Episode 3723

Australian Air Date: 21st April 2004

Summer Bay is in shock after the deadly accident. A body is found at the crash-site – but whose? Will Leah tell Jesse about her kiss with Flynn? Alf disowns his son.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3538. Rushed to the Bay following Seb’s tragic accident.
Fifth appearance, last seen in Episode #3712. Oversaw the dramatic rescue of Seb from the car wreck.

Extended Summary

Flynn and Leah are still moping over their kiss. Leah wants to tell Jesse and Sal. Flynn doesn’t. Jesse and Leah are getting somewhere towards reconciling and she is about to tell him about the kiss when they are interrupted by a phone call about the accident. Because, out of everyone in the Bay, Leah and Jesse are of course the ones who REALLY need to know, after all they were so close to Jade and Seb
Leah lies in bed, worrying.
Jesse lies on the couch, worrying.
I’m worrying about why he has to sleep on the couch when they have a spare bedroom.
Leah seems to be stalking Flynn as the next day she’s back over at his again, trying to convince him they should tell their partners. However, her feelings seem to have declined after a night arguing with Jesse and it looks like she’s not to keen to repeat the experience. Flynn, however is totally against telling them because he think it means Jesse and Sally will be suffering too. Oh, how noble of him to save his wife all the pain of not knnowing he kissed her best friend and the surrogate mother of their unborn baby. Isn’t he a great guy?
Later, after a bad shift at the hospital, he tries to call Sally but she ain’t answering.

Scott, in his entire five second appearance in this episode, runs into the SC to tell everyone about the accident. Shelley heads to the crash site where she is distraught at the fact that Jade has plunged off a cliff. Rhys is unhappy that the rescue team are taking so long. Alf is also there and seems unconcerned about Seb, who is lying horrifically injured under a car hundreds of feet below, but he has to make sure Duncan, who was responsible for the whole tragedy but escaped unscathed, is okay. Rhys and Shelley aren’t happy with Duncan or Alf. Duncan is only worried about what the police will do to him, so Alf gets Morag.
At the diner, Morag tries to get Duncan to go upstairs as he’s upsetting Alf, who seems to have finally remembered about Seb (but still isn’t bothered enough to actually be at the crash site) He wallows in self-pity over how Duncan did it because he let him down. Morag corrects him and says it’s her fault for letting him get away with everything. Alf counters with being a bad father for dumping him on Morag in the first place. Morag says it’s not that, it’s the fact that they’ve never really gotten over poor Ailsa’s death.
Kirsty is panicking and wants to go help, but Kane and Beth have to keep her at home, and calm so nothing happens to the baby. They’re not doing a very good job. Robbie is also upset that when he heard his car had gone, that was all he cared about. He also blames himself because he pestered them to get him a car, and if he didn’t have one none of this would have happened. He doesn’t seem to realise that there are other cars which Duncan could have stolen! Tasha, in her Scott-like, fleeting and useless appearance, consoles him.
Dani, meanwhile, is only told over the phone. You know, she never even bothered when she found out Jade wasn’t her real sister, now Jade’s at the bottom of a cliff and she still hasn’t shown her face. Sister of the year or what?
Rhys and Shelley contemplate telling the Degroots.
The rescue team get down to the car and are shocked to find only ONE person. Cue lots of ‘suspense’ scenes where nobody actually mentions WHICH teen it is.
It’s Seb.
Jade has disappeared!
Don arrives after being called by Alf, who has finally shown concern for Seb. Flynn won’t let them see him at first. Don eventually gets to go in, and Seb’s not looking great.
Rhys and Shelley have to go home and tell a shocked Kirsty, Beth, Kane and Robbie that they are now having to search the water for Jade, because they couldn’t find her at the crash site. Kirsty seems resigned to the fact that her non-twin is dead.

Quite an emotional episode, although the lack of concern for Seb by Alf at first was unusual. Dani’s absence was also unbefitting of the situation. Scott makes his usual two-second appearance. When did he last do something? Nice to see Don back, and Morag is as great as ever. Leah is boring me now. She’s turning into a stalker. Flynn is boring me now. He’s turning into a drunk. Not so Super now, is he?