Jesse makes a shock move on Leah. Will Dani be expelled for her attack on the Dean? Has Kane confessed to the bashing of Felix? Will Scott tell Beth about his dad’s mistress?

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Beth’s revelation causes the Sutherlands much pain. Val Squires is causing a stir in Summer Bay. Alf’s attempt to be a family with Duncan goes sour. Matilda’s hoax turns into a public humiliation.CAITLIN (BREE BEADMAN)Thirteenth appearance, last seen in Episode…

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Has Kirsty put her baby at risk? Felix tells Dani it’s payback time. Robbie attacks Val in the diner. Beth and Val go head to head.

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Leah’s life is falling apart; will she lose Jesse forever? Hyde has a bombshell for Kim! The Hunter kids are haunted by their father’s past. Max gets a kiss from Matilda!

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Tragedy shatters the Bay! Will Kirsty have to choose between her life and the baby’s? Sally catches Flynn and Leah alone in an intimate encounter! Morag makes a terrible stuff-up with Kim.


Scott’s death sends shockwaves through the bay. Kirsty avoids the tests at the hospital – what is she hiding?

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Has Felix pulled off the most vicious hoax of all? Will Matilda die because of Kim? Kirsty may have harmed her baby!

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Will Kim save Matilda from certain death? Noah threatens to call off his wedding to Hayley! Leah makes a play for Jesse! How will Kit react to the news about her dad?


Hyde sets up a battle between Kim and Duncan! Duncan cracks on to Tasha. Tasha attacks him! Jesse humiliates Leah. Will Felix ignore the police and keep harassing Dani?


Tasha declares war on Robbie. Jesse has some incredible news for Leah. Is Sally having a breakdown? Is Val in the closet?


Kane and Dani are in agony over Kirsty. Kim has an eventful meeting with Brooke and Charlie. Jesse tries to sort things out with Leah. Flynn tries to convince Kirsty to have a biopsy.

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Duncan orders a massacre at the cadet war-games! Someone shoots Hyde in the eye – was it Kim or Duncan? Leah and Jesse reunite but something strange is going on. Noah refuses to let his mum come to his wedding.


Will Kirsty sacrifice her life to save her baby? Hyde accuses Kim of shooting him. Kim takes horrific revenge on Duncan.


Duncan’s revelation is devastating for Hyde. Leah reveals a huge secret to Jesse. The Sutherlands beg Kirsty to save her own life. What will she decide? Duncan tries to escape Summer Bay.


Kirsty makes her final decision. Will it be life or death? Max comes up with a brilliant solution to save Kirsty. Tragedy strikes Leah – she could lose her baby!


Tasha starts acting strangely after Duncan shows her a shocking video tape. Where has Kirsty disappeared to? A mysterious kidney donor could save Kirsty. Robbie attacks Duncan.

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Kane has a brainwave that could help find Kirsty. What is Hayley’s incredible suggestion for her wedding day? Jesse is the only one who can help Leah, but will he? Robbie comes down with a terrible sickness.

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Tasha’s bush skills could save Kirsty, but will time run out? Sally gives Flynn an ultimatum over Leah. Robbie has a radical scheme to win back Tasha’s heart. Alf asks Val out to dinner!

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Dani is devastated by Scott’s views on marriage. Will Shelley be able to save her daughter’s life? Flynn wants to cut ties with Leah but something’s holding him back. Henry suspects something’s going on between Shelley and Rhys.


Only one person can save Kirsty from certain death! Alf nearly comes to blows with Duncan. Alf tries one last attempt at reconciliation with Duncan. Why is Jesse going to Anger Management classes?

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