Episode 3792

Australian Air Date: 27th July 2004

Sarah’s revelation could change everything! Who is the new man in Tasha’s life and will Kane accept Rhys’ deal?

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3510. Visited the Bay to be introduced to his younger half-sister Tasha.
Return episode, last seen in Episode #3777. Was the subject of a victim reconciliation session.
First episode. Oversaw Sarah’s victim reconciliation session.

> Dylan’s grandmother is suffering from severe Alzheimer’s. He is studying his final year of HSC.

Extended Summary

Rhys and Beth drink a toast to themselves
Rhys voices his frustration to Flynn – he doesn’t want Beth to realise that he still has feelings for Shelley, as he doesn’t want to see *that* look on her face again. He is determined to make the marriage work – even if it means denying his true feelings.
Peter tells his gang that he still wants the victim reconciliation session with Sarah to go ahead – but he wants them to manipulate it to their advantage by getting her to drop the ‘reformed’ act.
Peter preps them before they head off to the session


Sarah’s doctor explains to the gang what remarkable progress Sarah has made, but that it’s still early days. He wants them to take things slowly and follow his lead – he’s hoping that this will be an important step in Sarah moving on. Kane scowls and points out that THEY’RE the victims – and a reference to that “wouldn’t go astray”. Peter looks close to beating his head against the wall as Kane continues to harrass the doctor on why they won’t be allowed to bring up the subject of Felix’s death. Sarah put them through hell and yet everyone’s acting as if she’s the victim. The bemused doc pulls Peter aside for a word as Kane faces the wrath of Jesse & co, who remind him to keep his attitude in check – it’s not easy for any of them. He brands it a waste of time, but Jesse warns him to shut his mouth.

Peter and the doc return, and insist that Kane leave. He retakes his seat in protest, deciding to start behaving himself, but it’s too late. Peter pulls him aside for a talking to – they’re there for a reason, and he doesn’t want Kane stuffing it up. Kane marches out, not before shouting at the doctor that Sarah’s having him on.

The doc decides to get started, inviting Dani and Scott to join him.

Dani and Scott sit on one side of a small, bland room and the doc sits next to an empty chair on the other. All eyes are on Sarah when she enters, sitting down nervously before proceeding to thank them for coming – it means a lot to her. She didn’t think that they would come, and Dani mutters that they didn’t want to – but they wanted the truth to come out as much as she does. Sarah confesses to contaminating the salt, and her apology almost sounds genuine. She admits that she’d never be able to forgive someone for doing that to her, and Dani hysterically points out that it could have scarred her. Sarah understands that they’re all scarred because of her.

Music on full blast, Irene dances around the living room with a hoover, jumping out of her skin as Kane walks in. He’s still frustrated at being chucked out, and explains to Irene that Sarah’s doctor reckoned he was too agro. He admits that he may have lost it “a bit”, but is furious that the doctor didn’t care less about them. Sarah’s lying through his teeth and he has been taken in by the act. Kane marches off into his room in a mood as Tasha and Robbie arrive home, puzzled as to why he is home so early. Robbie, noticing Kane’s temper, reckons they’d be best to grab their books and get out of his way, but Tasha shrugs it off – “Kane gets like that sometimes – you just have to ignore him”. Kane marches back out of his room to demand to know where Kirsty has disappeared to when she’s meant to be studying. Needless to say, when he learns that her last known sighting was at the Surf Club talking to Rhys, he is less than impressed. retreating back into he and Kirsty’s room, Kane falls back onto the bed.

Tasha recites she and Robbie’s plans to Irene – they’ll study at Robbie’s before heading down to the beach. Kane storms past again, rejecting lunch and walking straight out of the house. Tasha wonders if he and Kirsty have been fighting, but Irene tells her not to worry – Kane has a lot on his plate at the moment. Irene is concered about Tasha causing more trouble at the caravan park, but Robbie informs them that Beth and Rhys are back on track – he caught them snogging in the bathroom only that morning… he’s still trying to block the image out of his mind. Irene announces to Tasha that she has a surprise for her… she’s to be home by 4’o’clock…

Dani and Scott return to the assembled group, having been stunned by Sarah’s turnaround – if she’s acting, then she’s a helluva good actor. They failed to get her to crack, and they tell Jesse that he’ll see what they mean when he gets in there. In the meantime, it’s Hayley and Noah’s turn to face the devil.

Kirsty helps Rhys out at the kiosk, delighted that things worked out so well the previous night. She and Kane’s efforts obviously paid off. Right on cue, Kane makes an appearance, and she wonders how the counselling went. “It might have been better if you were home to talk about it” he replies almost bitterly. Rhys interrupts to thank him for his efforts the previous night, before reminding Kane of the promise he asked him to make a while ago. He announces that he has pledged himself to Beth, and promises thast he will stand by her. Kane smirks sceptically until Rhys holds out his hand, ready to shake on the fact that he won’t hurt Beth. They shake on it.

