Episode 3787

Australian Air Date: 20th July 2004

Beth’s world is shattered! Rhys is living on borrowed time.

> Jack Hunter’s tombstone states he lived from ‘1949-2002’.

Extended Summary

Kane is unwilling to cover for Rhys – as far as he’s concerned Rhys is just trying to stop Beth finding out about his cheating. However, Kirsty pleas for him to keep quiet about it, and he agrees for her sake


It’s the middle of the night, and Kane is getting increasingly restless. It doesn’t go unnoticed by Kirsty, who asks if she can do anything, before encouraging him to get some sleep – he has got an early charter. He tells her to try and get back to sleep, and leaves the bed.

Later, he sits out on the patio having a drink. Kirsty finds him, asking him to try and forget about Beth – they’re both worried, but they agreed to leave it. Kane admits that he couldn’t – so he went and spoke to Rhys. Kane then explains to Kirsty how Rhys was unable to shake on the fact that he wouldn’t hurt Beth, and Kane accuses him of wanting to string both Shelley and Beth along, despite Kirsty’s insistence that her father wouldn’t do that

Beth awakes to find herself alone in bed, and after looking round the room she spots Rhys sitting on a chair at the end of the bed, staring at her. He denies that anything is wrong, and tells her that he’s only sat there staring at her because he loves her. She loves him too… but can tell that there’s something bothering him. He admits that he’s worried… worried of losing everything that he’s got… before lying through his teeth and telling Beth that his main concern is losing the kiosk. As he gets back into bed, she cuddle up to him, pleading with him not to worry – if Jesse gets the tender then it was meant to be, and there’ll be other businesses. She even offers to go back to work herself – they’ll get through whatever happens. She once more asks if *they* are alright, and he responds “of course we are”. She doesn’t look convinced.

Beth and Kane bump into one another – Beth on an early morning walk, and Kane on his way to work. He is edgy when he spots her, but manages to act semi-normally as she explains that she got a restless night, blaming it on all the work she has been putting into the upcoming crystal-meth meeting. He wishes her luck, but she had hoped that he would be there – he can’t promise anything, but will talk to Kirsty. He makes a quick getaway, which obviously throws Beth, and she is further intruiged as he calls her back, wanting to tell her something before once more backing out. Kane heads down to the boat, and is pursued by Beth, who is now convinced that there is something going on – and she wants to know what it is. It’s the second time he has “ducked out of” something that he has started – now aware that when he came around when he got back from the city, it wasn’t because he was concerned about Dani. He just wants her to forget about it, but she persists – there was a reason for he and Kirsty returning from the city early, and there was another reason why he came around to talk to her with something on his mind. She reminds him of all the times that she has been straight with him – doesn’t she deserve the same respect? He concedes that she does, and prepares to break the news.

Kane arrives home, finding Kirsty still asleep in bed. She wakes upon hearing him enter their room, and wants to know why he isn’t at work. He tells her that he has done something she won’t like…

Rhys is also in bed when Beth arrives home, and he doesn’t appear to notice her blunt nature as she tells him that she has just been walking. He heads off for a shower as Beth stands, looking at herself in the mirror.

“I couldn’t lie to her…” Kane tries to justify his actions to Kirsty – Beth knew that something was going on anyway, and she was just looking for some confirmation. Kirsty wonders how Beth reacted, and Kane can only desbribe her as being “really strong”. She wonders exactly what Kane told Beth, and he says that he only mentioned the kiss – he did tell Beth that Rhys claimed it was a one-off, but he isn’t sure if she believed it. He apologises to her for telling Beth, but Kirsty understands why he did it, but is frustrated that now Rhys and Kane’s relationship will be back to square one.

Beth is still stood, staring at herself in the mirror. She then spots Rhys’ phone on the side, and after a hesitation she picks it up, taking a glance at the recent calls list, and spotting several calls from Shelley. She almost leaps out of her skin when she hears a noise outside, but when the footsteps move away she picks up the phone again, heading for Rhys’ inbox. Lo and behold, there is one message – from Shelley. “We can’t deny our feelings”. Beth looks shattered as she replaces the phone.


JACK’S GRAVESIDE – Jack Hunter. 1949 – 2002. Dearly loved and missed by all who knew him. Your spirit will live on in this earth
Beth glares down at the grave – “Damn you Jack”. Her phone interrupts the moment – it’s Rhys, and Beth apologises for forgetting something or other, assuring him that she’ll duck home.

