Scott and Kane are stranded at sea. Will Rhys get to confront Kane about hurting Kirsty? Hayley hides the fact she knows Noah is lying.


An all night vigil is held waiting for news about The Blaxland. The boat was sabotaged – is Kane responsible? What happened to Kirsty to make her leave Summer Bay?

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Kane is shocked when an AVO is issued for him to stay away from Kirsty. Mr Hyde humiliates his son in front of the entire school. Max receives more than one unexpected surprise on his 14th birthday.


Rhys attacks Kane in a fit of rage. Tasha naively kisses Kim, but has she lost Robbie forever? Hayley is desperate for Noah to come clean.


Hayley gives Noah the ultimate test – will he finally admit the truth? The school erupts with applause as Jade is honoured at assembly. Norman introduces the ‘other woman’ to a startled Colleen.

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Who does Tasha want? Robbie or Kim? Will Kim lose control and kill his father? Jade joins the race for school captain. Noah is upset by Hayley’s game playing.


Will Scott be charged over the deaths of the missing divers? Will Sally risk her trust money and invest in the gym? Is Hayley losing her mind? Rhys is rocked by devastating news from Kirsty.

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Pressure mounts on Jade as she deals with Kirsty’s lies. Scott, Alf and Kane risk their lives to solve the mystery of the missing divers. Will Kane risk arrest and violate the AVO?


Robbie and Kim compete for Tasha’s affections. Matilda is electrocuted. Can Flynn save Kane from prison?


Sally loses ten thousand dollars when Kane skips bail. Max incites a riot in Hyde’s class. Kim grabs Hyde by the throat.

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Hyde assaults his own son. Terrorism hits Summer Bay High. Tasha disappears. Hayley’s not coping with the real world.


Kane breaks into Shelley’s house and demands to see Kirsty. Hyde is red-faced as Irene discoverers the computer problem. Hayley’s condition is worse than anyone realised. Tasha turns up in the strangest of places.

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Kane causes chaos in the city. Floss returns to Summer Bay with a tragic secret. Matilda displays psychic powers.


Will Kane be thrown in jail? Could Noah’s plan for Hayley blow up in his face? Why is Floss in pain?


Does Hyde have a secret family? Floss reveals her tragedy to Sally. Will Colleen have to fight Irene for her job! A decision by Beth shocks the school community.

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Kirsty gives Kane the shock of his life. Hayley discovers the reason for her crazy behaviour. Flynn is furious at Sally for making a promise she can’t keep. Has Max fallen in love with Matilda?

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Hyde goes on the warpath in Summer Bay, Jade heads up a student revolt. Jesse and Flynn battle over Leah. Henry and Max are caught in a web of lies.

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Two lovers are reunited. Is Leah having second thoughts about the baby? Hayley trashes the Palace. Beth and Shelley have a spat over Rhys.

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Who is helping Floss to die? Disaster strikes Kim, Robbie and Tasha. Scott could lose his livelihood.

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Kirsty is floored by some life-changing news. Jesse springs Leah and Flynn in an intimate moment. Irene calls in the police after a shocking discovery. Hyde asks Kirsty to spy on Kim.

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