Episode 3720

Australian Air Date: 16th April 2004

Leah drops a love bombshell on Flynn! Noah plans a shock for Hayley. What has Duncan done to Jade? Summer Bay gets ready to party!

Extended Summary

Duncan is defensive to Alf and Seb when they demand to know what’s been going on, sarcastically apologising for making Seb’s girlfriend feel better.

Jade comes home, or to use her new name for it ‘The Place Where She Lives’, to find Rhys has cooked her favourite dinner. Tilly isn’t as touched by the others, and gives Jade some tough-lovin’ (albeit not so intentional with the lovin’) about her identity crisis, telling her she’s still the same person as she is yesterday, and Laura DeGroot’s a way cooler name than Jade Sutherland. I’d disagree on that, as Jade is one of my fave names, and it’s not as if Sutherland is ‘Smith’. Rhys tells Tilly off in a low voice with barely suppressed fury.

Dani and Scott are helping with the party decorations, and exchange token small talk about the twin switch revelation. Dani’s having a remarkably underwhelmed reaction for anyone, let alone a girl with a reputation as a drama-queen.

On Robbie’s birthday morning, the family is gathered round the couch. Mouths are not drooling at the mention of Robbie’s traditional birthday breakfast of Rhubarb Pancakes. Can’t say as mine is either. Jade didn’t have time to get Robbie a present because, as Tilly puts it, yesterday was national ‘Who Am I’ (aii, now I’ve the Les Miserable song in my head. “…if I speak I am condemnnnned. If I stay silent I am dammmned. Who am Iiiiii, 2!4!6!0!Oooooone…”) day, so she gives him a kiss instead. Cheapskate. Henry snarks on Tilly ‘d’you know why people take an instant dislike to you? It saves time later.’ Hee. At least as rude as Tilly can be, it’s not as if it’s not acknowledged by other characters, which does make it easier to bear, compared to say Kim or Dani’s antics. Robbie leaves for Irene’s and Beth and Rhys discuss feeling bad about not getting him a car, especially now they know the full story. Wait, does this mean they know that Kim was the real culprit? In which case why did we not see that onscreen where we could see him get some comeuppance? Grrr.

Dani, Scott, Hayley, and Noah have an outdoors birthday picnic. The two girls are both wearing a flower tucked behind their ears which looks nice. Presents are given, and Hayley appreciatively thanks Noah for his art book but looks slightly deflated. When she pops inside, Dani is sure that he had meant he was going to get an engagement ring with the clues he was dropping, even though Noah denies saying he was. ‘But it’s what you were saying without saying it right’. It’s a cute exchange, but surreal that Dani can be so lighthearted considering the Sutherland family revelation.

Kim gives Robbie a forehead headlight as a birthday present, and Tasha says her gift isn’t ready yet. When Irene learns he’s come over for ‘punishment day’ she paroles him. Hayley comes in, and she and Robbie exchange mutual birthday greetings. Once the trio leaves, Irene gets Hayley to reluctantly acknowledge she was expecting a different present from Noah. Hayley sees the various party decoration boxes and Irene admits that Noah’s arranged a surprise party for her.

As Kim, Robbie, and Tasha stroll along they spot a car with a ‘for sale’ sign, that to me looks like a hunka junk but the boys drool over. Even pooling together though, they wouldn’t be able to come up with the $500.

In the Surf Club, Beth is checking Tilly’s temperature. Henry comments to Max that she’s got BF – Bludger’s Flu. Hee. I am so going to be using that term sometime.

Irene and Noah talk about the engagement ring that it turns out Noah has got Hayley after all, but plans to give her after midnight. Irene coos over the ring, and it is nice. Much better than Kirsty’s so I wish Kane had bought that instead. It’s a very delicate band while Kirsty’s is thick, and a Princess Cut diamond, while Kirsty’s is uneven. Both are white gold though, so that’s a plus. Noah carelessly leaves the ring box in a decoration box.

Kim asks Robbie and Seb who the clown (Duncan) with Jade is, and tells them he’s got her doing bulbs, which was the latest craze at his last school.

Flynn orders a coffee from Leah and they both look flustered as their hands touch when Leah gives him the coffee, so she deliberately places his change on the table.

Robbie knows that Jade is crook, and tries to warn her off doing bulbs, although he says he won’t dob her in.

Tilly plays sick some more, and Beth offers to take her home.

Sherriff Kim introduces himself to Duncan as one of the life-guards, and warns him off doing bulbs round these here parts. Duncan tells him to go ‘guard a life’. Heh. Jade interrupts and asks to speak to Duncan alone. She’s worried that she’s not feeling better, but Duncan reassures her, telling her to go home and rest. On their way out, she wangles an invite for Duncan for Robbie’s party.

Robbie comes out to help Rhys and Beth unload some more party stuff, and makes a sweet, if vague, suggestion about doing something to let Jade know she’s still part of the family. Rhys and Beth are impressed by his thoughtfulness, and Robbie milks it for all it’s worth. As they watch him walk away he turns back to look at them with puppy-dog eyes, then not-so-subtly swivels his head directing their gaze to the car he spotted earlier. Rhys and Beth know full well what he’s up to, but as they exchange a glance, Rhys puts out his hand with good-natured resignation and Beth passes over the mobile phone. Aw.

At the van house, Tilly is grossed out by the sounds of Jade puking. When Jade sourly comments that at least she’s not pretending to be sick, Tilly hit’s a new low, retorting that she’s sick in her family’s home, so she has more right to be here than Jade. Whoa. I heartily dislike Jade, and while I don’t like Tilly as such, I do enjoy her bitchy comments, but that? Was rank, and the sign of a horrible person. Jade looks understandably shaken, and I really wish a third person had been around to witness that and give Tilly hell.

Noah, Dani and Scott joke about the lame art book present, but when Noah goes to whip out the ring and confirm Dani’s suspicions, he can’t find it. Dani and Scott stifle smiles as he makes a panicked call to Irene.

At the beach house, Tasha is given Robbie his present. It is quite lovely, with a photo of them surrounded by sand, and various other things of significance, like a leaf from the tree from the night of their nude dash, and a feather to represent how Tasha feels around him. Robbie is touched beyond words, and they agree that words are overrated, and have a pash instead. In this scene, Kane appears for a split second in the background, to be whisked away from Irene who exclaims ‘you won’t believe what happened’, presumably telling him about Noah’s ring. That lame cameo just added insult to the injury of seeing him so little this week. Tsk.

Jesse and Leah have a polite and forced conversation, each offering to be the one that stays home and babysit VJ while the other goes to the party, finally agreeing that Leah will as she’s not in the mood for a party anyway.

Seb ineffectually tries to warn Duncan off coming to tonight’s party, pointing out he’s not friends with either Robbie or Hayley.

Hayley and Irene are taking some more decoration boxes to the Surf Club, and Hayley finds the engagement ring. She’s going to give it to Alf, to hand into the police, but as Irene tries to get it off her, she realises it’s for her and is ecstatic. She runs up to Noah on the beach. He needs the ring back for a few seconds though, because he wants to the proposal properly, going down on one knee. She joyfully accepts. Quelle surprise.

Duncan is texting an open invitation to the party to various faceless recipients.

Leah comes to see Flynn as he’s closing up the surgery. She tells him she doesn’t know whether it’s the hormones or something more, but she thinks she’s in love with him.

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