Neighbours Spoilers – Karl left disappointed on his final day

Next week on Neighbours, as Karl’s final day at Erinsborough Hospital rolls around, he’s disappointed by a lack of a farewell.

Dr Karl’s medical prowess – and sometimes questionable medical decisions – have been a continued presence on Ramsay Street since he and the Kennedy clan arrived way back in 1994.

The Kennedy family back in 1994 – Malcolm, Susan, Karl, Libby and Billy

The GP soon set up his own practice, Erinsborough Medical Centre, in the Lassiters complex, where – other than a one-year break between 1996-7 following Cheryl Stark’s death – he remained until 2006.

Erinsborough Medical Centre was the location of Karl’s infamous kiss with Sarah Beaumont

After briefly quitting medicine a second time following a paternity mixup, Karl soon returned to the profession, this time taking up a post at Erinsborough Hospital.

While it hasn’t been without its dramas, Karl is deeply proud of his long-established career, and so is hoping for a grand send-off when his final day at the hospital arrives next week.

Soon after Neighbours returned in September last year, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) headhunted Karl to be the on-site GP at her new retirement village – or ‘Resident Doctor and wellness expert’, to be specific.

In recent weeks, with work on Eirene Rising nearing completion, a publicity drive saw Karl’s face splashed on billboards around the suburb as Terese tried to tempt Erinsborough’s elderly residents to purchase a unit.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Next week, Karl’s final day in Erinsborough Hospital rolls around. Expecting a big farewell fanfare, he’s left disappointed by the absence of anything at all.

He gets his hopes up when fellow doctor Remi (Naomi Rukavina) asks him to join a gathering in a treatment room, only for an elated Remi to announce her successful promotion to Karl’s post of Senior Medical Officer.

Although Karl agrees to meet up with Remi for a drink after work, he’s left disappointed that she’s been the only one to acknowledge his final day.

In reality, Karl’s former colleagues, along with wife Susan (Jackie Woodburne), are setting up a surprise party at The Waterhole, and Remi’s invite of a drink is their way of luring him there.

Amazon Freevee / Ray Messner

Unaware of the plans, a dejected Karl shows up at Aaron’s (Matt Wilson) doorstep and admits he doesn’t feel like meeting up with Remi after such a lacklustre final day.

With Aaron also unaware of the surprise party, he agrees to go on a bike ride with Karl, putting the surprise in jeopardy.

In next Tuesday’s episode, as everyone waits for Karl to arrive at his surprise party, Remi gets a text from the main man, cancelling their catchup.

Susan is dismayed that her husband has rejected the bait, but with a little help from Aaron, she manages to convince Karl to join her for ‘dinner’ at The Waterhole.

As Karl finally arrives, he’s thrilled as he’s welcomed into the celebration in his honour.

Lapping up the appreciation, he makes a heartfelt speech as only Karl can, whilst expressing his gratitude that he’s able to hand the baton on to a skilful Remi.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Thanks for everything, Dr Karl, and good luck with the next chapter!

As the drinks flow at Karl’s party, a revelation from another doctor makes Karl feel extremely uncomfortable.

This week, as Remi contemplated whether to apply for Karl’s former position, she was given some encouragement by fellow doctor Gavin Bowman (Cameron MacDonald), who recently made his first appearance as Haz’s (Shiv Palekar) doctor.

Gavin insisted that he wasn’t interested in the job himself, but that he was more than happy to do a pros and cons list to help a conflicted Remi make her decision.

Remi was slightly thrown but appreciative of Gavin’s offer… but now it appears there was more to his offer than meets the eye.

Gavin reveals to Karl that he’d like to get physical with Remi and her wife Cara (Sara West), leaving Karl speechless.

He decides to report Gavin’s comments to HR, but decides it’s best if Remi remains unaware.

Does Remi have anything to worry about with the dodgy new doc?

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Monday 13th May (Episode 9040 / 137)

Remi is tempted by a promising proposal.

Paul tries his hand at playing cupid.

JJ makes a last ditch bid to see Felix.

Tuesday 14th May (Episode 9041 / 138)

JJ faces a hard truth.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Mackenzie’s guilt grows.

A surprise guest on Ramsay Street upsets the status quo.

Wednesday 15th May (Episode 9042 / 139)

Mackenzie works to correct her wrongs.

Karl faces a fresh humiliation.

Sadie is challenged when she discovers a big secret.

Thursday 16th May (Episode 9043 / 140)

Jane finds life becoming increasingly complicated.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

Mackenzie grapples with her personal dilemma.

Abigail finds something she shouldn’t.

Monday 20th May (Episode 9044 / 141)

A mistake puts Abigail’s life at risk.

Karl’s last day doesn’t go to plan.

Toadie crosses a boundary.

Tuesday 21st May (Episode 9045 / 142)

Karl is twice surprised.

Toadie confronts an uncomfortable truth.

A surprise visitor challenges Mackenzie.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Wednesday 22nd May (Episode 9046 / 143)

Mackenzie works through her feelings for Haz.

Karl’s determined to clear his name of dirty business.

Sadie struggles under the burden of Vic’s secret.

Thursday 23rd May (Episode 9047 / 144)

Nicolette and Byron digest some shocking news.

Mackenzie is worried about her uncertain future.

Cara attempts to get JJ a job.

Haz wakes up but Mackenzie is cut out

Also next week, as Haz awakes from his coma, Mackenzie faces being cut out of his recovery when his sister arrives.

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