Episode 3802

Australian Air Date: 10th August 2004

Irene gets a shock visitor. What is Robbie and Tasha’s big secret. Max’s decision breaks Beth’s heart. Are Dani and Scott cracking under pressure?

Second appearance, last seen in Episode #3801. Visited the Bay to see Tasha, much to Irene’s frustration.

Extended Summary

Beth heads over to the Beach house to persuade Max to come back. She says her house has a long history of taking in children who were not related to the family; he’s like a son to her. Max says he’ll always be a constant reminder to her of Rhys. He’s not coming back.

Henry and Matilda are upset that Max isn’t coming home. They get angry at Rhys again. Beth makes it clear that it was her that asked Rhys to leave.

Robbie is cornered at home by Tasha and they flee to the Blaxland the talk about the news of the split. Tasha asks if she can come on board to be with him. Robbie hesitates, but Tasha assures him she’s matured, this isn’t about sex. He invites her on.

Kane and Kirsty ask how Irene’s trip to the city turned out. Irene is evasive. Max comes into the kitchen and announces he’s leaving. They say there’s no way they’re letting him. A furious Max says that he’s a man, they can’t stop him!

At the Diner, Dani tries to persuade Scott that there’s no practical reason for them to stay in Summer Bay. Beth has all the emotional support she needs. If they don’t get on the flight, $5,000 will go down the drain. Scott reiterates that he made Robbie a promise to support the kids if anything happened. And that’s what he’s going to do. At that moment Max strides in and throws his arms around Colleen. It looks like he’s found his new guardian.

Tasha walks past Irene like she’s floating on air. Irene thinks she knows exactly what Tasha and Robbie have been up to. She’s going to have a talk with her. Kane doesn’t think it’s the best thing to do. Irene thinks that knowing the line of women-stock Tasha comes from, it’s the only thing to do!

Dani finds out the tickets are non-refundable. She repeats to Scott that they have to go to Paris. Maybe they should talk to Beth? Scott snaps back at her that it’s typical for a Sutherland to think like that. The first cracks are showing.

A “morning-after” call between Robbie and Tasha makes Matilda realise that being happy might be the best way she and Henry can support Beth.

Irene tries to chat with Tasha about losing her virginity to Robbie. Tasha shocks her into silence: she and Robbie have decided to be celibate until they get married! Just as Tasha is about to head off to school she answers a knock at the front door. She comes face to face with a woman who is the spitting image of her mother. Irene’s jaw drops to the ground. Josie has arrived in Summer Bay.

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