Episode 3697

Australian Air Date: 16th March 2004

Kane breaks into Shelley’s house and demands to see Kirsty. Hyde is red-faced as Irene discoverers the computer problem. Hayley’s condition is worse than anyone realised. Tasha turns up in the strangest of places.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3633. Was visited in the city by a deceptive Tasha, who was covering for Kane outside.
Told off an ambling Tasha after she bumped into him.

Extended Summary

Kane is stood looking shifty outside Shelley’s, watching the house from behind a tree as Shelley comes out to get the paper in and leave. He walks away, fishing some coins out of his pocket, as Tasha appears to throw her arms around him and tell him how worried she was about him. He is somewhat taken aback and she receives a less raptuous welcome – of course he’s alright, and he wants to know what on earth she is doing there.

Irene is back in town, and Flynn has told her about Kane, and Tasha’s escapades whilst she has been away. Flynn informs her that if they go to the city, then Tasha’s not going to be sitting at Shelley’s waiting for them, and Irene is confident that Tasha will be fine – she’s a survivalist, and she’ll find Kane. Flynn points out that if they track down Kane, he’ll do a runner and Tasha will most likely follow. Irene can’t understand why Kane decided to break bail, as he was in enough strife, and doesn’t believe that Kane would hit Kirsty, as he loves her more than life itself. Flynn can understand Kane’s problems – he only wanted to speak to Kirsty because she has miscarried his child, and the fact that he held back from striking her can only be a good thing. As Irene makes the decision to go to the city, Flynn decides to make her day ten times worse by informing her of Hayley’s troubles.

Kane and Tasha eat, and Kane tells her that she must take the next bus home – Irene will kill her for running off like that, and they’ll have “search parties” out looking for her. She insists that she is staying, as she “knows things”, but he is equally insistant that she is not – even if she calls Flynn to tell him she’s alright, he’s not going to be ok about it. She enquires as to whether he has seen Kirsty – he has, but only from a distance as Shelley isn’t leaving the house. He reckons he has got more chance of talking to the Queen. Tasha is adamant that they’ll find a way – Kane and Kirsty can’t be unhappy, but Kane points out that it’s too late

Hyde curses his secretary for walking out on him at such a vital time, as Noah looks over the computer to see what he can do to help. He doesn’t have a clue, suggesting it could be a virus, and it seems the filenames are still there. The computer teachers are on a day off, and Hyde has had no luck in dragging any of them into work, so instead he tells Noah that he ought to know about these things, because he’s young. Noah points out that all he can do is lose Uni assignments on computers, and points out that they won’t know whether anyone has fiddled with the computers – because Ms Symons would be the only one likely to know. He promptly manages to offend Noah by stating the world is full of incompetants, so Noah walks out on him, suggesting he look up ‘Help’ in the Yellow Pages.

Outside in the corridor, Seb hands Jade a list of Captain’s duties, drawing attention to the point that she must let the vice-captain take her to the movies. He’s fed up of being ignored in favour of her work, and is desperate enough to offer that she choose the movies, and that he pay. She accepts, and they are surprised to see Noah walking the school corridors. He informs them that he’s back – he got Hyde on a technicality, and has been reinstated. Seb puts his comment that Hyde isn;t all that intimidating as the employment going to his head, but Noah puts his foot down when they suggest thgey pay Hayley a visit – she’s not up to visitors just yet.

Noah tells Flynn about Hayley’s problems, as Hayley refuses to come and see him herself – he’s the only one that Hayley will behave normally around, as she is convinced that she looks different and that people stare at her. Noah reminds Flynn of a case they once had at the Drop In Centre – a girl with anorexia, and her insecurities – she was convinced that she was overweight. Noah compares it to Hayley, and wants to make Hayley realise that she’s fine.

Kane and Tasha walk along a semi-busy street, and Kane tells her he feels bad about Jesse, but had no choice. Tasha seems to be more fascinated by the city, and why people would choose to live somewhere so noisy. Tasha bumps into a random, easily irritated man in a suit, who tells her to watch where she’s going, and in trues Tasha form she gives him a good shove back. Kane intervenes, passing Tasha’s behaviour off to the fact that she has never been in the city before. As the man leaves, Kane warns her to be more careful, but she doesn’t think her behaviour was wrong – besides she doesn’t like it there. Kane tries to get her to go home, but she insists that she stay and help. He can’t see what she’s going to do, as she can’t exactly go up and knock on Shelley’s door. She points out that perhaps she can – after all, the cops aren’t after HER.

Outside Shelley’s, Kane returns to position behind the tree as Tasha goes to knock on the door. It is swiftly answered by Shelley, who isn’t exactly warm and welcoming, but agrees to let Tasha come in and wait for Kirsty.

Scott is feeling left out as Dani works on the Uni newspaper, but she is unresponsive to his affections. She is more concerned with finding a title story than with looking after her “neglected boyfriend”. Hayley arrives home, complete with baseball cap and sunglasses, and is disappointed to discover that Noah isn’t home. As Scott departs, he informs Hayley that Irene is back, and she is pained to discover that she will be paying a visit later. Dani enquires about the “incognito” (sp?) look – she looks like a spy – and Hayley shruges it off as a “dumb question”, before voicing her desperation to see Noah, going to call his mobile… again.

