Episode 3791

Australian Air Date: 26th July 2004

Rhys pledges love to Beth, but hides a dark secret! Jesse goes on the warpath against Rhys! Detective Baker plans a vicious attack on Sarah.

Extended Summary

Jesse tells Rhys that he’ll cahallenge him for the kiosk lease.
Peter tells Dan, Scott & co that Sarah wants to do a group counselling session – even if she plays games, then they can manipulate it to their advantage, as they still need to know where the guin is. Dani reluctantly agrees to the idea.
In the city, Kirsty tells Shelley that if she doesn’t stop trying to destroy Rhys and Beth, then she won’t be coming back to visit.
Beth tells Kirsty that she’s got a choice this time around – she can fight for Rhys…


Kirsty and Kane are filling little pots with sand and laying them down along the edges of the wharf. Kane isn’t overly enthusiastic, but has decided if it’s what Beth wants, then he will help. Kirsty is optimistic about fixing up her father and Beth’s marriage, and thinks that the wharf is going to look “brilliant”. She receives a ticking off from Kane for lifting a “heavy” box, and he enquires as to what happened with Shelley in the city. Kirsty doesn’t want to talk about it yet, and Kane assures her that she can tell him whenever she’s ready. Kirsty asks her to give Hayley a call to find out whether “she’s there yet”

At the other end of the phone, Hayley tells Kane no – Beth hasn’t yet put in an appearance – before promising that she won’t leave until she does arrive. Jesse waltzes over to her, whipping out his plans for the new bar in full view of Rhys before proceeding to leap around the surf club, explaining to her where everything will be. Predictably, Rhys furrows his brow, before announcing that he feels sorry for Jesse – for making plans for a venture that’s never going to be approved. Hayley insists that Jesse stop carrying on about it, but all heads turn to Beth as she enters. Apparently she looks great, and it’s enough to make Rhys’ jaw drop.

Sitting with Kane, Kirsty receives a text message from Hayley – “Bth @ sf clb now – wow”. Kane muses that Rhys doesn’t deserve it, but Kirsty pulls him up – she wants the wharf to look like a fairy tale. They start lighting the candles in the little tubs.

Rhys is taken aback by Beth’s proposition that they go out on a “date”, and at first tries to excuse himself – he’s got a lot on, and he probably looks and smells “like a bag of ol’ spuds too”. She disagrees – he actually smells of burgers. She tells him to go for a shower and put on the change of clothes that she has brought for him. Having no more excuses, he tells her that she’s amazing, before smiling for the first time in ages.

Hand over his eyes, Beth leads Rhys down to the wharf, before allowing him to see the wharf, illuminated by candles. He is amazed, and she tells him that seeing as it’s the place that they left for their wedding, she thought it would be the best place for them to start things over again. He doesn’t feel like he deserves such a “wonderful woman”, and Beth admits that she thought about that – but if she agreed with him, then she wouldn’t be standing there. He offers her his arm, and arms interlinked they walk down towards the boat

Kane and Kirsty hide amidst some boats, watching in stalker-esque manner as Beth and Rhys go down the wharf. Kirsty hopes that it works, and Kane just hopes that Rhys will realise what he has in Beth. Kane’s phone rings, and he scrambles to answer it. It’s bad news – the gun’s not where Sarah said it was…

Hayley wants to know why Jesse is purposely trying to wind Rhys up, and when he refuses to discuss it she suggests that his whole bar idea is just him trying to compensate for the lack of romance in his life. Jesse cracks a smile, insisting that he doesn’t WANT romance in his life – he hasn’t got time for all the hearts and flowers – he’ll leave that to the people who haven’t got anything better to do. “Such as me and Noah?!”. Jesse is saved by the phone ringing.

Peter gathers Dani, Scott, Hayley, Noah, Jesse, Kane and Kirsty together to discuss the Sarah situation. He tells them that Sarah is still claiming she left the gun in that place, and has suggested that someone has picked it up. He doesn’t believe her story for a minute, but he wants the victim mediation session to go ahead. Kane objects – it was meant to be a deal; the gun for the session, and he thinks that Sarah is just going to lie to them again. However, Peter thinks that they can get her to confess by putting some pressure on her – they have to prove that she’s still crazy, despite all the professionals saying otherwise. If things go to plan, they’ll be able to provoke a reaction out of Sarah before the docs realise their plotting. It’s all about putting Sarah to the test – he wants Noah there to determine whether she’s faking it, or whether she really has reformed. Peter assures them that he wouldn’t usually operate like this, but he wants the docs to see the threat they will be under if Sarah is released. They agree to participate, Kane with a typically gung-ho attitude, and Peter wanrs them that they MUST keep control. Kane doesn’t think that Kirsty should take part, due to everything that’s going on.

