Episode 3657

Australian Air Date: 20th January 2004

Peril strikes the Drop In Centre. Noah and Max’s lives are put in grave danger. A faux-pas threatens to ruin Seb and Jade’s relationship.

Extended Summary

Kane tells Kirsty that he’s leaving in two weeks – with or without her.
Hayley tells Leah that she doesn’t know how she feels about Alex anymore – all he cares about is himself, and she can’t trust him.
Seb tells Jade that he loves her, and they kiss
Alf tells Noah that the creditors are closing in on the DIC. There’s nothing that can be done to save it.


Noah and Flynn clear out the centre, commenting on all the junk that has built up – they might as well leave it all for the bulldozers. Noah doubts that Alf will get very far. Alex reckons that the DIC kids have come up with a great idea.

Inside the centre, Leah and Colleen help with the clear-up, Colleen thinking about all the work that has gone into it. She discovers one of her old casserole dishes amongst the junk. Jesse is refusing to let Leah do any lifting, and although Hayley thinks it’s sweet, Leah thinks she will go crazy. Leah once again pesters Hayley about Alex, encouraging Hayley to get a move on and talk to him.
Noah arrives and broadcasts the idea – the kids want to have a party, and everyone is very enthusiastic about the idea. Leah offers food from the diner, and Alex offers to buy the table soccer as a “farewell present” for the Palace, making the point that he’s going ‘away’. Noah tries to talk sense into him – he should just talk to Hayley

On the back pation, Kirsty looks at her engagement ring as Jade enters. Kirsty asks Jade what she would do if Seb asked her to make a “really big decision”, and Jade works out that Kane is ‘pressuring’ Kirsty. Kirsty tries to explain the situation – Kane is leaving with or without her, but it’s not that she doesn’t want to go – she loves him and wants to be with him. Jade takes this opportunity to bad mouth Kane a bit more – he shouldn’t be pressuring her, and Kirsty should wait till everythings over with Rhys and Dani’s re-trial before making that sort of decision. Kirsty storms out.

In the kitchen Leah and Colleen are fussing over the food as Alf speaks on the phone.
Outside the kitchen, Alex is busy moaning about Hayley not wanting him around, with Irene encouraging Alex to win Hayley back – an idea supported by Leah.

Seb is more enthusiastic than Alf about their chances of saving the Drop in Centre. Alf is going into the city, and Seb assures him that he’ll be fine alone – after all, he’s almost 18. Seb promises no drinking, no parties and no ‘funny business’.

Seb informs Jade that they have the flat to themselves all night, and jokes about Alf’s warnings. Jade decides to tell Rhys that she is going to the DIC party, but promises to get there as quick as possible. Kirsty watches as they walk along, arms around one another and looking very couple-ish. She calls Kane, but recieves an answering machine message – she leaves a message asking him to call her.

As Hayley starts off a fitness class, Alex arrives with a guitar to serenade her. it recieves laughs from the members, but Hayley is not amused, embarrasedly joking about it before trying to continue the class. Jesse tries to throw Alex out for disrupting their business, and Hayley tells him that they’ll talk later.

Max tells Colleen that he’ll show her the pictures of Eloise later, wishing that he could have had a birthday with Eloise. Colleen reminds him that they had lots of other good times, and Eloise will always be there in spirit

Noah tells Alex that Hayley won’t hate him, suggesting that he be a bit more subtle in his attempts to win her around. Alex impliesthat he has done something else too…

Leah, Jesse and Hayley return home, with Hayley now defending Alex to Jesse. They are stunned to discover the lounge packed with red/pink “I love you” balloons, obviously from Alex. Leah and Hayley think its a nice gesture, but Jesse is quick to criticise Alex – after all, one of the balloons could pop and VJ could swallow it.

The decorations are going up for the party, and Max shows Colleen his pictures of Eloise.
In the office, Noah has found the stress ball, and Flynn suggests that he take it to his new job at the school. Noah recalls all the trouble they went to in order to keep the centre open as long as it was, and already he has had a child ask where he is to sleep that night. He doesn’t think the need at the high school for a counsellor is so great, but Flynn disagrees. Irene arrives, commenting on how many kids the centre has helped, and the number of stories which could be told by the files. As she goes to help Colleen, Flynn once again informs Noah that there IS work to be done down at the school.


Jade prepares for her night with Seb, and Kirsty tells her that she won’t cover, despite the fact that Jade has covered for her in the past. Jade is angry when Kirsty suggests that Rhys doesn’t need it – after all, Kirsty has caused him no end of trouble. Kirsty says she’s just trying to grow up – maybe she should try it. Jade accuses her of being spiteful because she won’t say things to ‘make Kirsty feel good’. Jade says she is still going to Seb’s – and Kirsty maintains that she shall not lie.

Hayley arrives to have a word with Alex, appreciating whaty he is trying to do but the grand gestures are best in the beginning of a relationship. Alex didn;t see much choice, and they argue about Alex’s ultimatum. They both confirm that they still care about the relationship, but all they can do is argue. Irene enters as the arguement escalates – Hayley reminding Alex about how she stuck by him through his stuff-up, both of them dredging up the past. Irene forcefully intervenes, making them listen to themselves – they can’t change the past, but what matters is their love. She refuses to argue with them, trying to make them see their stubbornness. Hayley storms out, and Irene prompts Alex to go after her.

Alex catches up with Hayley, who isn’t keen to talk. He apologises for his extravagant gestures, not wanting to walk away from the relationship. He doesn’t want a life without her, and she agrees to give it another shot.

The kids are graffitting the walls with spray paint and the party is in full swing. Noah persuades Colleen to join in with the spray-painters, and she agrees – “I feel like such a rebel!”.
Alex and Hayley arrive together, and Irene and Noah discuss the reunion, with Noah sounding less than happy. Irene questions this, but he assures her that he’s cool about it.
In the kitchen, Leah can’t figure out why she can smell burning. As the pair of them leave and close the door, smoke emerges from the oven.
Kirsty asks Jade not to leave the party, wanting to do the right thing, but Jade tells her that she now knows how it feels, before departing.

Seb places a red cloth-thing over a lamp and applies aftershave, and as he turns the music on he notices that the red cloth is smoking. Grabbing a pair of over gloves, he throws the offending item into the sink. Jade arrives to find Seb wearing over gloves and a smell in the air

Noah makes a speech, wanting to do more for the place, but encouraging everyone to remember the good times. They have a toast, and Jesse enters the kitchen, discovering a small fire has now broken out. He retreats to calmly inform Leah – “Don’t panic, there’s a fire in the kitchen”. They start to get everyone out.

Jade laughs about what Seb looked like in the over gloves, and he tells her that he was only trying to make things perfect. However, he spoils the moment as he tells her “I love you K…”, before realising his mistake. Jade is shocked and upset, thinking that he is only with her because Kirsty turned him down. He succeeds in convincing her that that isn’t the case – he was just thinking about when Kirsty stood him up that night, and how glad he is that she did. He wants ‘it’ to be special, and she assures him that it will be.

The fire has spread quickly, and the partygoers are still evacuating. Realising that his pictures of Eloise are in the bedroom Max goes to recover them, but is trapped by a falling piece of burning wood.

Jade and Seb are still kissing on the sofa, and Seb suggests that they go to the bedroom.

Although everyone else is out, Colleen realises that Max is missing. Noah re-enters the burning building and finds Max, but gets hit on the head by a falling piece of brick/roof and is knocked unconscious. Max calls out desperately for help…

Thanks to Claire.

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