Episode 3762

Australian Air Date: 15th June 2004

Rhys lays down the law to his family. Robbie takes control with Tasha and discovers a shocking secret! The police want to take Kane in for questioning. The Sutherlands try to adjust to a new ‘family’ member.

First episode. Inspector Carter’s replacement at Yabbie Creek Police Station. New resident who initially became involved in the search for Felix’s murderer. Fell for Leah.

Extended Summary

After Kirsty voices worry about Felix, Kane swears that if Felix even tries to hurt her, then he’d kill him.
Felix is confronted with a baseball-bat wielding attacker, who promptly whacks him around the head
Hayley, Scott and Dani read about Felix’s ‘brutal attack’ in the paper
Irene and Kane have been looking for Tasha’s money, and Kane reads out a note Tasha has left for Irene – if she opened the letter, then Tasha will hate her forever. It was a trap.
Tasha flips when she realises that Irene has been through her room, and screams that she hates her. Which is a nice way to treat the woman who took you in of her own accord and has done nothing but look after her.
Tasha has rocked up at the caravan park looking for a bed, and Beth decides she can stay if Irene agrees – but only because it’s for her own good.


Rhys wears one of his trademark frowns as Matilda and Max squabble over what to watch on TV, Tasha being stuck in the middle. He doesn’t seen to be in the least bit impressed that they’ve got another child to take care of, and that no one thought to consult him over the decision. Beth can only apologise, but it doesn’t cheer Rhys up, and he snaps at Matilda for asking for some juice for she and Tasha. Instead, Matilda nicks Rhys’ juice when his back is turned, smuggling it away to Tasha.

Kirsty is home from hospital, and both she and Kane are optimistic about the future, convinced that everything will work out alright. They’ll be able to do all the things they want to, but Kirsty wants to put off the Recommittment Ceremony for a while, until after Hayley and Noah have had their big day. Kane tentatively tells her that he doesn’t think they should accept Tasha’s money for their holiday – she’s been throwing her money around and is at the stage where she’s trying to buy people. Kirsty understands.

Rhys is taking a moment out on the back patio, where Beth joins him. The kids are still droning on about which TV programme to watch as Beth remarks that she never expected World War III when Tasha moved in. She then apologises – again – for not talking to him first, and he tells her that he’s just having “one of those days”. Max rushes through to inform them that Irene has arrived, but Tasha is refusing to talk to her, and Rhys wryly comments that it’s just what they need… more drama. It seems Tasha bolted upstairs the minute Irene walked in, and Irene tells Beth and Rhys that she just brough some clothes and stuff around. Not that Tasha deserves them. There’s also something Irene wants to give her in person, and Rhys shouts up for Tasha to come down. Irene just wants to sort things out with Tasha and take her home, but Rhys won’t let Irene go up to talk to Tasha, and attempts to get Max to go up and drag Tasha down. Max, however, chooses to delegate the job to Tasha, which only serves Rhys to wind up further – “it’s not like I’m asking you to fly to the moon!”. Robbie interrupts Rhys’ latest rage to deliver Tasha’s message – she won’t see Irene. Rhys storms to the base of the stairs to bellow up to her “Tasha, you will come down here, NOW! And I mean NOW!”. Even Beth can’t calm him down, as he waits impatiently until Tasha chooses to make an appearance. She walks straight out to the back patio, pursued by Irene, who presents her with the letter from Duncan. Tasha jumps to the conclusion that she has read it and flies off the handle again, to which Irene protests her innocence, before holding the letter out of Tasha’s reach. Tasha returns to the “you shouldn’t have gone into my room” arguement, angry that Irene is refusing to give her the letter. Irene insists on being listened to though, telling her wayward non-daughter that she can have her secrets, but what she objects to is Tasha throwing her money around like there’s no tomorrow. She cares about Tasha, so it makes it her business – and she is not going to apologise for going through her room, because she in doing it she was only trying to prove that she cared. She then hands Tasha over the letter, attempting to display her trust, but Tasha simply snatches the letter and informs Irene that all she’s doing is giving her back something that belongs to her. Irene chases Tasha back through the house, with Tasha still refusing to compromise, and it is Rhys who decides to set a few things straight. They never invited her to stay, but they took her in because they wanted to help because they like her… Tasha, sensing the ‘but’ in his words, thinks they’re trying to get rid of her. She is offended, especially as she was trying to give them a holiday to make them happy – she thought they were on her side. As she attempts to run out, Rhys stops her, but only to remind her that she once said she’d be proud if he was her Dad. Now, however, he’d be ashamed if she was his daughter… Tasha runs out, followed swiftly by Robbie, and then Irene. Beth stays to talk to Rhys, who isn’t in the least bit sorry for the way he spoke to Tasha – someone had to put their foot down.

Irene arrives home to find Kane up, but Kirsty is “out like a light”. Kane tells Irene that she’s exhausted, but happy to finally be home. Irene is downhearted to discover that Tasha hasn’t returned home.

A knock on the door interrupts them, and Irene greets a Detective Peter Baker, instantly assuming that he has come about Tasha. However, she has the wrong end of the stick, and Baker is actually there to see Kane…

Kane realises that he has come about Felix, and asks Baker if it could wait – after all, his wife’s not long out of hospital. He knows that they’ll be questioning everyone who has been involved with Felix within the last couple of weeks, and Baker clocks on that he has dealt with the police before. Kane cooly, and almost too proudly, responds “you’re lucky you haven’t checked my record”. Kane pleas with him to wait until morning, when he’ll answer any questions and even go down to the station, and Irene also appeals to Baker’s good nature. Kane isn’t impressed that Irene starts to tell Baker about all the strife he and Kirsty have been through recently – “thanks Irene, but he doesn’t have to know my life story!”, but she manages to pacify Baker by swearing that she’ll take responsibility for making sure Kane talks to the cops in the morning. He “can’t resist” the offer, and decides to leave it for the night, before suggesting that he pick Kane up and take him down to the station in the morning, to which he recieves a somewhat unenthused response “A chauffeur service. I’m honoured”. Irene shows baker out, taking the opportunity to quiz him – she realises he’s new, and that he has replaced Detective Carter. He offers to help out with the Tasha situation, but Irene politely turns him down, optimistic that she’ll turn up – “teenagers, eh?”. Baker leave, telling Kane that he’ll see him at the early hour of 8:30 the following morning.


