Episode 3656

Australian Air Date: 19th January 2004

Tasha saves Robbie’s life. Noah is offered a new job at Summer Bay High. How will Kirsty respond to Kane’s ultimatum?

Extended Summary

Alf tells Noah that the creditors are closing in on the DIC, and there’s nothing they can do about it.
Alex tells Hayley that he’ll stay in the Bay if she thinks they can work it out.
Kane forces Rhys to listen to him in hospital, telling him that he and Kirsty are leaving, and they’re not coming back
Rhys finds out that Kirsty and Kane are engaged and is shattered. Kirsty tells him that Kane is the man that she is going to spend the rest of her life with
Tasha packs a bag and leaves the beach house, despite Irene’s plea for her to stay


Tasha digs a hole, burying a picture of she, Irene and Kit, the bracelet Josh gave her and her birth certificate.

Irene tells Flynn what has happened, wishing that she had told Tasha the truth from the start, blaming herself – after all, she has always taught Tasha to tell the truth. Flynn reassures her that they were only trying to do the right thing by her, and wants to report Tasha missing. Kane intervenes, convincing Flynn that if they go to the police, they’ll never see Tasha again. Irene just wants to do something, and Flynn tells her that they will look in a few places before they organise a search party. Irene has a bad feeling about it this time.

Hayley tells Alf that a few weeks ago she’d have done anything to make Alex stay, and Leah interrupts, trying to convince Hayley that she and Alex are so right for one another and will work things out in the end. Irene arrives looking for Tasha, and tells them that she has taken off after finding out “something” that Irene hid from her. Alf offers to organise a search party, but Irene knows that Tasha isn’t lost – she doesn’t want to be found, because she doesn’t want to live with her anymore. Hayley offers support to Irene, but it doesn’t stop Irene worrying.

Scott doesn’t know how they are going to cope when the twins come, with even more people sharing the bathroom, but Beth refuses Dani’s suggestion that they start using the shower block. Kirsty complains about Robbie using her hairdryer for one of his inventions, and Beth has noticed that Robbie has disappeared – right before his dentist appointment. Dani tells Kirsty to give Beth a break, but Kirsty is still put out by the Hunter invasion.
Rhys is trying to tell them something, and Dani, Kirsty and Beth try to make it out. “Kane… not changed…” “Kane… wants to… break… family”. Rhys is unable to continue as Kirsty launches another verbal attack on her Dad for not listening to Kane – has he forgotten that Kane saved all of their lives? She storms out.

Kirsty has met up with kane, who explains that he went to see Rhys in hospital. However, he gives Kirsty a somewhat censored version of events, telling her that he made Rhys listen to him, and told him all the things he has wanted to say… that is, how much he loves her, and how there is nothing he can do to change that. He brushes off Rhys’ accusation that he’s trying to break up the family as being Rhys trying to cause trouble for him and break them up. Kirsty now realises that things won’t be getting better with her Dad, and he tells her that it’s another reason for them to get out of there. He has a job with his name on it in that town ‘he told her about’, they could get a house there and she could finish school. They could do whatever they want – even get married. He doesn’t see any reason why they should wait, but she is hesitant. There’s also the issue of her Dad signing the papers, but he tells her not to worry about that – all she has to do is say yes. She is unsure , not wanting to leave her Dad, but he sees it as a choice between leaving and putting themselves first, or beating their heads against a brick wall.

Tasha approaches Robbie, who is callng for help having got himself caught in a trap that he made to catch the “wierd” girl that runs about at night with no clothes on, and unfortunately for him this one invention actually works. He asks Tasha to help him out, but she just stands there watching him. He asks why she’s out there, and she explains that she now lives out there, before turning to leave, despite his pleas for her to help him – it’ll be dark soon, and he hates the dark. She tells him HE’S the inventor – he can work out a way to get out.

Robbie still hasn’t returned home, and despite Dani’s worries, Scott and Beth assume he’s exploring or off inventing.

Robbie is still unable to get out of the trap, and Tasha watches him struggle, ignoring his calls for help.

