Episode 3841

Australian Air Date: 18th October 2004

Kane and Kirsty face their worst nightmares. Sally grows more suspicious of Josie’s strange behaviour. Has Flynn discovered the truth?

Senior leading oncologist who was secretly brought in by Ian Osbourne to assist Kane’s chemotherapy.
Twelfth appearance, last in Episode #3759. Saw Kane into his first chemotherapy session.
Appeared in a nasty dream of Kirsty’s during her exam period.

Extended Summary

Both Kirsty and Kane are plagued by nightmares brought on by the stresses of their looming battles. For Kirsty it’s her first HSC exam and for Kane it’s his first chemo treatment. When they awake, Kane blames his disturbed sleep on the painkillers. Kirsty tells him how terrified she is over her exams, and he comforts her.

Flynn talks to Mr Pervan over his unexpected involvement in Kane’s treatment. Pervan is evasive and covers by saying that he was asked to assist by a mutual friend. He firmly cuts off any further questioning – this is a man who doesn’t stand for questions from his juniors. Flynn is left bemused and he shares his suspicions with Sally. She wonders if the mysterious flowers could be some how linked to Pervan’s involvement.

It’s exam time, and Sally greets Kirsty at the school with some much-needed words of support. But while Sally’s support is touching, Kirsty is in more need of a bucket. She has already thrown up once from nerves and makes a speedy exit to hurl once more.


While Kirsty sits her first HSC exam, Kane receives his first chemo treatment. Initially, Kirsty is overcome with nerves over her exam, whilst Kane is relatively calm and optimistic about his chemo. He is determined not to let this beat him. However, as the hours pass their situations are reversed. Kirsty’s confidence is increasing and she is finding the exam manageable. Afterwards, she flies out of the school happy with her performance. Meanwhile, the chemo has taken its toll on Kane. He is vomiting in his hospital room, violently ill from his treatment.


While Kane collects himself after the treatment, Flynn advises him to avoid anything unhygienic, as his immune system will be weak. And that inclused kissing! Kane takes the opportunity to thank Flynn and Sally – he would do anything for them. All they ask from him is to pull through.

When Kirsty arrives home at the beach house she is disappointed to find Kane not there. She feels that everyone has supported her through today except for the one person she wanted most to do so – Kane. At that moment Kane arrives with a huge teddy bear for her. Kirsty is overjoyed. But Kane is feeling the strain of his battle.

Flynn makes a sudden realisation – he thinks he knows who organised the flowers and Mr Pervan’s involvement in Kane’s treatment. It has to be Josie! He leaves determined to have it out with her.