Episode 3719

Australian Air Date: 15th April 2004

Tragedy strikes Flynn and Sally! Has Leah gone too far in her love for Flynn? Jade has a shocking plan for Seb!

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3083. Visited Alf after having a falling out with Morag over his erratic behaviour. Was dabbling in substance abuse.

Extended Summary

Flynn has a wee chat in the diner with Leah. He wants her to go and talk to Sally because he doesn’t think she’ll listen to him. She’s not too sure and asks Jesse about it. He doesn’t want her to do it and it’s obvious he doesn’t trust her and Flynn. However, stubborn Leah does it anyway. Sally doesn’t want to talk, especially after she discovers it was Flynn who sent Leah. Leah says the closeness was just the baby, like the first time Sally put her hand on Leah’s stomach and felt the baby kick. Sally isn’t really interested in Leah’s excuses, she believes Jesse’s theory that they were kissing just as he arrived the other day. She is going away to Pippa’s for a while.
Jesse and Sally talk and he tries to stop her going but he can’t change her mind. She tries to sneak away but Flynn finds her when he comes home from work unexpectedly. She tells him where she’s going and leaves him very upset.
At Leah and Jesse’s, they are making progress and Jesse admits he’s been acting like a jerk, but then Flynn comes round. He wants comfort from his friends but all he gets is an earful from Jesse who says that he obviously doesn’t deserve Sally becaus he wasn’t willing to fight for her.

Jade and Seb are on the beach and she makes a surprising declaration – she wants to move in with him, but not in Summer Bay!
At the diner, Duncan has returned for the holidays and is amused that Seb and Jade are an item. He’s even more sleazy than before and wants Jade back. Finding out Jade’s planning on moving in with Seb doesn’t phase him, he just tells his dad to make sure that their plan is foiled. He whisks Jade away, really just so he can avoid going fishing with Alf. He later meets up with Seb and Jade again and mentions he knows something which can be fun, and is perfectly legal. Seb is shocked that Jade seems interested. At the end of the episode, Alf and Seb come downstairs to the diner late at night to find Duncan and Jade high on drugs, rolling on the floor laughing.

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