Episode 3658

Australian Air Date: 21st January 2004

Will Noah and Max perish? The Hunter twins’ arrival causes havoc. Will Alf find out what Seb’s been up to?

First episode. Beth’s youngest son. Scott, Kit and Robbie’s brother and Matilda’s twin. Left boarding school with Matilda to live with the Sutherlands.
First episode. Beth’s youngest daughter. Scott, Kit and Robbie’s sister and Henry’s twin. Left boarding school with Henry to live with the Sutherlands.
Attended the scene of the Drop-In Centre’s fiery demise.

Extended Summary

The fire is blazing, Flynn and Jesse scream out for Noah. Colleen announces that she should have stopped Max going back and that she’ll never forgive herself if anything happens, Dani comforts her. Kit arrives asking what’s going on and when she hears Max and Noah are still inside she attempts to go in but is stopped by Flynn and Jesse. Kane turns up and asks after Kirsty and is told that she has gone with Scott to get Beth but Kit informs him that Noah and Max are still in there so Kane races in. Flynn and Jesse shout after him but are unable to stop him going in. Inside the Drop in Centre, Max crouches over a lifeless Noah, calling out for help. Kane goes to him and giving Max a blanket, ushers Max towards the door before picking up Noah. He then proceeds to drag a lifeless Noah out of the building.

Outside the Fire Crews arrive and ask Flynn how long they’ve been in there. He explains that Max and Noah have been inside a few minutes and that Kane has just gone in after them. The Fire Officer remarks that you should never go back into a burning building and suggests Flynn keep everyone away. Flynn goes to comfort Kit as Max, with a blanket over his head, emerges from the building, followed by Kane, dragging Noah. Kit and Flynn race forwards as Kane drops Noah on the ground and starts coughing. Flynn asks Max if he’s okay; he replies that he is but that Noah is not moving. Dani tells him, he scared them all and Max remarks that Kane saved them, to which Dani replies quietly that she knows. Flynn is attempting to resuscitate Noah, with Jesse’s help, they move him away from the building and Jesse goes for oxygen as Kit leans over him, begging Flynn to do something. A coughing Kane stands up as Flynn holds the oxygen mask over Noah’s face and Kit remarks that he’s breathing. A coughing Noah starts to come round and Kane asks Flynn if he’s going to be okay to which Flynn replies that he is and asks if Kane’s alright. Kane nods. Flynn tells Kane it was a pretty amazing thing he did and tells him to make sure he gets himself checked out.

Beth and Scott race over and Colleen apologises, Max says he had to go back and get the photos; Beth hugs him saying he scared them. Scott goes to Kit who is watching Noah being taken on a stretcher towards an ambulance; he asks if she’s okay. Noah asks Flynn what happened and he explains that Kane saved Noah and Max. Noah is lifted onto the ambulance as Kane stands back from the crowd and watches.

Kit is on the phone; she thanks the person at the other end and hangs up. Heading into the kitchen she tells Beth and Rhys, sat at the table that Noah is going to be okay. Dani and Scott, overhearing exclaim that it’s good news and Scott squeezes Kit’s shoulders. Scott remarks that he told her Noah was a fighter and Kit replies that she needs some air. Beth asks a very quiet Rhys if he’s okay and he replies that Kirsty is going to have a field day with this, Beth tells him that it sounds like Kane was quite a hero and a begrudging Rhys admits that it sounds like it. Dani heads outside to where Kit is sat and asks if she’s okay, she says she and Scott are going to collect the twins the next day and asks if Kit wants to come too. Kit thanks her but says she’ll give it a miss; she wipes away tears as Dani assures her that Noah is going to be alright. Kit knows, she admits that she was just scared and that she still loves him. She knows she’s not supposed to but she does. Dani assures her there is no time scale for getting over these type of things but Kit wishes there was some sort of expiry date for emotions. She says she sees the way Scott looks at Dani and knows Noah’s never going to look at her like that. Dani tells her she is going to find someone as good as Noah if not better and that it’ll happen when she least expects it. Kit asks if that’s what happened when Dani met Scott and she replies that she wasn’t looking for anything but he was there and tells Kit it’ll happen, she just needs to give it time. Kit nods.

The waves crash in on the beach. The camera pans to Jade and Seb kissing as they watch the waves.

Kane enters and Robbie welcomes him asking if he can take his order but Kane obviously isn’t in the mood for talking. He tells Robbie that he saw him hanging around at Irene’s the night before. Robbie apologises saying that doesn’t seem to be on their menu and offers Kane a hot beverage instead, “coffee, tea.” Kane tells him to ‘cut the bull’ and warns Robbie he wants him to stay away from Tasha because she has enough problems without a lovesick nerd stalking her. Robbie protests that he’s not stalking her, they’re friends. Kane remarks that Tasha is everybody’s friend but that doesn’t mean that Robbie knows her. Robbie insists that he does know her, he knows all about her past in the bush and protests that she saved his life. Kane tells him that just because she showed him some of her party tricks doesn’t mean he knows her and suggests that if Robbie wants a girlfriend he heads down the beach and picks up somebody else. Robbie replies that he thinks Tasha can work out for herself who she wants to hang around with but Kane assures him she can’t and that’s why Kane is here telling Robbie to stay away. Robbie points out that Kane didn’t stay away from Kirsty when everyone told him to and Kane replies that it’s none of Robbie’s business. Robbie replies that neither is him and Tasha and suggests that if Kane doesn’t want to order something he should leave because Robbie is very busy. Kane tells him he’s warning him off for his own good and tells him to stay away from Tasha before anything happens between them and walks away.

