Episode 3823

Australian Air Date: 22nd September 2004

A mistake puts Tasha’s life in peril! Big brother is watching Summer Bay. Hyde and Sally shock everyone at the concert. Jesse tries to make Leah jealous.

Return appearance, last seen in Episode #3816. Gave a “jammin” performance at the Noah Tribute Concert.
Second appearance, last seen in Episode #3818. Joined in with Eric’s picking on Henry.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Colleen, Jesse and Flynn walk into the school. Colleen seems a tad excitable today and runs off to see “young Kit”. Jesse jokes that the only reason that Flynn and Sally are thinking of buying the caravan park is so that they can move closer to Colleen. Dan and Leah walk into the school together and they are some uncomfortable moments as Leah and Dan come face to face with Jesse, though Jesse insures Flynn that he isn’t jealous. Colleen lets another “yoohoo” as she runs over to Leah and Dan. Dan makes a quick getaway saying that he needs to do something backstage. Colleen wonders what the last act is going to be now that the Eskimo has cancelled, commenting on how Joe is a strange name for an eskimo. She then spots Irene and Kane and lets out the mother and father of all “yoohoos”

Hayley sits in The Palace. She gets a phone call. She says something about “eagles not landing” and Barry wonders whether there is a problem with the truck. Barry and Hayley continue to talk about this thing that we don’t know about, but Hayley insists she’ll wait at home.

Colleen comments on how she received a letter from Max and that she’s going to send him the programme. She sees Josie and comments on how the dress she is wearing musn’t be cheap, to wish Irene quips, unlike the wearer. They walk into the hall. Josie’s phone rings and she tells Jesse she’ll just be a second whilst she walks out and answers it. Stafford is now in the beach house. He tells Josie to keep her phone on. Josie says she can’t, it’s a concert. Stafford tells her to put it on vibrate, adding that Josie would know all about that.

Robbie begins the concert whilst Josie runs back in. Leah looks over at Josie and Jesse and shakes her head. Flynn asks Colleen where Hayley is. Kim comes on stages and “entertains” us with some rather questionable singing. Hayley receives the delivery. It’s a painting of Noah.

Sally and Dan then welcome everyone and they talk about Noah. Henry then comes on stage to do some tap-dancing. Wazza and Dalby sit in front of Josie and wolf-whistle at Henry. Josie grabs Dalby by the ear and pulls him into line. Kim walks in and everyone congratulates him. What for, I do not know. Kirsty walks through and tells Matilda it’s her turn on stage. Tasha talks to Beth saying how it’s shame she won’t get to hear her poem. Tasha then says she’ll read it for them there. When she searches in her bag she can’t find it and realises she must have left it at home. She runs out the school, bumping into Hayley who is carrying the painting in. Stafford is at the beach house and has to hide as Tasha runs in to collect her poem and then immediately runs back out again. Matilda contiues performing something on the stage. Tasha reads out her poem. Tasha thanks Josie for helping to write it. Beth and Scott then go on the stage and do their dancing routine. Rhys walks in.

Hayley says a speech and unveils a painting that will be hung in the school library. Hayley announces that it was Josie that bought the painting. Irene wonders what Josie’s alterior motives were. Staffords helpers leave the house. Stafford turns the camera on, and a person, presumably Ian Osbourne, watches the pictures on a computer.

Dan, announces the final act, a Kit/Barry double act. They finish singing and the crowd cheers.