Rhys is sitting looking glum(mer than usual) when Beth approaches. After a tense silence, he apologises for being a “first class grump”, and Beth is typically understanding. However, she is concerned that there is something else on his mind, but he denies it ,despite coming close to opening up. The phone rings at the usual inconvenient moment, and Rhys is informed that Tasha has made an appearance over at Flynn’s. Beth is distracted as Rhys tells her the good news.

Tasha offers Sally money to pay for her rent and food, but Sally turns her down in a flash, leading Tasha to worry that she’s doing the wrong thing by talking about money, because people seem to get annoyed at her. Tasha somewhat unsubtly states that if she moved in she could help out with Tasha – take her for walks in the pram. Flynn and Sally politely decline, thanking her for the offer but tell her that she staying is a temporary arrangement. Tasha is still enthusiastic about hanging out with Pippa though – she could buy new clothes and toys… Tasha realises that she’s wittering on about her money again, and assures Flynn and Sally that she’s not trying to buy her way in, and pleads with them to let her stay. Sally and Flynn glance at one another uncertainly.

Sally is feeding Pippa in the middle of the night, and Tasha watches on from a doorway, a smile on her face. She is fascinated, and she and Pippa seem to get along nicely when Sally lets her have a hold.

Kane catches up with Baker, surprising Kane by starting the conversation with a casual comment about surfing – “cops surf too, you know”. Baker wonders if he’s trying to do a runner – they arranged to meet at his place – and Kane retaliates by suggesting that Baker’s trying to catch him out. Kane doesn’t seem to be keen on the idea of going to the station, and Baker wants a reason not to charge him. “Maybe because I didn’t put him in hospital, and none of my known associates in the Bay did either?”. Baker wonders if he has any ideas on the culprit, and Kane suggests that he and Dani weren’t the only people he was hassling – he had a lot of enemies, and whoever “put him out of circulation” did a lot of people a favour. He knows that he’s the obvious suspect, and Baker (somewhat un-seriously) agrees – he’s known to them, and he had a motive, so why should they look any further? Kane watches after him as he walks back to his car.

Irene tells Flynn that he is “a doll”. Hmm. Action man would be about right. Not only has is he coping with the responsibility of being a GP, surgeon, medical-know-all, new father and budding counsellor, he has also taken on the challenge of Tasha. Irene doesn’t fancy his chances in getting through to her about her unwise spending, and worries that he’s taken on too much so soon after Pippa’s birth. Flynn, however, reckons Pippa is their “secret weapon” – it seems she and Tasha are getting on like a house on fire, and Tasha’s like a completely different person when she’s around. Kane arrives home as Flynn leaves, and receives a roasting for being out and about when “that cop” will be sowing up any minute. Kane informs her that he saw Baker at the Surf Club, and it’s fine, before halting the conversation as Kirsty enters. She is glad to have got a full night’s sleep, and wonders where he has been. He avoids telling her that he had a rendezvous with a cop to take care of, and instead hands her a present – a muffin. Irene watches on with a large frown.

Rhys explains to the whole family that Tasha is fine, and she will be at school. He then goes on to order them not to accept ANY money from Tasha, even if she begs them to take it. No one will be sucking up to her, and Tasha will not be moving into the caravan park. Robbie is the only one disappointed by the news.

Matilda is still whinging to Max about Rhys – “who elected him Fuhrer, anyway?” – as they arrive at school, and Max just tells her to shut up, putting on his ’13 going on 30′ cap. He wants her to ease up on Rhys and try and see things from his point of view – none of them are his kids and he never tries to make them feel weird about it. Matilda impolitely tells him to “take a pill”.

Tasha and Sally arrive at school, Tasha firing questions at Sally left, right and centre about baby Pippa. Robbie struggles to get a word in edgeways until Sally has made her escape. Robbie pulls her aside into an empty classroom, wanting to get a few things straight. He doesn’t want her to keep things from him – they’re not going to be able to make the relationship work unless they are completely honest with one another. Tasha just wants him to trust her, but he tells her that he just wants to help – and he can’t help if she doesn’t tell him what’s bothering her. He gives him the letter to read, and he is flabberghasted to read the name of her father – it’s clearly someone who he knows, and has heard of – “you’ve gotta be kidding me, right?”. He thinks it’s some kind of mistake – or that Angie was playing games when she wrote the letter. It’s huge, and he can’t seem to comprehend it. He wonders if she wants to meet him, but she doesn’t know – and she didn’t tell anyone else because she wanted to make up her own mind. He assures her that she’s not going to be going through it alone.

Irene arrives to see Kane, who is working, and he tells her what happened with Baker earlier. He’s convinced that Baker wants to charge him with assualt, because he’s a cop and all cops want is a quick result. Irene tells Kane not to be silly – he didn’t do it, and it’s Baker’s job to run checks and check out other suspects. Kane, however, doesn’t want to wait around for Baker to decide what to do, and has decided to do a bit of sniffing around himself. None of them put Felix in hospital, and he’s not going to stand for getting charged for something he didn’t do. Irene tries to talk him out of it, in case he makes things worse, but the way he sees it, the only way to clear his name is to find out the truth…

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