Kane’s worst fears are coming true. Leah gets some shocking news.


Will Kirsty fall for Kane’s lies? Kim makes a deal with the devil. Has Dalby beaten Henry? Alf’s news shocks Beth.

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Kane gets his test results – does he have cancer? Morag hatches a shocking scheme. Kim’s hormones are on overload – but who is he chasing?


Is Kim just playing a cruel joke on Kit? Leah shocks Jesse with her plans for Vinnie. Hayley finds out the truth about Kim.


What dark secret is hidden in Dani’s manuscript? Josie’s surprise troubles Tasha. Scott is determined to outwit Dalby – but is he too late? Alf gets the shock of his life.


Kane goes under the knife for the fight of his life. Will Kirsty discover the truth in time?


Kane breaks down over his cancer crisis. Henry faces humiliation at school – has Dalby won? Colleen makes a shocking discovery.

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Leah’s shocked by Dan’s violent past. Is Casanova Kim flirting with danger? Dalby is on the warpath – and Henry’s in his way!

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A shock discovery devastates Hayley. Sparks fly between Kim and Kit. Leah makes a rash decision about Dan. Dani confronts Alf – what is he hiding?

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Will Kim’s date end in romance or disaster? Morag shocks Josie with her discovery. Dani finally uncovers the truth. Alf is haunted by his past – will he make the right decision?

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Kane cracks as Kirsty closes in on the truth. Morag takes on Josie – will she be exposed? Flynn’s shocked – who is interfering in Kane’s treatment?

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Kane and Kirsty face their worst nightmares. Sally grows more suspicious of Josie’s strange behaviour. Has Flynn discovered the truth?

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Tasha and Robbie face their greatest challenge. Flynn confronts Josie about her meddling. Tasha’s surprising discovery could land her in gaol. Who is playing games with Kane’s life?

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Leah confronts Dan over his hidden past. Jesse and Josie get hot and heavy. Morag launches a counter-attack on Tasha’s father. Can Alf face up to a blast from the past?

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Will Alf see his first true love again? Robbie’s plan for Dalby ends in bloodshed. Hayley doesn’t trust Josie and Jesse’s intentions. Is Jesse falling for Josie?

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Will Alf lose the love of his life? Will Robbie be blamed for the bashing of Dalby? Matilda discovers the horrifying truth about Kim. Has Dani discovered Kane’s secret?

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Will Kirsty fall for Kane’s lies? Sally discovers Josie’s dark treachery. Viv has a devastating secret for Alf.

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Flynn makes a shocking discovery about Dalby. Sally confronts Morag with her suspicions. Is Alf planning to bust the Guv out of jail?

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Kane must race against the clock or be exposed. Will Morag finally reveal everything about Tasha’s father? Kirsty is a phone call away from discovering the truth. Will Irene put the final nails in Josie’s coffin?

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Jesse’s surprise for Josie could change everything. Will Irene sell out Tasha?

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