Episode 3818

Australian Air Date: 15th September 2004
UK Air Date: 13th April 2005
Writer: Alison Nisselle
Director: David Gould

Beth may be pulling her family out of Summer Bay! Irene thinks she’s found Josie’s arch-nemesis. Is Rhys returning to Beth? Henry’s special ‘talent’ gives him grief at school.

Extended Summary

Caravan Park House

Beth and The Hunter children discuss Henry’s tap dance at the upcoming concert and Henry starts to get major nerves.

The Palace

Henry tries to persuade Scott to dance a duet with him but Scott refuses. Dani and Hayley join Henry in trying to persuade him and Scott agrees to think about it.

Caravan Park House

Rhys arrives and Beth tells him she thinks its about time they discussed some things and then puts the kettle on.


The list for Noah’s concert is up on the wall. Dalby, Wazza and his crew are making fun of Henry for doing the tap dance. Matilda pulls them up asking what they’re doing in the concert and remarks that she wishes he’d go back to where he came from to which Kirsty replies that he can’t because he was expelled. Henry enters and Dalby’s crew start teasing him but Henry shrugs it off insisting Scott is going to dance too.

Caravan Park House

Rhys asks Beth if she’s sure about selling the house and she replies that she’s convinced. She’s come to realise that she has to stop blaming Rhys for what happened and stop clinging onto the vision of what she had in mind. She tells him she’s come to realise that it is possible for a man to love two women and still be decent and its time to move on. She tells him that she has no right to stop him and Shelley coming to Summer Bay. Rhys assures her that he has no plans to move back but Beth assures him that he has as much right as her. Beth says she’ll speak to the kids and if they agree they’ll arrange the sale. She comments that both will be a lot happier when its done but neither look particularly comfortable or convinced with the idea.

The Palace

Scott is practicing his dancing but is out of shape when Dani walks in, watching him. She remarks he’s incredible but he says he’s rusty. She convinces him she’s proud to have a boyfriend who can dance and asks him to do a demonstration. Just as he starts Rhys enters and explains that he had been to Beth’s sorting things with her. He remarks that she said she was happy with things but he wasn’t sure and hints that Scott should go and see her.

Caravan Park House

Scott finds Beth in the kitchen and after he says he’s seen Rhys she admits she’s a little low. He says she needs to get dancing because it always cheered him up when he was a kid. As he spins her around he suggests dancing at the concert but as they stop Beth bursts into tears admitting she didn’t realise just how hard it would be to see him again.


Rhys is trying to convince Dani to return to Uni and not be running the kiosk but she says she’s already taken the semester off so there’s no point. Jesse enters and asks Rhys what the hell he’s doing here. Rhys replies he’s looking out for his business and will be here until the lease runs out. Jesse replies that he’ll be waiting for that second. Rhys asks Dani to get the books out and leaves.

The Diner

Colleen bemoans that the Diner without Alf Stewart doesn’t seem right. Leah remarks that Irene is very capable but Colleen isn’t convinced about what sort of boss Irene will be. Alf enters and says Morag is on her way over with the paperwork. Colleen tells him not to look so pleased with himself and takes off her apron. When Alf asks her where she’s going she replies that she has another job. Alf says he needs her to witness the signatures but Colleen says she can’t leave Doctor Saunders. Rhys enters and asks to have a word with Alf. Seated at a table Alf asks if it’s a flying visit and Ryhs replies that he’s cleared the air with Beth so will be coming and going. Alf tells him he’s lost a good woman in Beth to which he replies that Shelley is a good woman too and he should have realised where his heart lay sooner. He apologises for his behaviour over the Kiosk and Alf accepts his apology remarking that it was about time things got back to normal around here.

The Surf Club

Scott tells a shocked Dani that he and Beth are dancing at the concert. Jesse enters joking about seeing Scott in a tutu and Scott explains about how dancing always cheered him up as a child. Jesse starts slagging Rhys and Dani defends him, says he’s trying and to give him a chance.


Irene enters and asks what Rhys is doing here, he replies that he’s cleared the air with Beth and will be back doing more at the kiosk. Irene picks his brains about Josie, and asks how he feels Josie would fare against a strong no nonsence woman. Que Morag’s entry.

Sat at the table the papers are signed but Colleen kicks up a fuss insisting she feels like Judas before eventually signing. Irene hopes Alf won’t regret this and Leah gives Irene a hug. Morag asks Irene if she’ll be doing an inventory of stock and reviewing her staff but Irene replies that Colleen’s not so bad. Irene asks Morag if she has a minute but Morag replies she’s too busy but Irene talks her into iy and Morag reluctantly agrees.


Henry comes in. Dalby’s gang start pushing him about trying to force him to tap dance, skitting him. Robbie comes to his brother’s assistance and is easily dismissed but Kim, sat listening in the classroom comes out. Dalby asks him what his problem is, he’s only here for another two weeks. Kim collars him and throws him to the floor. Dalby asks him what he’s doing. Kim replies that this is him not caring. Dalby remarks that Kim’s Dad is going to go ballistic. Kim says what does he care, hes only here for another two weeks so Dalby better learn the right way to do things or he might get the urge again and grabs Dalby again


Irene tells Morag about her dilemma with Tasha and Josie. Morag asks about Flynn and Irene explains that Flynn thinks the courts should decide and Irene gets heated up. Morag calms her down telling her she understands but that the courts would want to know what Tasha wants. Irene replies that Tasha is only a kid and that Josie is bad news and shouldn’t be anywhere near Tasha. She reminds Morag of Angie and Morag replies that if they’re anything alike. Irene adds that they’re like two peas in a pod and asks again to have Morag on board. Morag agrees that it might be nice to sharpen her teeth on a worthy opponent.


Robbie asks Henry if he’s okay and he replies he is but threatens him and Mattie not to tell Beth about everything. Matilda protests but Henry silences her. Irene enters looking for Sally who is on the phone. Irene excitedly tells her that Morag is on board with the Josie case and Sally asks how. Irene says she begged but quickly realises Sally is distracted and says she’ll come back. Sally says no it was the phone call. Irene asks if theres a problem but Sally replies it’s the opposite, The Caravan Park House is up for sale and wanted to give her first refusal. She admits its what shes always dreamt of.

Caravan Park House

Robbie, Matilda and Henry enter and Beth asks them if they’re okay and they lie they are but Beth is suspicious. They manage to distract her with talk of Lamingtons but she says they can eat and then they need to have a chat. They have a big decision to make. Sat at the table Matilda asks where they’d live and Beth replies it’d have to be somewhere smaller but it was up to them. Henry asks if they have to leave Summer Bay and Beth says no to which Henry replies at least they don’t have to change schools. Robbie asks if Rhys is pushing her into it and Beth replies it’s the opposite, the house only has bad memories for her but it was up to the kids to choose. They discuss the workload of running the Caravan Park and Robbie remarks that if they sell, Beth can get a life. Henry says they’re not kids and Beth doesn’t have to protect them. Matilda suggests they should they take a vote and Robbie says on the condition that if they move he doesn’t share a room with Henry. They all vote in agreement of moving. Beth asks if they’re sure and they agree. They ask her if its what she wants and she puts her hand up too. They all cheer.


Guest Cast


Arrivals and Departures

Eric ‘Ric’ Dalby (Mark Furze)
First episode. Owen Dalby’s son, later revealed to be Alf’s grandson. School bully expelled from Yabbie Creek High. Ridiculed Henry for his interest in tap dancing.