Episode 3713

Australian Air Date: 7th April 2004

Is Kane and Kirsty’s marriage crumbling? Jesse and Leah are heading for trouble. Dani’s newspaper story makes her a deadly enemy. Floss and Colleen battle for the affections of Max.

First appearance. Student-Action President at Dani’s university. Was uncovered as a professional stirrer being paid kick-backs by interested organizations to cause trouble. Began putting pressure on Dani to cease her investigations, utilizing harassment techniques and death threats.
First appearance. Former Student-Action Presidency candidate. Confessed to Dani about his discovery of Felix’s kick-backs and subsequent beating.

Extended Summary

Good old Floss has bought lots of pressies for the Sutherlands as a thank you, despite the fact that they never really had much to do with her over the past few weeks, but hey, what does that matter? She’s bought cool CDs for Max and Henry and they’re very grateful – who would have known old folk could have good taste? Anyway, later, at the diner, they tell Colleen and she gets upset – she’s the one who’s supposed to spoil Max! She un-subtly asks him that if she did happen to get him a present, what would it be? He says he doesn’t want her to buy anything, but a PlayStation 2 would be great. Cue Classic Colleen Comedy Quote
“Is that some sort of train set?”
Later, she turns up at the Caravan Park with, guess what, a PS2! (A real one, not a train set) Max says it isn’t his birthday, but doesn’t hesitate to go try it out with Henry. Beth says they’ve got a Granny War on their hands, and Rhys goes to talk to Colleen because he knows she doesn’t have much money.

Dani and Irene are at uni, where a group of students are preparing banners for a protest. The ringleader, Felix, comes over and recognises Dani as the editor of the paper. He’s very nasty to Irene and pretends he’s protesting about the number of mature students. What a nice guy. Anyway, Dani does her usual story-sniffing and discovers that he’s a professional stirrer. Another student explains how he was beaten up by Felix after discovering that Felix organises protests in exchange for cash. Dani decides to confront him. She says she’s going to print a story about it, and he can give an interview to defend himself if he likes, which is not exactly music to his ears. He comments that he, like Dani in the past, is being treated as guilty until proven innocent. He warns Dani not to push him, because he’ll push back, and it’s blatantly obvious he’s a very dodgy character, but Dani is not perturbed.

Kirsty comes home upset over Jade’s expulsion and what could be Seb’s expulsion as well. It takes her a while to notice that Kane is sitting on the stairs looking ver unhappy. He confronts her about what Flynn told him about Kirsty lying. After months she finally admits the baby wasn’t real (to start with). Of course, Kane’s shocked and angry and as he’s waving his arms about, Irene and Dani come in, shocked at the apparent fight. Kane gets Kirsty to admit it to them as well. A furious Kane runs out, followed shortly by Dani who’s also shocked and upset.
Kane goes to the Caravan Park and asks to speak to Beth. He tells her about Kirsty’s lies and is horrified when she reveals both she and Jade already knew. Kane says she has betrayed him, and he can’t trust her anymore. He storms off again, leaving Rhys wondering what’s going on.

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