Hayley tells Sarah that they just want to know what she has to say – they realise how tough it has been for her as well. Sarah agonises over the fact that she can’t even remember what she as thinking when she did all of those things – it was like she was another person. Noah is sick and tired of hearing how she felt – what he wants to know is why she killed Felix. The doc intervenes, but Sarah is ready to continue, recognising that it is important. She admits that she has been trying to push it away, but she was only trying to help Felix… now she realises that she killed him… Tears form in Hayley’s eyes as Sarah breaks down under the realisation that she killed him…


Noah explains to the Peter & the gang how Sarah confessed, but Jesse is sceptical – why did she crack so soon? Hayley tells them that she was actually able to feel all the pain coming out of Sarah. The group is initially jubilant at having extracted a confession, but Peter explains that it may not be as simple as getting Sarah locked up – she can easily claim that it was her mental state that led to her killing Felix, and she will probably face a charge of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. Her apparent remorse isn’t going to help their case against her – if she can convince people that she is sorry and that she has given up the drugs, then there’s every chance that things will go her way. It’s down to Jesse to prove that Sarah still harbours resentment towards them and would be dangerous if released.

Tasha picks flowers as Robbie dazzles her with the storyline of Golding’s ‘Lord of the Flies’. He’s desperate to go and see the movie now, but rejects the idea of getting the DVD and watching it at Kim’s place. Tasha notices his reluctance to spend time with Kim, accusing him of being jealous, due to she wanting Kim’s advice over what to do with her money. Robbie denies jealousy, boldly stating that his ideas are just as good as Kim’s. Tasha pronounces him as being “so cute” when he’s jealous, before telling him that he’s the “specialist” guy in the world to her, proving it with a kiss. He smiles, telling her that he’s not entirely convinced… she might just have to proive it again. They go in for another kiss.

We switch to Kane and Kirsty who are putting Robbie and Tasha to shame in the kissing stakes. They’re rudely interrupted by Irene, who has a “surprise” in store… there’s someone who wants to see Kirsty. Kirsty is stunned and delighted to find Dylan waiting in the living room for her, although Kane can only frown and force a weak smile as Kirsty and Dylan hug enthusiastically, she telling him how great he looks and he in turn telling her that she’s amazing.

Later, Kirsty, Irene and Dylan sit in the lounge as Dylan tells them of his plans for the future – he has caught up on the work he has missed and is hoping to head off to uni that year. Kane enters, sitting himself down to continue glaring at Dylan. He makes no attempt to participate in the conversation, paving the way for a few awkward silences as he continues to monitor every show of affection between his wife and Dylan. He unsubtely wonders how long Dylan is planning on sticking around – just for the afternoon, but next time he is planning on staying a bit longer. He’s looking forward to meeting Tasha – he already feels like the protective older brother, and Kane decides to stick his oar in by announcing that Tasha has all the protection she needs – she’s got ‘family’ in the Bay. Dylan wants to know if there’s a problem – and he’s not referring to Tasha – before declaring that he and Kirsty are close friends, but that’s as far as it goes. He isn’t a threat. Kirsty jokingly requests that they stop talking about her like she’s not there, and kane is quick to apologise, blaming his mood on the odd day that he’s had. He and Dylan shake hands, and Kirsty urges her husband to learn to relax – things aren’t so complicated. Kane raises a smile, telling Dylan that he’ll love Tasha – she’s great.

Sarah tells Jesse that it’s been great getting to talk to them all like this – it has really helped her and has made her face up to the truth. She claims that shooting him was an accident, but Jesse can’t understand how it could have been. He goes on to accuse Sarah of manipulating the whole situation – she hasn’t been truthful all day and purposely lied about the whereabouts of the gun. The doctor protests, but Sarah insists that Jesse be allowed to continue. Jesse wants her to see exactly what she has done to them, and implies that she is planning to walk out of the institution, reclaim the gun and shoot someone. Sarah refuses to crack, shakily asking if Jesse is scared of her. He concedes that he is – because she is as crazy as ever. She bursts into tears again, claiming that she is no longer mad, and that she feels “so ashamed”. She doesn’t want them to live in fear of her anymore, and insists that she’s changed – she has no intention of hurting anyone. The doctor is the only one to thank Sarah for her honesty as he shows her out.

Kane and Kirsty walk hand in hand, discussing Dylan, Kane agreeing that if he’s into boats then he can’t be all bad. Kirsty insists that he has nothing to worry about – there’s only one man for her – although he denies that he was EVER worried. She jokes about him being concerned that infidelity is in the genes, and Kane raises an eyebrow – she told HIM not to bag her Dad and now she is doing the same. She points out that it was merely a joke, and conversation reverts to Dylan. Kane points out that he actually managed to look him in the eye when they shook hands… which is more than can be said for Rhys. Kane wants to believe that Rhys is telling the truth, but he doesn’t. Kane suspects that he still loves Shelley.

Peter, Scott & co have returned for debrief at the diner, where even Jesse thinks that Sarah sounded genuine. However, Peter goes against everyone by still being convinced that it’s all an act – Sarah is outsmarting them, and he is sure that she will only receive a manslaughter charge. She’ll probably get bail, which means that she could be out within weeks…

Tasha bounds in, all smiles, and Irene requests that Robbie wait outside, before covering Tasha’s eyes and leading her in for her surprise. Things don’t go exactly to plan as Tasha and Dylan finally come face to face as Dylan’s face drops and he turns deathly pale… he sees Angie in Tasha, and decides that he can’t stick around…