Neighbours Spoilers – Haz wakes up but Mackenzie is cut out

Next week on Neighbours, as Haz awakes from his coma, Mackenzie faces being cut out of his recovery when his sister arrives.

It’s just a few weeks since Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) broke up with boyfriend Haz (Shiv Palekar) after learning about his shady past.

The pair had only recently said ‘I love you’ to one another, but the revelation that Haz used to be a hacker creating deep-fake videos for dodgy clients was too much for Mackenzie to cope with, despite his genuine remorse for his past actions.

Haz was being tormented by a man named Wade Fernsby (Stephen Phillips), one of his former victims who was out for revenge.

Wade had created the deep fakes which targeted Aaron (Matt Wilson) and Jane (Annie Jones), and transferred $20,000 from Holly’s (Lucinda Armstrong Hall) bank account straight into Haz’s.

Wade had also decided to set up his own deep-fake business, training himself up after realising just how lucrative it had been for Haz and his pals.

He gave Haz an ultimatum – either Haz joined him in his new business, or he’d use his new skills to destroy Mackenzie’s career.

Haz ended up working with Andrew (Lloyd Will) to bring Wade down, but had to keep their mission a secret as he pretended to join forces with his former victim.

When Mackenzie and Karl (Alan Fletcher) headed into the city to track down Haz and convince him to turn himself in, Mackenzie ended up knocking Haz down with her car.

Ray Messner / Amazon Freevee

He suffered a cardiac arrest and has been in a coma ever since, with no guarantee that he’ll wake up.

Mackenzie has been wracked with guilt since the incident, and has put her feelings on Haz’s shady past to one side, devoting all of her time and attention to Haz’s care.

Next week, Mackenzie goes to pay Haz another visit at Erinsborough Hospital, but she’s denied entry to his room.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

She’s surprised to discover that Haz’s sister Amira (Maria Thattil) has arrived, and when Amira realises that Mack is the ex who put Haz in a coma, she refuses to let her see him.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Haz’s parents and siblings had ostracised him when they learnt the truth about his IT company, but it seems that Haz’s hospitalisation has brought Amira out of the woodwork.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Mackenzie, devastated to be shut out, seeks Holly’s advice.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Holly encourages her not to back down, but when Mackenzie returns to state her case, Amira pushes back, masking her guilt for her absence in her brother’s life by taking her emotions out on Mack.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

As their fight escalates, the women are thrown by an unexpected interruption as a croaky Haz awakes from his coma.

Haz’s doctor Gavin Bowman (Cameron MacDonald) assesses that Haz is recovering well, but Amira maintains that only his family can see him from now on.

Haz is overwhelmed to see his estranged sister after such a long time, but is also keen to see Mackenzie.

Later, Mack manages to steal a moment with Haz, where she admits to him that while she’s still processing his past, she still has feelings for him.

Haz declares his love for Mackenzie and asks if they have a chance at being together. Yet before Mackenzie can respond, Amira interrupts, once again banishing her from the room.

Alone with her brother, Amira explains that Haz’s accident has made her and their parents see the light. They want him to come home; there’s nothing for him in Erinsborough any more.

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Will Haz choose to return to his family, or stick around in Erinsborough and try to win back Mackenzie?

Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

Also next week, after a kind gesture from Toadie (Ryan Moloney) bags Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) a wealthy new resident at Eirene Rising, things are looking up for the troubled pair.

Sadly for the Toad, he soon puts his foot in it. As Terese thanks him for getting Shirley across the line and gives him a grateful hug, he misreads the moment and moves in for a kiss.

Terese is startled and steps away, clearly not ready to resume physical affection.

Toadie is remorseful after his kiss faux pas, while an overwhelmed Terese thinks they should wait until after Karl’s surprise party to discuss it.

Susan (Jackie Woodburne), who’s hoping to address her and Terese’s simmering work tension, puts her own needs on hold and encourages Terese to be patient in allowing Toadie to win back her trust.

Later, Terese confesses to Toadie that she’s not ready for physical affecton and is grateful when Toadie agrees to move slower and follow her lead.

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

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Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

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