Tahsa wanders around, examinining Shelley’s luxury accomadation and sniffing at flowers. She compliments the place as Shelley subtley enquires as to whether Tasha is meeting up with anyone else in the city – Tasha denies it, and Shelley goes in for the kill – she lives at Irene’s, therefore she must know Kirsty and Kane pretty well? Tasha is surprisingly prepared for the interrogation, and offhandely mentions that Kirsty is really nice. Shelley tells Tasha that she’ll give Kirsty a call to find out what’s holding her up, and dials out. She addresses Kirsty, enquiring where she is

Flynn is puzzled at why Shelley is calling her, and points out that she has got through to him. She knows – informing him of Tasha’s whereabouts under the pretence that she is talking to Kirsty. Tasha is oblivious as Flynn makes the decision to go and pick her up. Irene is also delighted at the news, and tries to insist on accompanying Flynn, but he tells her that Hayley needs her more.

Irene and Hayley are delighted to see one another, but Irene unwittingly spoils the moment by telling Hayley how wonderful she looks – cue Hayley strategically brushing her hair over her face. Dani is also happy to see Irene back in town, and asks after Irene’s family before heading off to hit the books. It isn;t hard for Irene to notice that something is up with Hayley when she refuses to go to the diner, and insists on waiting for Noah to get back. She remarks that it sounds like he’s coming, before bolting out of the house as Irene is left to question Dani as to what exactly is going on…

Irene rushes into the diner to find a Hayley-less Noah, wondering where he has been, and Noah has been working out a masterplan to help Hayley. He is surprised to hear Hayley has been trying to contact him – nothing has come through on his mobile, and Alf comments she has been ringing the diner to try and find him. Noah is about to rush out and find her, but Irne stops him – Hayley has gone for a much-needed sleep, and she wants to know about how he got his job back, and is highly amused to discover that the new secretary walked out. Noah tells her of Hyde’s computer problems, and Irene puts her foot down – there is no way on earth that she would help Hyde…

Irene fixes the computer – all that had been done was someone had changed the font colour to white, and it’s fixed in seconds. Hyde reckons it sounds complicated, and Irene comments that she’s managed to do it herself before. She goes to leave, and Hyde subtley informs her the secretary post is now vacant, wondering if she is employed – he’s offering her the job. She tells him that she’s available – but she wouldn’t take his job in a million years. Hyde is left looking uncharacteristically shame-faced.

Shelley is still questioning Tasha – what does she think of Kane? She claims not to know him very well, and has no idea whether Kane would turn up on the doorstep. Shelley tries to pressure the truth out of Tasha by telling her of the trouble Kane would be putting himself in, but to no avail. Tasha is still watching the clock, wondering where Kirsty has got to, and Shelley isn’t letting anything slip

Kane watches as Flynn’s car pulls up outside.

Tasha, sussing something is up, decides to leave and return later, and Shelley desperately tries to stop her. Tasha is convinced Kirsty isn’t coming, and that Shelley called the police, before racing out of the house… and straight into Flynn’s arms. They take her back into the house

Inside, Flynn explains the trouble she has caused by running away – he is responsible for her. She denies that she came looking for Kane, but Flynn knows that if it was Kirsty she wanted to see, she could have got someone to simply drive her to the city. Flynn leaves Tasha to have quiet words with Shelley, reciting Tasha’s claims that she hasn’t seen Kane and pleading with Shelley to at least let Kirsty and Kane talk things over between themselves. Shelley refuses point blank – Kirsty has just lost her child and she is distressed – she is even refusing to allow her mother to go to the doctors with her. He reminds her that the AVO is only in place because of she and David – not because Kirsty wanted it. She is amazed that he is taking Kane’s side, although he denies it, and puts her foot down over the issue – there is no way she is letting Kane near Kirsty.

Jade and Seb play pool, with Seb taking pictures to put her off. Noah enters, and Seb hands him the camera – he’s going to use it as part of his masterplan with Hayley to convince her that she looks no different. Jade points out that hayley will see herself differently if she knows the pictures were taken recently, but Seb has an idea to make it work…
Noah’s phone rings – it’s Hayley, desperate to see him.

As Dani enters, Hayley hangs up – she can’t believe both Noah and Dani ‘left her’, and Dani jokes that it was so much more fun at the library. Hayley comments that Dani will make a great editor for the Uni paper, and Dani tells Hayley of her suggestion for the main story – Hayley’s own experiences after the car accident. She is horrified – she doesn’t want everyone to know who she is, and refuses to be an inspiration to others. Besides, she won’t be going back to uni, becuase she can’t stand people staring at her. Dani despairs as Hayley storms off.

Shelley and Flynn frogmarch a reluctant Tasha out to the car, with Flynn becoming increasingly agitated. He gives Tasha his word that they won’t be going to the cops, before checking Shelley is alright and bidding farewell.

As Flynn’s car pulls away, Shelley returns into the house. Moments later there’s a knock on the door… it’s Kane, determined to speak to his wife. He refuses to allow the door to be closed in his face and forces his way into the house, blocking her route to the phone when she threatens to call the police. He insists he’s not there to hurt anyone, he simply wants to speak to his wife. When she once again reaches for the phone he seizes it…

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