Episode 3777

Australian Air Date: 6th July 2004

A day of pure terror unfolds in Summer Bay. Jesse is held hostage by a crazy gunman! Tasha faces death in a moment of bravery. The Palace is trashed.

Final episode.

Extended Summary

Kane and Kirsty tell Irene that Sarah killed Felix – but she’s too screwed up to admit responsibilty – which is why Sarah is coming after them.
Tasha is shocked to learn that Sarah may have been in her room.
Tasha informs Robbie that Sarah broke into her room and has got the gun
Sarah introduces herself to a wary Jesse, who is trying to close up the gym. She refuses to leave, wanting to discuss ‘gym membership’.


Robbie drags Tasha back home, insisting that she come clean about the gun, insisting that no one will hate her – they just HAVE to know. Irene is relieved to see Tasha back in one piece, but she, Kane and Kirsty can all see that there is something wrong, and want to know what…

Jesse is still trying to get rid of Sarah, telling her that he’ll discuss membership with her another day – in the meantime, he has things to do. Sarah is clearly getting agitated – she’s not asking for much… just a bit of his time… and some answers. She then accuses him of being ‘like the rest of them’ in just ignoring her, and demands that he talk to her. The phone ringing interrupts them, and Sarah gives her ‘permission’ for him to answer it

Kane’s on the other end – he’s doing a call-around, presumably as a result of Tasha’s latest revelation. Jesse addresses him as “Brian”, asking him to bring some more towels the following morning, but it takes a while for Kane to realise that Jesse KNOWS it’s not Brian. He determines that Sarah is with Jesse, and tells Jesse not to worry, but Sarah could have a gun. Jesse glances over as Sarah reaches into her bag and pulls out the gun, ‘suggesting’ that Jesse get off the phone. Kane assures Jesse that he’ll get in touch with Baker and the cops as Jesse hangs up. Sarah tells him that it’s time to stop talking, and start listening…

Kane tries to get hold of Peter, telling Irene, Tasha and Kirsty that he thinks Sarah was there, but Jesse hung up before he could find out whether she had the gun. Tasha is panicking, and Robbie tries to calm her down, reassuring her that it ISN’T her fault… Irene, however, thinks otherwise – she was the one that brought the gun into the house. Kane shushes them as he leaves a message for Peter, telling him what’s going on, and saying that he’ll get hold of ‘the uniforms’. They know it’ll take Peter a fair while to get to the Bay from Yabbie Creek, and wonder what they’re meant to do in the meantime. Instead of opting to wait for the cops, Tasha decides to run out of the house and take care of the situation herself. She is closely pursued by Robbie, and Kane stops Irene from pursuing them – he’ll go if she gets hold of the uniforms and lets them know what’s happening.

Sarah presses Jesse for the truth about who killed Felix, insistent that she doesn’t WANT to use the gun, but everyone keeps playing mind games with her. Jesse tells her that HE didn’t do it, but she wants to know who did – and he hasn’t got an answer. Sarah is convinced that she’ll manage to work it out anyway, and he warily tells her that the way Felix died looked like an accident… he knows she only wanted to help him… he presses her to confess, but she can only clutch at her head and hiss “shut up!”. She doesn’t want any more lies, and she won’t be leaving until she gets the truth – she has got all night…

Robbie finally manages to catch up with Tasha, but the minute he grabs hold of her arm, she swings around and decks him. He goes straight down, and Tasha stops in her tracks, apologising profoundly. However, it doesn’t stop her trying to take off again in the direction of the Surf Club when Kane catches up with them. Abandoning Robbie, Kane gives pursuit, yelling after her. Clutching his face and stumbling off the floor, Robbie follows.

Irene has finally got to talk to Peter, and isn’t impressed at how long it’s going to take help to arrive. Apparently, despite having a crazy gunwoman holding someone hostage, it’s still going to be half an hourt before the cops make an appearance. Kirsty is also horrified – but Irene is optimistic that by the time the cops arrive, Jesse will have the situation under control.

Sarah is gettin bored of the situation, and decides that she and Jesse are going to play a little game – she’s going to count to ten, and by the time she has reached ten he is going to have told her what he knows. It’s going to be kinda tricky, seeing as Jesse knows nothing, but Sarah is convinced that he knows who did it. She refuses to listen to him, and feeling like she has no choice, she starts to count… one… two… three

Tasha is quickly approaching the Surf Club, and Kane manages to catch hold of her just as they reach the building. She doesn’t resort to using her fists, and instead pleads with him to let her go in, thinking that she’ll be able to sort things herself as she has been taught about these things by his parents. He put his foot down – there is no way that she is going in, as one wrong move could make everything go wrong. Robbie finally catches up, and Tasha tells him angrily that Kane won’t let her go in. A single gunshot halts the arguement, and the trio rush to the corner of the building, Kane telling the others to stay there – he’s going to go in and try and find out what is happening. No sooner has he said it, Sarah exits the building, and like a bull to a red flag Tasha races at her, dragging Sarah to the ground. Kane orders Robbie to go in and help Jesse, whilst he goes to drag Tasha, kicking and screaming, away from Sarah. Sarah points the gun at them, and Kane manages to restrain Tasha for long enough for Sarah to make a getaway. The pair then go inside.

Robbie is sitting in tears, holding Jesse in his arms – Jesse’s shirt is covered in blood and he is unconscious. He has already called an ambulance.

