Episode 3801

Australian Air Date: 9th August 2004

Tasha pushes Robbie to the edge. Irene makes a startling discovery. Has Max run away for ever?

First appearance. Angie’s look-a-like cousin who ran a classy inner-city brothel. Was visited by Dylan and Irene during their search to uncover Angie’s past.
Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3793. Helped Irene locate Josie Russell.
Receptionist at Josie’s inner-city brothel.

> Josie states it has been 12 years since she last saw Dylan (of which he has no memory).

Extended Summary

Irene’s got a big problem. It turns out that Josie Russell – the cousin of Angie Russell – is not only a look-alike, she works in a brothel! Irene wants to turn around and head straight back to Summer Bay without speaking to her, but Dylan convinces her to stay. Dylan heads in and quickly discovers that Josie is the Madam of the brothel. And she wants to meet with Irene.

Meanwhile, Robbie is avoiding Kim and Tasha at school. In desperation, Kim locks Tasha and him into a classroom together to talk. Tasha only makes things worse. Robbie storms out and is confronted by Noah. Tasha pleads with Noah to assure Robbie that that “lots of men can’t get it up.” Big mistake, a mortified Robbie once again makes an angry exit.

Irene tells Josie everything; she even shows her a photo of Tasha. Josie is stunned by Tasha’s likeness. Josie doesn’t want to go into the past unless Tasha is there. She tells Irene she would really like to get to know Tasha – if Irene will let her. Irene tells Dylan she hasn’t got a single intention of letting Josie anywhere near Tasha. The last thing Tasha needs is contact with someone who works in a brothel.

Noah meets with a confused Tasha and tells her that not all boys are the same. Robbie is a bit different. She might have to slow down a bit. Noah has a chat with Robbie at the Diner, but is interrupted by Scott. Something has happened at the Sutherland house. Robbie needs to get back straight away.

At the Sutherland house, a stoic Beth lets the kids know that she and Rhys have split. They are all angry at Rhys, including Max. He’s trying to work out where he fits now. He heads out of his own accord, saying that he doesn’t belong there. They protest, but he heads over to Kirsty’s.

Beth asks Scott to take over, and heads to her bedroom. She’s been strong, but now she needs to crash. Scott tells the kids it’ss time to grow up. The days of being little brats have come to an end. Beth needs their strength. They link hands as Scott promises them he will be there for them. What about Paris, asks Robbie. There is no Paris, says Scott, there is no Paris.

Back in the city, events are being taken out of Irene’s hands. Josie has experienced a real emotional connection to Dylan and Tasha. She uses Irene’s car reg and a police contact to find her home address. Josie is heading to Summer Bay.