Dani provokes Scott to a level of fury she’s never seen before. Norman drops a bombshell on Colleen. Jesse asks Alf to partner him on a fantastic business venture.


Sarah announces she’s moved to Summer Bay. Peter receives some information that turns everything on its head. Could Dani and Scott be about to end it all? Rhys takes a liking to Jesse’s business idea.


Felix’s real killer is on the loose, and more lives are on the line! A foolish move by Tasha puts everyone at greater risk. Jesse finds himself in a potentially fatal situation.

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A day of pure terror unfolds in Summer Bay. Jesse is held hostage by a crazy gunman! Tasha faces death in a moment of bravery. The Palace is trashed.

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Summer Bay reels after the psychotic rampage. Will Peter Baker find the gun that caused all the terror? Why is Rhys vowing to fight Jesse all the way? Colleen is falling apart.


Hayley gets a phone call that could change her life forever. Hyde makes a mysterious offer to Sally. Where are Kirsty and Kane moving to? Colleen is saved by the last person you’d expect


Noah is jeopardising Hayley’s trip to Paris. What is Hyde’s devious plan for Kim? Beth accuses Rhys of putting kids’ lives at risk. Hyde’s horrific appearance is causing a stir in Summer Bay.


Shelley and Rhys give in to temptation. Beth is driven to the edge of despair. Scott delivers a shocking ultimatum to Dani. A furious Kane forces Kirsty to leave the city with him.

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Kane’s news could shatter Beth’s world. Rhys can’t believe what he did with Shelley. Hayley and Noah want to sell their share in the gym.

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Rhys and Kane attack each other! Could Dani be about to lose Scott forever? Tasha tries to force Hayley and Noah to take her money.


What is the dark secret in Peter Baker’s past? Tasha discovers a brilliant way to get rid of her money. Alf thinks his brain tumour has returned.


Alf and Tasha’s deal could change Summer Bay forever! Does Hyde have a secret plan for Kim and Brooke? Is Alf having a breakdown and why is Matilda trying to get bashed?


Kirsty and Kane confront Rhys. Alf makes a shocking offer. Colleen’s secret is revealed.

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Beth’s world is shattered! Rhys is living on borrowed time.

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Beth cracks under pressure. Brooke seduces Kim. Peter makes a move on Leah. Tasha gives Robbie the cold shoulder.


Hyde and Brooke reveal their dark plan for Kim. Alf makes a disastrous decision. Kirsty confronts Shelley.


Beth makes a shock decision! Sarah and Dani are set for a showdown. Two favourite Summer Bay characters get caught in a cat-fight!

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Rhys pledges love to Beth, but hides a dark secret! Jesse goes on the warpath against Rhys! Detective Baker plans a vicious attack on Sarah.

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Sarah’s revelation could change everything! Who is the new man in Tasha’s life and will Kane accept Rhys’ deal?

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Sarah reveals her psychotic plan for Summer Bay, Alf gives Hayley and Noah some devastating news. Why is Irene digging up the ghost of Angie Russell?

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