The Bay farewells a favourite. Leah deals with the possibility that Vinnie may still be alive! Kirsty and Kane clash. Tasha blames herself for the tragedy.


Josie drops a bombshell on Irene. Will Leah betray Jesse over the new bar? Rhys has a showdown with Alf and Jesse.


What is Josie’s secret agenda? Dani lashes out at Jesse and could Kane be the next Shakespeare?


Sally starts a war with Josie over Tasha. Robbie suggests a school concert in honour of Noah. Jesse and Josie go into partnership – but does Josie have a secret agenda? Kim refuses to return to school.

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Irene cooks up a revenge plot against Josie. Josie is too good for Flynn in a battle of wills. Hayley struggles to heal over the loss of Noah.

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Irene finds the solution to the ‘Josie’ problem. Why is Hayley lying to her friends? Josie orders Jesse on a romantic dinner. Dani and Scott want to party hard.


Hayley discovers a strange night visitor. Does Dan know more about Vinnie than he’s telling? Who is romancing Leah? Kirsty thinks Dani is trying to ruin her happiness.


Sally wants Leah to kill off Vinnie! Is Kirsty using Rhys for her own special purpose? Henry wows everyone with his special ‘talent’. Scott has an action plan to catch the mystery night visitor.


Hyde tries to blackmail Kim. A famous Aussie entertainer is coming to Summer Bay! Has Scott discovered Hayley’s night-time tormentor?

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A Summer Bay favourite returns to cause trouble! Does Beth want Rhys back? Scott is on the trail of a supernatural mystery.

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Beth may be pulling her family out of Summer Bay! Irene thinks she’s found Josie’s arch-nemesis. Is Rhys returning to Beth? Henry’s special ‘talent’ gives him grief at school.

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Morag and Josie go head to head. Leah and Dan’s date is a disaster. Sally wants to buy the Sutherland house. Tasha decides on a romantic partner for Jesse.

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A shadowy figure lurks behind Josie’s strange behaviour. Josie drops a bombshell on Flynn. Things are getting hot between Dan and Leah and Tasha thinks Josie’s out to hurt her.


Dan wants Leah to be part of his weird fantasy! Is Josie playing with Tasha’s life? Leah says goodbye to Vinnie forever. What is Hayley and Josie’s big secret.

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Kirsty gets some tragic news. The beach house comes under attack! Sally and Hyde plan a stunt for the concert. Kit helps Beth with a brilliant plan.

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A mistake puts Tasha’s life in peril! Big brother is watching Summer Bay. Hyde and Sally shock everyone at the concert. Jesse tries to make Leah jealous.

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Will Dani’s past jeopardise her future with Scott? Hayley drops a bombshell about Paris.


Dani receives a package that will change her life forever. Jesse and Leah’s fiery confrontation – is this finally the end?

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Dani must choose between her career and the man she loves. Rhys falls victim to a rampage of revenge. Is Henry sleeping with the enemy?


A Summer Bay favourite leaves forever. Tasha’s surprise upsets Robbie. Why are the cops after Jesse? Dani is forced to face her past.

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