Episode 3714

Australian Air Date: 8th April 2004

Will Sally’s lie destroy her marriage? Leah drops a bombshell on Jesse. Kim takes a bribe from Principal Hyde. Floss and Colleen hatch a plan to teach Max a lesson.

Final episode.
Eleventh appearance, last seen in Episode #3704. Led Colleen to the realisation that Max and Henry were using her.

Extended Summary

Kim wants Hyde to help him get in touch with Brooke because he wants to know his son. He had spoken to Brooke’s dad but didn’t get anywhere. Hyde craftily agrees that he’ll help Kim be a part of Charlie’s life – but on certain terms. Kim reluctantly agrees but is surprised when his dad later reveals that one of the terms is to join the school swimming team and stop rebelling against his father for no good reason. Kim isn’t exactly thrilled but his son is more important to him. Robbie, Tasha and Tilly are later surprised when they hear what he has done, and he admits he’s got to do it. He puts forward a condition of his own though – the pupils have their 30 days detention reduced to only the time left of that term. (They don’t mention exactly how long that is). In another Kim-related story, Hyde is grilling Tilly because he heard her call in to the radio show and therefore knows she took part in the lock-in. She tries to wirggle out of it, and he tries to blackmail her into giving him the names of the students involved, or at least those who helped everyone escape. She’s saved by Kim who tells his dad that Tilly is late for class. This seems to have a big effect on her and she later keeps asking him to go for a coffee with her at lunch. However, he doesn’t take any notice as he’s busy with Hyde, Robbie and Tasha.

At the diner, Max and Henry are talking to Colleen and Floss. They thank Colleen for the PlayStation but Henry cheekily comments he needs one of his own because Max is always hogging it. Floss takes the opportunity and says she would have bought one for each of them. She goes off, now I wonder if she’s heading out to buy something?
Max tells Colleen not to pay any attention, one console was a fantastic present. Henry mentions he needs some more games and Colleen takes the bait as well. Max is not impressed with Henry’s antics.
Alf and Norman are baffled when Colleen bursts into tears in the diner, but she admits to Normie that she fells Max doesn’t love her any more. He assures her that Max is just being a normal teenage boy.
Floss turns up and gives Henry a silver PlayStation2. Robbie isn’t impressed with them, he doesn’t realise Max has been trying to get it to stop. Tasha asks bluntly if Floss is just buying them presents to get people to like her! Speaking of this, she also gives Sally and Flynn a tiny little babygo for when the baby arrives. She pops round to see them again later as she’s heading off back on the road, but of course promises to keep in touch.

Sally is surprised to find a full pile of essays and room full of attentive students when she atarts work. Robbie says that she stood by them so they’ll do the right thing by her. Unfortunately, Hyde is outside and quizzes them about what they’re referring to. Sally finally manages to get rid of him and tells them they can never discuss it again.
Jesse is still a little apprehensive because of his suspicions over Flynn and Leah. He tries to talk about it to Leah and she turns it into a big argument. He later asks Sally about it, because he’s now even more suspicious because Leah is taking such a big effort to deny it. Sally says she trusts Flynn so she’s sure nothing is going on. Later, back at his house, he has just finished reading bedtime stories to VJ when he and Leah go over the subject again. He’s just finding it strange sharing her with Sally, Flynn, VJ and the baby. She says that “boo” has a lot to answer for, but tries to reassure Jesse by saying
“I love you Flynn!”
That works really well
Sally discovers from Colleen that Flynn has to speak to the police because of the missing morphine, it has to be accounted for and Flynn is being investigated. Sally realises what she’s done. She tentatively brings up the subject later, and tries to subtly find out if the investigation would be called off if the morphine could be accounted for. Flynn looks as if he’s getting a horrible feeling that she took them. And he’s right. She admits it to him, and he storms off. He’s horrifically ashamed.

A very good episode today, even though there was quite a lot of Kim. Things between Sal and Flynn are really getting explosive and I can’t wait for what comes next. The granny war story seems to come to an abrupt end as Floss departs, but it wasn’t the most interesting part of the episode anyway, although it was nice to see Colleen’s vulnerable side again.

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