Outside, Matilda complains to Robbie and Henry about the amount of homework that she has already got – “kids need proper recreational time as well as study”. Robbie gets narked off when Henry and Matilda tease him about Tasha going off with Kim.

Beth passes, asking them to give her a hand inside to set up for the seminar, and loses it when Robbie tries to get out of it, yelling “All of you, NO arguments!”

Inside, Alf explains to Beth how he has set everything up for her, but she just stares ahead, paying little to no attention and passing his suggestions off with a “whatever you think is best”. She then asks Robbie to mind the kiosk, wanting a word with Rhys.

Beth and Rhys go outside, where she asks him outright what happened in the city. “Kane…” he responds, but is swiftly cut off by Beth – “Don’t you DARE put the blame on someone else or I swear to God I’ll lose it!”. Rhys apologises, wanting to at least talk about it, and she insists that he go first. He tries to sweeten her up, telling her that she means everything to him – she’s the most important thing in his life, and kissing Shelley was a mistake. She can accept that it was a mistake, but what she can’t handle is he telling Kane that it was over – she stooped as low as to check his phone and knows that he called Shelley only the previous day, and she has also seen the messages. He insists that he had to speak to Shelley to get her off his back and stop her from calling again, and apologises to her again, swearing on everything that he’s telling the truth – “there’s nothing going on”. Beth admits that if there had been no Jack and Val, then she might have been able to get through it and move on, but she doesn’t have the strength to go through it again – it was too hard for her to keep quiet back then, and she’s not going to spend all her love on that sort of relationship again. He begs her, telling her that he needs her, and that he’s hers but she just shrugs him away, before telling him that they can move on – but only if he can look her in the eye and tell her, truthfully, that he loves her, only her, and no one else. She leaves, wanting to give him some time to think.

Kane helps some customers off the boat as Rhys approaches. Kane switches the engine off, preparing himself for trouble as Rhys reminds him of his earlier warning – if Kane hurt any member of his family, then he’d be sorry. Kane offers Rhys a fight, but Rhys ignores him, choosing to have a go at Kane for stuffing everything up when he was told to leave it. Kane can’t believe that Rhys is accusing HIM for stuffing everything up. Rhys wonders if Kane did it for revenge – payback for all the times that he has supposedly hurt Kane, and announces that he succeeded – he HAS hurt him. All Kane wanted was for Beth to know the truth, and he is incredulous at Rhys’ insistence that he WAS going to tell her – “When?! On your deathbed?!”. He is furious that Rhys simply expected he and Kirsty to cover his tracks in the meantime, but Rhys is adamant that he never asked them to. Er, yes you did. Kane tells Rhys that he was actually beginning to think that he was “an okay kinda guy”, despite the fact that they would never really get on, but now he has realised that his father-in-law is just a “gutless wonder” who can’t even own his own mistakes – “at least I can own MINE”. Rhys doesn’t want to be compared to Kane, and Kane is adamant that he wouldn’t, before once again encouraging Rhys to take a swing if it’ll make him feel better. Kane would be happy to knock him down – for Beth, for Kirsty, and a couple thrown in for himself as well. Rhys stands in silence, before turning and walking back the way he came.

Beth arrives, ashen faced, to see Kirsty, who is instantly full of apologies for lying to her. Beth knows it’s not she or Kane’s fault, and informs Kirsty that she has spoken to Rhys about it – for now, she needs Kirsty and Kane to be discreet about it, at least until she and Rhys know what is going to happen. They need some time, as there are so many people who stand to be affected. Kirsty is amazed that she is so calm about it all, but Beth feels that she has no choice – either she’s calm or there’s chaos, and she has to protect her children. Kirsty is shocked that Beth is already talking as if it’s over, and wants Beth and Rhys to make a go of it, wanting to know if there’s anything that she and Kane can do, because she KNOWS that Rhys loves her. Beth thanks her for her concern, but can only reenforce her plea that Kane and Kirsty keep quiet. As she speaks, her eyes grow wider, and make her look somewhat mad. Kirsty agrees to keep quiet, and Beth quickly departs.

Beth arrives back home, goes to she and Rhys’ room, sits down on the chair at the end of the bed, and cries her heart out.

Rhys sits on the water’s edge, staring out to sea. Shelley tries calling him on his mobile, and after looking at the display, he hurls the phone out to sea. What a waste.

Rhys arrives home to find a depressed and ashen-faced Beth curled up on the bed. He doesn’t know what he can say, and as he walks over to gaze out of the window, she approaches him with the fact that he still loves Shelley. Rhys insists that he loves HER. “But you love her too… don’t you?”. “Yes. Yes I do”…