Episode 3782

Australian Air Date: 13th July 2004

Kane’s news could shatter Beth’s world. Rhys can’t believe what he did with Shelley. Hayley and Noah want to sell their share in the gym.

Final episode.

Extended Summary

Beth wants to know if Scott and Dani are splitting up, but he doesn’t know what to do for the best – especially since things are already bad between Beth and Rhys
Shelley suggests that, instead of the meal, she pop around for lunch. She promises that Kirsty and Dani will be there.
Alone at the restaurant, Shelley admits to Rhys that David has left her
Shelley tells Rhys how happy she is that he is there
Whilst fetching Kirsty a glass of water at night, Kane witnesses Shelley and Rhys tied up in a passionate kiss. He’s stunned.


Kane and Kirsty return home early, surprising Irene, and a solemn Kane tells her that Kirsty wasn’t feeling 100% so they came home. He marches away to their room as Irene stresses over Kirsty – who is adamant that she’s fine, she just overdid it with the shopping trip. Kane’s just making it into a big deal as he’s being protective, and Irene is relieved that Kane’s mood wasn’t down to them having a row. Irene offers to make Kirsty some breakfast – they only stopped for a coffee on the way – and talk about what has been happening in their absence. The only big news is Sarah – and Noah and hayley’s impending trip to paris. The couple have come back down to earth and are wondering how Noah is going to afford it. Irene calls Kane to ask if he wants any breakfast, receiving a blunt “No.” in response, and Kirsty goes to find out what’s upsetting him.

In their room, Kane is unpacking, ripping clothes out of the bag and tossing them across his shoulder in a temper. Nonetheless, he denies that anything is wrong when Kirsty asks, but she isn’t about to fall for it – she knows how weird he has been acting since he woke her up the previous night. She worries that it’s something she’s done, and assures him that he didn’t have to come shopping, wondering if she spent too much money. Kane tells her no, it’s nothing that she has done, but he thinks it’s best that she doesn’t know what the problem is. Kirsty can’t understand what got to him – he was fine when they went to bed, but he has barely said a word since. She reminds him that they’re married – and they’re meant to share everything, and he finally relents, asking her not to hate him for what he is about to tell her. “Last night, when I went to get your water…”

Kane watches from the top of the stairs as Shelley and Rhys embrace. Rhys breaks away as he hears a noise, and Kane quietly retreats. He returns to their room, presumably without the water, and chooses not to tell Kirsty what’s going on. Instead, he starts packing their bags, claiming that he thought they should get an early start and beat the traffic. He tells her that he also wants Flynn to check her out, and urges her to go back to sleep.
(end flashback)

Kirsty tries to find an explanation – perhaps it was just a goodnight kiss – but Kane is adamant that there is no way it was just a goodnight kiss. She is shocked.

Rhys awakes, finding himself on the couch in David’s office. Pulling himself out of ‘bed’, he glances at his watch, before flashing back to the previous night’s activities.

Shelley and Rhys return home, deciding to get to bed. They concur that it was a great night, and after a short silence the pair grow closer… and closer… until they wind up kissing. A sound snaps them out of it, and Shelley is adamant that it was nothing, pulling him in for another kiss. Rhys, however, has come to his senses, and departs for his own bed.
(end flashback)

Rhys slumps down on the sofa, agonising over what happened and muttering “What have I done?”.

Rhys finds Shelley and Dani already downstairs having breakfast. Dani thinks it’s a shame that Laura was unable to make it, but Shelley assures her that they managed. Rhys enquires after Kirsty, and Shelley announces that she and Kane took off early and left a note – Kirsty’s fine, but Kane just wants to get her checked out. Rhys is once again dismayed that they will be letting Laura down – half the family will be missing again. Rhys begs Dani to stay at least until after lunch. She will. As Dani leaves them alone, Rhys stresses about the complete mess they’re in – both with Laura and the situation between themselves. Shelley hopes he isn’t regretting it, but he is less enthusiastic – it shouldn’t have happened, and the night just got out of hand. She threatens to hit him if he blames it on the wine, and he shakes his head, knowing that it wasn’t the wine talking. Shelley reminds him that, whether the kiss was right or wrong, for a moment the kiss felt right, and he is unable to deny it.

Kane is still wound up over Rhys, telling Kirsty that if he had seen him that morning he’d have “smacked his head in”, as it’s what he deserves. He doesn’t want to have to keep quiet about Rhys seeing Shelley behind Beth’s back, but Kirsty doens’t know what they should do for the best. As Irene calls to announce that breakfast is ready, Kirsty decides that she can’t face it.

In the kitchen, Beth discusses her concerns to Irene regarding the crystal meth problem – someone needs to take action, especially as Hyde doesn’t seem that concerned. Kane appears, watching the pair from the hallway as Beth telkls Irene that she’s going to be talking to some of the parents, and if there’s enough interest she’ll be setting up her own info-line at the Surf Club. Irene is behind her. Beth turns, and is surprised to see Kane stood there – he explains that Kirsty wasn’t feeling great so they came home, and she just needs some rest. Beth wonders how the dinner went – “it must have been late – Rhys didn’t ring last night”. Kane looks around shiftily before telling Beth that he and Kirsty didn’t go… and neither did Dani. Beth forces a smile, and cheerfully assumes that at least Laura will have got a chance to get to know her real parents. Kane can only “Hmmm” in agreement, and Beth supposes she’ll have to wait to get the gossip from Rhys when he gets back. Kane retreats back to his room to check on Kirsty, and Irene offer Beth some breakfast since Kirsty won’t be eating it. Beth agrees, before clocking onto Kane’s cautious glance in her direction before he enters his room. She looks confused.