Rhys and Beth enjoy their dinner, soft music playing in the background. The ice has thawed between them, and they make a toast… to a beautiful evening… to them.

Later, Rhys compliments the meal, and Beth feeds him a strawberry. She remarks that she finally feels comfortable with him again, and she doesn’t want things to get as bad as they have been again. She suggests marriage counselling – she doesn’t want the marriage to fall apart, and counselling acan only help. She wants to have more time alone “like this”, and suggests that they have some time away together. Although he concedes that it sounds like a “great idea”, he decides to put the issues with the kiosk at the forefront of his mind, and points out the problems with leaving the kids alone in the house. She looks understandably put out, and he is quick to reassure her that it’s a great idea, taking her hand to tell her that what they’ve got is worth fighting for.


Jesse, Kane and Kirsty stroll back from the meeting, Kane all fired up to have a go at Sarah. Jesse, however, reminds Kane of Peter’s advice, before inviting Kane to give him a kick up the backside if he gets too agro at the session – so long as he has permission to do the same if Kane loses it. Jesse heads off, and Kirsty and kane continue tongether. She is exhausted after having been travelling to the city all day, and he insists that she has to learn to take care of herself. “I have you to do that for me, don’t I?” she responds. Conversation turns to the stress they’re feeling as a result of the Beth/Rhys/Shelley fiasco, but Kirsty just wants to concentrate on the “good stuff”. They watch Beth and Rhys as they dance together on the boat – they look so happy, and Kane assures Kirsty that it won’t be her fault if things go wrong. They’ve done all they can. A storm is closing in, and Kirsty’s spirit is lifted as she spots a shooting star. At first wishing for flowers and candles, she changes it to “a week without hassles”, with Kane telling her that he’ll see what he can arrange. I get the feeling the first wish might have been more practical when it comes to Summer Bay.

The gang lock up, the storm crashing around outside. They muse that it’s a good soundtrack for talking about Sarah, and Hayley just hopes that Sarah isn’t recovering. Charming. They’re all feeling weird about the session the following day, and Dani thanks Hayley and Noah for agreeing to do it. Dani is prepared to face it, so long as it gets Sarah out of their lives.

Beth starts packing things up, preparing to make a move home, but Rhys stops her , and tells her that yes, he DOES want to start their journey again. He renews his pledge to her, and commits himself to her – and her alone. They pledge their love, and kiss.

Max runs Rhys through a list of slogans for his anti-bar campaign, seemingly disgusted by Beth and Rhys’ new-found closeness. Rhys is all geared up to fight Jesse, despite Beth disapproving of how things are turning nasty. She admonishes Max for being a bad influence on Rhys. As Beth and Max head upstairs, Rhys leaps towards the phone to make a discreet phone call to Rhys.

Peter comes out of the surf as Noah heads down to the water. Peter has sussed that Noah isn’t too happy with the plans, and Noah admits that it’s going against everything that he believes in as a counsellor. Peter agrees, but points out that it’ll be for the best in the long run. Noah wonders why he’s sticking his neck out for a group of people he barely knows, and Peter suggests that perhaps he’s just doing it to restore his own faith in himself. Noah wants to probe deeper, but Peter sees the counsellor-talk coming and refuses to get into it. He doesn’t want anyone mucking around with his head – but when he does, he’ll be sure to let Noah know. He warns Noah not to lose track of time – the briefing will kick off in half an hour.

Beth puts some music on and happily does some dusting, smiling as she stares at she and Rhys’ wedding photos.

Flynn has conveniently found a spare moment for a chat with Rhys. Rhys didn’t feel like he could talk about it to anybody – he hates himself for what he is putting Beth through, and he doesn’t think a marriage counsellor would be much help – Beth would be telling the truth whereas he would be lying. Flynn suggests the novel idea of Rhys telling the truth, but as far as Rhys is concerned he doesn’t want to see the same look on Beth’s face as he saw when he first told her about his feelings for Shelley. He is determined to make the marriage work, even if it means hiding his true feelings, telling Flynn that he loves, repects and admies Beth. However, he also confesses that when he’s with Shelley and they’re holding one another, nothing else matters. He can’t understand how he’s in love with two people, and Flynn is quick to assure him that it’s not impossible – and marriage counselling is about getting these things out into the open. Rhys still refuses to come clean, and Flynn wonders why he even came for a talk if he has already made up his mind. Rhys just wants someone to talk to when things get too much. He determindly states that Beth has entrusted so much to him, and he’s not going to fail her.

Peter is briefing his troops for the task ahead – their main priority is holding it together and not deviating from their plans. He warns Kane to contain his agro – they’ll be finished if anyone realises that they’re bending the rules. Dani has put her bandages back on especially for the occasion, and Peter checks that they’re all ok with their roles. Peter tells Jesse that if all goes to plan, they won’t need him for the “bad cop routine”. The group set off to confront Sarah…