Kirsty returns home, still bitter at Rhys for trying to control her life. Dani follows her out to the back patio, where she tells him that Rhys will ALWAYS worry about she and Kane, and Kirsty lets slip their plans to leave the Bay – they want to make a fresh start, and there’ll be more room when the Hunters get there. Dani is upset – “What about us, what about Dad, what about ME?”, and she tells Kirsty that even though it may not always look like it, they need her – “I need you”


Flynn arrives to see Irene, and neither of them have heard from Tasha, with Irene worrying – she cares about Tasha like she was her own kid. Flynn tells Irene of Tasha’s earlier question as to whether Rhys was her father. Irene only knows that Rhys told her it was a one off, and Flynn says he told Tasha there was no way, but both of them are left questioning whether or not it could be a possibility.

Robbie eventually succeeds in getting himself out of the netting, falling uneasily onto the ground and landing on top of a less-than-impressed snake. It bites him.

Leah is trying to push Hayley into talking to Alex, reminding Hayley of how pushy SHE was when it was Leah and Jesse. Hayley is unsure of how she feels, but Alex’s selfishness is still playing on her mind – and how can she love him if she doesn’t trust him?

Robbie calls desperately for help from Tasha, who comes running. He tells Tasha about the snake, provoking her to pick up a stick and whack the snake – “it hurt you!”. Robbie thinks she is mad, especially when she starts to suck the venom out of the bite – “I know what I’m doing”

Dani again approaches Kirsty over what was said the previous night, and Kirsty promises not to rush into anything – and if she needs anyone, then she’s there.
Beth realises that Robbie hasn’t been home all night, and Kirsty tells them of Robbie’s plans to set a trap. Scott and Dani leave to check the national park.

Noah tells Hayley about a suggestion she made earlier – they need a counsellor at school, and Hayley thinks it’s great. She tells him of the situation with Alex, and her uncertainty. He tells her that it’ll work out, questioning whether there is anyone else. She replies no, and he advises her to do what is right for her. She thanks him, kissing him on the cheek befoe leaving.

Tasha bandages up a distressed Robbie’s leg, using plantain leave to help fight the venom. His condition is worsening, and she goes to get help.

Flynn shows Beth Rhys’ skull x-rays – the swelling has reduced, and his speech has improved. He tells Rhys that it won’t be long until he is back to normal, before informing him of the situation surrounding Tasha – her disappearance, and the fact that her mother is Angie. He also mention Tasha’s thoughts that Rhys could be her father – something which Rhys denies could be possible.

Tasha comes across Dani and Scott. Scott goes back with Tasha whilst Dani goes to get help. By the time they reach Robbie, he is much worse, and is scared of what is happening.

Beth has been unable to contact Dani, and Kirsty tells Beth that Dani’s phone was upstairs. Beth is concerned that something has happened to Robbie, but Kirsty reassures her. They talk about Rhys’ improvement, with Kirsty asking if she would do anything for Rhys – like going anywhere. Beth says yes – if you fall in love with the “right person” it’s part of the deal and they’rein in together. The phone rings – it’s the hospital.

Kirsty has met up with Kane, but is still dwelling on Rhys, and his connection with Beth. Kane sees Rhys’ improvement as a positive – they can leave, but Kirsty thinks she is needed – what with her father, the arrival of the Hunter twins and Rhys and Beth’s impending wedding. She doesn’t want to rush Kane’s plans for running away and getting married, but he thinks it’s only a question of whether they love one another – if they do, then they should be together “no holds barred”. She wants time, so he issues her with a “deal” – he’s leaving in two weeks, with OR without her.

Irene can’t believe that Tasha sucked the poison from Robbie’s leg, thus putting herself in danger, but Tasha maintains that she knew what she was doing – her parents taught her. Tasha tells Irene that she’s not staying – she’s only there because of Robbie, but Flynn suggests that she belongs with Irene – after all, she has always returned to the beach house. Tasha agrees to stay for a while.
Beth and Robbie arrive, with Robbie wanting to thank Tasha.

Later, Robbie and Tasha sit out on the front porch, with him thanking her for saving his life, and decides that he owes her – so she had better stick around in the Bay so he can make it up to her! She decides that she’s going to stay “forever”.

Thanks to Claire.

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