Kirsty wonders what happened, and Kane explains that Beth is “one of the nicest people in the world” and he just had to lie to her face “because of that cheating…” she tells him to stop it and take it easy, assuring him that it’ll be ok. He is equally insistent that it won’t be ok – “it’s stuffed” – and asks her to look him in the eye and tell him that he’s wrong. She can’t.


Alf looks up when the Surf Club is free for Beth, assuring her that she has his support over the crystal meth business. She tells him that it’s the long term effects of the drug that are the most scary – Sarah’s the proof. She’s gaining a lot of support, and points out that after the Kit business with alcohol she couldn’t very well turn a blind eye – which is why she’ll also be opposing Jesse’s bar plans. Alf just hopes that Rhys will have calmed down during his time away, musing that the Laura situation can’t be easy for him… or Shelley. Beth avoids the topic of Shelley and Rhys, telling Alf that she’ll get back to him about the booking, and quickly departs

(A very sweaty, hot and bothered) Kane is furiously working out, using that machine that you push up and down (?!). Jesse watches on.

Shelley wonders if Laura hates tomatoes like Kirsty did – she was allergic – but Dani informs her that Kirsty just didn’t like them, and managed to get her parents to believe she had a food allergy so she didn’t have to eat them! Dani tells Shelley that she has wanted to talk to her all morning but she didn’t know exactly what to say. Shelley is obviously unnerved as Dani says it’s about the previous night. Part of her understands it, but another part of her is just confused, and she reminds Shelley of what she said when she was last home – that she always regretted leaving Rhys. Dani keeps interrupting Shelley when she tries to explain what happened between her and Rhys, having got her wires crossed. Dani is able to go on to explain that she could never understand how someone could walk out on the person they loved just like that, and that she has been thinking about she and Scott, and how they could be in the same situation. Shelley looks a bit taken aback as she realises Dani was referring to she and Scott all along, thinking that she and Scott had sorted everything out. Dani thought that they had, but she was thinking about it, and she is so scared that Scott will walk away. She doesn’t want what happened to Rhys and Shelley to happen to them – they love one another but they’re drifting apart. Shelley is losing concentration as Dani continues to whinge, before informing Dani that love is precious.

Shelley pays Rhys a visit in his room, admitting that she nearly made a big mistake – she thought that Dani had seen them the previous night and came close to just blurting it out. She couldn’t cope if the kids were to find out, and Rhys assures her that they won’t – because nothing’s going to happen. However, she still wants something to happen, and takes the opportunity to move in on Rhys once more. After a moment of closeness he reluctantly pulls away as the doorbell rings. It’ll be Laura, and Shelley goes to answer.

Shelley and Rhys invite Laura in, and she apologises once more for having to pull out of dinner the previous evening.

Kane has moved onto the weights, and Jesse assists him. Noah and Hayley arrive, and cheerfully greet Jesse and Kane. Kane blanks them, leaving them to question Jesse about what’s wrong – he was so laid back when they were in the city. “Too much time wirth Dani?” Noah suggests helpfully. Hayley wants to have a chat to Jesse – they need to raise money for Noah to go to Paris for a year, so she has decided to sell her share in the gym. She wants to know if Jesse will buy her out, and he thinks it’s “possible” – however, he wants to hold off for a while so that he can see whether he is successful in getting the lease for the kiosk. It would change everything, but the issue is Rhys – he’s not giving the bar idea a fair go. Kane listens in as Jesse slams “Mr Morality” for not wanting the bar.

Beth arrives home to an empty house, and after a quick look at some information on drugs, she goes to put some loud music on, before standing, looking mournfully around the room.

Laura, Rhys and Dani are eating dinner as “Beth’s music” drowns out the conversation. Rhys and Shelley can’t keep their eyes off one another. In this scene, we occasionally return to the caravan park, where Beth is sat alone looking through the crystal meth stuff, oblivious to what is happening in the city.

Kane finishes a stint on that running machine, and as Jesse remarks on his tough workout, he states that it’s “better than killing someone”, passing it off as a joke. Kane then offers to help Jesse in any way he can to beat Rhys to the kiosk lease.

Laura bids farewell as Shelley once again apologises that it couldn’t be the whole family. Laura is sure that she and Kirsty will meet up eventually. Rhys offers her a lift home, and she and Dani say goodbye to Shelley. They leave Shelley all alone as Rhys’ car pulls away.

A while later, Shelley is sat on the stairs in an empty house, and for some reason has the door stood wide open. She is stunned as Rhys walks back in, telling her that he told the girls he’d forgotten his razor. He tells her that it’s over, insisting that they at least agree on that. “So you can go home with a clear conscience?” Shelley asks. He denies it. He just wants to hear her say that it won’t happen, but she isn’t going to deny her feelings – and challenges him to tell her that he doesn’t feel the same way. He doesn’t care about that – the point is that he’s married to Beth. Shelley is adamant that they can’t simply ignore what happened between them, but apparently he can. He leave her alone once more.

Beth is interrupted by a knock on the door – she opens it to find a flustered Kane, and wonders if everything is ok. He tells her no, it’s not, and tells her that he needs to talk to her about something. She lets him in…