Luckily, Flynn just happens to be on hand to help out, and he comes to take a look at Jesse, who is now coming around. It appears to be a minor injury, but it is to the head, which is why there is so much blood. As Jesse murmurs “Leah”, Tasha tries to tell him how sorry she is. Flynn suggests that she and Robbie go outside, and they leave Kane and Flynn to assist Jesse. Kane has managed to get hold of Peter, who is on his way back. Things are now serious – Sarah’s out there somewhere with a gun…

Robbie and Tasha walk outside, slightly too calmly given that there’s a man gunwoman on the loose, and comment on how crazy Sarah is. They are both distressed, with Tasha continuing to blame herself, and Robbie assures her that Jesse is going to be fine. She apologises for hitting him, and is upset that she actually meant it – she would have done anything to get him out of her way at that moment. He shakily tells her that he uynderstands why she did it, but she doesn’t believe him. She thought she had got over all the stuff that he parents had taught her, but now it’s all started again. Robbie turns around, and instead of being mad, he tells her that she is amazing – she was so brave to chase Sarah like she did, as there was no way he could have done it. She’s “like a supergirl”, compared to him who is “someone who’s not very brave”, and whenever there’s an emergency no one else can handle, supergirl will be there to “kick butt”. She promises never to hit him again, and apologises once again. The ambulance finally arrives.


Sarah sits near the waters edge, gun in hand, as sirens can be heard in the background. Seeing the cops pulling up outside the Surf Club, she stands and walks away up the beach.

The ambulance crews bring a stretcher in for Jesse, and the docs relieve Flynn. Jesse will need to go into hospital for a checkup. Peter, who has finally put in an appearance, tells everyone not to touch anything – it’s a crime scene. Kane wants to know hopw many people are working on the case, and isn’t impressed that they are expecting to hang around whilst the cops get their act together. Sarah has tried to blow Jesse away, and has pointed a gun at Tasha – what more does Sarah have to do before he’ll sit up and take notice?! Peter reminds him that it’s not that simple – he doesn’t have fifty cops at his beck and call as he would in the city. Tasha apologises to Peter about the gun, and he is stunned to learn that it was hers – and that Robbie also knew about the gun. However, his main priority at the minute is gathering everyone who could be in danger together for the night. Flynn volunteers his house, and Peter agrees to drive Tasha, Kane and Robbie over there – Flynn will be going to the hospital, but is sure that Sally will be fine with it.

Scott comes off the phone to inform an already worried Dani that Sarah shot Jesse. The bullet just grazed his head so he should be fine, but they’re all to meet up at Sally and Flynn’s. Dani is freaking out – now Sarah’s out there with a gun… it’s like a nightmare… what if she comes after them? Scott calms her down, asking her ot go upstairs and grab some things – they’ve got to get going. They are to pick Irene and Kirsty up on the way there.

Sally welcomes Peter, Kane, Robbie and Tasha in, and is relieved to learn that Jesse will be fine – he has been very lucky. Tasha goes to see to Pippa, Sally asks Kane to check that all the windows and doors are locked, and she stresses to Peter about how mad it is that Sarah can’t be stopped, and wants Peter to guarantee their safety. Peter doesn’t see why Sarah would bother with that house – it’s “neutral ground” so why would she bother looking?

After checking just a couple of the windows, Kane wonders if Sally is alright, and she brushes him off, insisting that she is fine. However, he knows otherwise, and assures her that they’ll get Sarah. Sally admits that although bad stuff has happened before, she feels different now that she has got Pippa to take care of. It’s just one crazy woman, but still people can’t even sleep in their own beds.

Later Kirsty, Irene, Dani and Scott arrive, complete with provisions for the night ahead. Jesse also puts in an appearance, head bandaged up and shirt caked in blood, with a white blanket wrapped around him. He assures Tasha that it’s not her fault, and Flynn tells him that he’ll be back to normal in no time. Rhys also appears with some supplies courtesy of Beth, and intends to take Robbie home with him. Robbie refuses to leave, and Tasha doesn’t want him to go, so Irene chips in to assure Rhys that she’ll keep an eye on them.

Irene tells Peter that she knows he’ll have to talk to Tasha about the gun, but asks him not to be too hard on her. Flynn has already filled him in on Tasha’s history, so he assures Irene that he knows what he’s dealing with, before pulling Tasha aside. He wonders if there was any other weapons, but she tells him that it was only one gun. She is scared that she will be arrested, but everyone is quick to tell her otherwise.

Peter asks them to gather around, and tells them that Sarah has got it into her head that one or all of them are responsible for the state that she’s in, so until Sarah is in custody no one is to leave the house without an escort. At least there’s an upside to the situation in that they’ll have something to charge Sarah with. Robbie echoes this to Tasha in an attempt to make her feel better – if she didn’t keep the gun then they’d still have nothing to pin on Sarah. Irene, however, overhears and blasts Robbie for his efforts – there is NO upside to her bringing a gun into the house.

Scott tells Peter that he, Dani, Kane and Kirsty were planning to head into the city, and Peter tells them that it’s fine for them to head off – they just have to be accompanied home by an officer to collect their things. They won’t be taking any more chances.

Sarah smashes the glass on one of the doors, unlocks it and walks casually into the house. She takes a look around, picking up a photo of Scott and Dani before throwing it across the room and sitting down at the base of the stairs.

A while later, Scott and Dani arrive, accompanied by Peter and a random policewoman. Scott notices the smashed glass and Peter quickly ushers them out, drawing his gun. Sarah’s whimpering gives her away – she is crouched down in the bathroom, distressed. Peter enters, kneeling down to her level and trying to calm her down.