and thanks him for his support. Kane could end up getting a job out of it. Leah asks Peter to be her date to baby Pippa’s christening. It’s part of her efforts to move on from the remnants of her relationship with Jesse.

At the Palace, Scott is forced to bind and gag Dani under the watchful eye of a gun-toting Sarah. She’s disguised herself in Dani’s raincoat and hat. They make it past the unsuspecting cop on guard outside. She forces Scott to drive her to Leah’s house.

At that point, Peter decides to do a tour of all the buildings that Sarah might possibly target. At the Beach house he discovers that Sarah has trashed the place. A hanging piece of electrical tape in a cupboard confirms where she’d been hiding the gun.

Over at Leah’s house, Sarah lays out her demands to the terrified people inside. She is there for one thing only – justice. She makes it clear she doesn’t want to live through the night. She wants the person who killed Felix to step forward. Later Peter strides into the room to announce that he knows where Sarah was hiding the gun. Too late. Sarah smashes him across the back of the head and he goes down cold.

At the Palace, Dani’s attempts to get out of her bonds have ended in a frustrating dead-end. The policeman stationed outside doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.

Peter is having a fit on the floor. Sarah refuses to let Flynn tend to him. She gives them an ultimatum: if by the end of 20-minutes, one of them hasn’t stepped forward, she’s going to start shooting.

Rhys turns up at the Palace. He’s come back from the city. The cop stationed outside doesn’t know who he is and won’t let him in. Suddenly a noise comes from inside. They race in to find Dani tied up. She explains what happened. Rhys and Dani head for their car and roar off towards Leah’s house, followed closely by the police.

At Leah’s house no one has yet come forward and to claim responsibility for Felix’s death. Peter wakes up from his unconscious state long enough to deliver a stunning revelation to Leah: Vinnie is not dead. Leah is shocked. Peter collapses again. Sarah starts the final countdown “15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10”

Rhys and Dani pull up outside Leah’s house. The police car screeches to a halt behind them. They get out and as they run towards the house, gunshots boom through the night. Dani screams.

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