Neighbours Spoilers – Krista and Leo get back together after crisis

Next week on Neighbours, a crisis threatens to drive ex-partners Krista and Leo further apart, but instead serves to reunite them.

Krista (Majela Davis) broke up with Leo (Tim Kano) a few weeks back, after falling off the wagon and turning back to drugs.

Knowing she’d struggle to keep her spiralling problem from her boyfriend, she ended things with no prior warning, leaving Leo shellshocked.

Leo discovered the truth of Krista’s problems when she wound up hospitalised after confronting Chelsea (Viva Bianca) in her hotel room.

Chelsea accidentally caused Krista to bang her head and fall unconscious, but she made sure that everyone knew that Krista had been high when she arrived at the hotel.

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With the truth of Krista’s relapse out in the open, Leo did his best to assure his ex-girlfriend that he was still there for her, but she pushed him away, reminding him that he’s no longer responsible for her.

This week, Paul (Stefan Dennis) does his best to play cupid for the pair, blaming his now-former fiancée’s actions for their split. Yet when Leo gets wind of what Paul is planning, he tells his dad that he’s too hurt to give things another go.

At the end of this week, in Thurday’s episode, Leo and Krista awkwardly stumble through their new post-relationship normal.

Leo scares Krista’s former dealer Shannon (Grace Quealy) off when he sees her stalking Krista, but his actions only cause Krista to turn on him, as she tells him she doesn’t need him swooping in to ‘save’ her.

When Shannon returns to approach Krista again, Krista finds the courage to put her in her place, but neither notices when Shannon accidentally drops a small baggie of pills onto the grass.

Later, as Paul and Leo discuss Paul’s plans to depart for New York to visit his family following the passing of his Aunt Rosemary (Joy Chambers), they fail to notice that Leo’s daughter Abigail (Nikita Kato) has stumbled across the bag!

Picking up the drama next week, Leo is alarmed to discover that Abigail has eaten some pills from the bag she found on the ground.

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As they rush her to the hospital, it’s worry all around as Remi (Naomi Rukavina) explains that without being able to identify the pills, they’ll have no choice but to pump Abigail’s stomach.

A guilt-ridden Krista pipes up, identifying the contents as opioids from Shannon.

The confession allows Remi to administer a reversing agent and Abigail is back to full health in no time, but Leo is out for blood.

Confronting Shannon, Leo tells her that he’s passed on the bag to the police, and that they’re bound to find her fingerprints on it. He warns her that if she ever comes near his family or friends again, he’ll personally finish her.

While Krista is glad to hear that Shannon will be staying away from now on, she’s riddled with guilt and self-loathing over bringing danger to Abigail.

However, Leo doesn’t blame her, and asserts that she supported him and his daughter when they needed her the most. Her actions have in fact made him realise that the two of them just fit.

As Leo tells Krista that he still wants her, they move in for a kiss – happily witnessed by Paul – and suddenly things are back on track.

Elsewhere next week, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is desperately trying to fill the remaining units in Eirene Rising, which opens at the end of the month.

She’s excited to learn that wealthy widow Shirley Burchmore and her friends have agreed to tour the retirement complex, but the date Shirley has in mind clashes with Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) relationship-repairing date.

Terese recently agreed to give her cheating husband another chance – while insisting that they take things slowly, with the pair sleeping in separate bedrooms, and physical intimacy still out of the question.

While Toadie was devastated when Terese cancelled one of their dates to spend time with Paul a few months back, this time he understands that the retirement village takes priority, and he graciously cancels their plans.

Terese knows that Eirene Rising’s health focus is a major selling point for Shirley. When she can’t get hold of resident doctor and wellness expert Karl (Alan Fletcher), she insists that Susan (Jackie Woodburne) comes along in lieu.

Susan recently took on the role of Operations Manager, but is growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of structure in her new job, as Terese keeps giving her tasks completely at odds with her job description.

As the site visit gets underway, a reluctant Susan pastes on a smile and does what she can to sell the complex’s health facilities to Shirley, but Terese is left decidedly unimpressed by Susan’s straight-laced approach.

Spotting a way to save the day, Toadie offers Shirley and her friends free legal services via Rebecchi Law if they sign on the dotted line right away.

Later, with everyone in a jovial mood, Toadie enters Terese’s bedroom at No. 22 to let her know they need to get going for Karl’s surprise party.

As Terese thanks Toadie for getting Shirley across the line and gives him a grateful hug, Toadie misreads the moment and moves in for a kiss.

Terese is startled and steps away – has Toadie just taken them back a stepwards?

New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

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Jane Zhang / Amazon Freevee

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