Episode 3790

Australian Air Date: 23rd July 2004

Beth makes a shock decision! Sarah and Dani are set for a showdown. Two favourite Summer Bay characters get caught in a cat-fight!

Final episode.
Assisted Det. Baker in the search for Sarah’s gun.
Plumber who assisted Shelley with her blocked toilet.

Extended Summary

Shelley’s apartment

Kirsty arrives to talk to Shelley about the latest development with Rhys – she wants to know why Shelley wants to steal him from Beth.

Summer Bay High school

Sally wonders where Kirsty is when she meets Beth. Beth is there to talk to Mr. Hyde about a P&C-meeting about the proposition of the bar. Beth claims to not take any sides and is clearly hurt when Sally mentions her being on Rhys’ side against Jesse.

Shelley’s apartment

Shelley says that neither her nor Rhys wanted this to happen. Little miss grown up-Kirsty asks if it was just one of those things, which her mother confirms – it just happened. Kirsty is clearly taking Beth’s side, and starts blackmailing her mother by saying that Beth has been there for Rhys for stuff she “wasn’t around for”.

It evolves into an argument where the Beth/Rhys/Shelley-situation is compared to Kane/kirsty, where Kirsty acts all superior by saying they never hurt anyone. As if!

Throughout the conversation Shelley repeats that she cannot help the way she feels, neither can Rhys, and although sometimes doing what’s right for you hurt others, that’s life.

The Diner

Beth is sitting by the window when scott walks in. She is totally in another world and seems surprised when he addresses her. Although she puts on a fake smile, Scott is able to see straight through it, and concludes that whoever’s watching the ocean’s got something on their mind. He guesses that what’s worrying her is the bar in the surfclub, but unfortunately it’s not. They go for a walk.

The beach

Beth has spilled her beans, and Scott is amazed over how his mother kept it together the day when she had her crystal meth-seminar. She replies that it gave her something else to thinki about, at least for a couple of hours. Scott, being the wise man that he, says that she should not keep her feelings bottled up inside, and is about to take of to talk to Rhys about it. Beth stops him, and begins a emotional tale on how sad their marriage has become.

Beth takes off to organize her P&C-meeting when Peter Baker shows up to talk to Scott – apparently he was just about to call him. He’s got news about Sarah, and they’re not good.

Shelley’s appartment

Kirsty is holding a frame with two pictures of what appears to be Shelley and David. Shelley’s puring hot water into tea cups as they continue their talk, and makes the mistake of saying that if Kirsty hadn’t been ill, none of this would have happened. She goes on to explain that because they spent so much time together at the hospital, the old chemistry resurfaced. Kirsty just laughs it away and says that it’s her mother’s mid-life crisis. Shelley says she’s a child, and wouldn’t understand. Kirsty hits the roof and goes on about how she was a woman while she was in hospital, but because she’s now disagreeing she’s just a kid. Kirsty proposes an hypothesis that her mother cannot be alone, and that’s why she wants Rhys back.

The Palace

Peter Baker is explaing to an angry Dani that he did what he could, but that they knew this could happen. Apparently Sarah wants to meet her victims for counselling. Dani is not too keen on the idea. Peter has made an ultimatum with Sarah – she can only meet with them if she tells him where she’s hidden the gun. After some time to think, Dani agrees.

The Gym

Just as Dani, Jesse is not so keen either. He argues that Sarah shot him in the head, but agrees to do it if the others are willing to give it a go. They shake hands, and continue to talk about the crystal meth-seminar. Jesse is getting agressive and starts asking Peter about his motives for being in the Bay – if he’s making friends etc. Peter is no feel and can definitely smell the coffee, and instead of beating around the bush, he goes straight to the point and lets Jesse know that he is not going to do anything about Leah, as it would complicate matters.

Shelley’s apartment

Shelley is showing the plumber the way out, and afterwards Kirsty suggests that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and that her mom could get anyone she wanted. Apparently, all Shelley’s got going for her in her looks and her money. If one tactic doesn’t work, you should just skip straight to the next. Shelley says that it was good that the plumber turned up when he did, or she would have slapped Kirsty. Kirsty looks really offended.

Shelley calls for a cab for Kirsty. She doesn’t want her there anymore.

Sidewalk outside Shelley’s apartment

Kirsty is obviously bitter, and when Shelley hands her the money for the fare, she threatens that she will not come back if Shelley doesn’t promise to stop her chase for Rhys.

The Summer Bay House

Beth sits on the bed, trying to work on something, but instead she cuddles a pillow and stares blankly out into the room.

The Palace

Scott assures himself that Dani, who thinks he’s been edgy lately, is sure about meeting Sarah as Hayley and Noah comes tumbling down the stairs. They have been doing some thinking, which impresses Scott greatly. They want Scott and Dani to come to Paris with them to look at the Seine.

A forrest

Police men are looking for the gun while Peter Baker stand around doing nothing. No one is able to find it, which makes Peter cranky.

Sidewalk outside Shelley’s apartment

Shelley is getting her mail when beth suddenly shows up. The argue over Rhys, and Beth hits Shelley square on the face.

The Summer Bay House

Beth is pulled out of sleep by a keen Kirsty. It was all a dream! The situation suddenly dawns on Beth and she starts sobbing uncontrollably.

The Gym

Jesse is one the phone with Peter, but hangs up when Hayley comes to talk to him. They chit-chat about Sarah and the counselling. Hayley walks away, and Jesse is grinning as the picture changes to…

The Summer Bay House

Beth is fixing her make-up while talking to Kirsty. She goes on about how she believed Jack would leave her if she confronted him about Val. The episodes ends as she realises that she’s got another option with Rhys besides staying silent or confronting him – she can fight for him.