Flynn takes Rhys’ blood pressure and tells him the swelling has gone down, his speech is continuing to improve and he’s getting better. He adds that everything was okay with the CT scan and when Rhys asks about brain damage, Flynn assures him there is none and Rhys stands up to hug him. Laughing and thanking Flynn he then hugs Beth as Flynn tells him he did all the hard work. Beth asks if they can tell him and arm in arm Rhys and Beth tell Flynn that he’s looking at the new owners of the Caravan Park. Flynn congratulates them and tells them they’ll need all the vans to house their combined children. Rhys replies that he’s not far wrong, that there were ten at the last count. Beth says it’s going to be a mad house but Rhys hugs her, telling her it’s their mad house.

Alf is examining an oven glove as we hear the door open and Seb enters. He remarks that Alf is home already and asks how it went and Alf replies good but that he didn’t expect Seb to be up already. He asks Seb if he had a good night but Seb replies it was pretty uneventful. Alf holds up the oven gloves and asks if there was a fire, Seb remarks something like that and Alf walks to the couches saying that at least the joint isn’t littered with bottles unless Seb has already cleared them away. Seb protests but Alf assures him he was joking and Seb says he had a quiet night to which Alf replies that sometimes they’re the best as long as he enjoyed himself. Changing the subject Seb asks if Alf had any luck with the City people and Alf replies that they were very nice, they listened sympathetically and said no. Seb asks why and Alf replies “you know what city people are like, there’a similar facility in Yabbie Creek and City people have no idea of distances in the country. He says he’d better go break the news to Noah.

Alf and Noah enter a very burnt out building with Alf exclaiming “Strike me flaming roan” and asks if it was an electrical fire. Noah replies that that was the official report and Alf remarks that they did a good job of the joint. Noah thanks him for going to the city and Alf says no worries, he’s just sorry he couldn’t come back with a better result, he remarks that the city people have no idea what goes on “up here”. Kane enters and is greeted by an enthusiastic Alf who calls him”the man of the moment”and congratulates him. Kane dismisses it as nothing but Alf replies that he doubts Max and Noah would agree and suggests it wasn’t a bad way to get into Rhys Sutherland’s good books either. Kane remarks dryly that it would take more than saving a few people’s lives to get on Rhys’ good side. Alf tells him that whatever his reasons, he did a good job and exits.

Matilda and Henry Hunter walk down the stairs, entering the lounge room they’re greeted by Beth and Rhys and Matilda moans that there is only one bathroom for ten people and that they had more room in Boarding School. Beth replies in a random French accent and then adds that she’s only been here five minutes and should give the place a chance, Matilda walks away replying in French that she hates the house. Max asks Dani what she said and Dani suggests that she thinks it means “she hates us”. Kit and Beth approach Matilda and Kit says that she felt like Tilly at first but that its really not that bad and that Summer Bay is actually pretty cool when you give it a chance. A sarcastic Matilda points out its “Loserville NSW” and returns again to the issue of only one bathroom and the fact that she has to share a room with Kit and “her”. Beth replies that Dani has a name and that anyway she’ll be moving in with Scott for the time being and Matilda will be sharing with Kit. Matilda asks if Kit has got over her “little” problem and Beth protests but Kit jumps in remarking sarcastically that it is so nice of Matilda to ask but not to worry, she won’t keep her awake all night with clanging bottles. She walks away as Seb enters the back door and asks what’s going on. Jade tells him the twins have arrived and asks if Matilda was always like this, Robbie replies that she was a great kid and Jade replies “was, past tense” before exiting with Seb in tow. Max approaches Henry who has headphones on and asks what he;s listening to and explains that he’s into rock and heavy metal but Henry merely frowns and looks away. Beth and Scott approach and Beth tells Henry he hasn’t said much since he got here and Max corrects that he hasn’t said a thing. Beth suggests that he take the headphones off but Henry ignores her so Scott takes them off for him and he turns round furiously. He remarks that he was listening to that but Scott tells him Mum asked a question and Beth asks if he’s happy to hang here for the hols. Henry suggests that Beth shouldn’t try to use cool words as it makes her sound desperate. Rhys approaches and formally welcomesthe twins to the Bay. A sarcastic Matilda thanks him and asks if they’re going to do some line dancing now, Kit remarks that Boarding School has really improved her. Max suggests they go to the Surf Club later and ignores Matilda’s sarcasm to explain that there’s a “pool table and everything”. Matilda grunts in response and walks off, Kit asks Beth if they were always such brats and walks off too. Rhys puts his arm around an obviously worried Beth and tells her to give it time and that it was a big upheaval.

Seb asks Jade what’s happening and she replies that she knows now what it feels like when someone invades your country. Seb remarks that it can’t be that bad but Jade suggests that they make a bet, Matilda hasn’t stopped complaining and Henry hasn’t said a word. Max joins them remarking that he might have to join the circus but Seb suggests that they consider how the twins feel, their entire life has been turned upside down. Jade remarks that they don’t even know that yet and asks what’ll happen when they find out it’s permanent and that the