Episode 3659

Australian Air Date: 22nd January 2004

Alex is thrown by Brodie’s return. Max decides to move out. Rhys reveals the truth to Tasha about himself and Angie.

Return episode, last seen in Episode #3404. Returned to the Bay to sweep Alex up off his feet.

Extended Summary

Tasha hands Irene a shell and she thanks her but asks her if she couldn’t find one with a pearl in it because her credit card bill is due ‘tomorrow’. Robbie follows them as Irene tells Tasha about a guy she knew who put shells all over his living room and painted it pink but it was in the seventies. As they turn the corner Tasha looks over her shoulder and spots Robbie. She suggests maybe she could cover Irene’s house in shells, Irene says no but suggests that maybe it’ll be the next big thing on all those DIY shows. Robbie darts behind a bush as Tasha looks around again and Irene asks her wht’s up but she replies nothing. In the bush, Robbie holds his broken glasses to his face, watching them.

Kirsty enters from upstairs, berating Matilda about spending so much time in the shower but Matilda snaps that its necessary if you want to stay clean. Rhys greets them and Kirsty moans to him about having to have a cold shower but Rhys points out that there is always the shower block. Dani and Scott enter as Kirsty tells Rhys he needs to build a new shower, he replies he’ll put it on his list. Beth asks if Scott and Dani have eaten, Scott replies they were on the way to The Diner but Beth tells him there’s plenty of food. Matilda asks if he eggs are free range and Beth tells her they’re barn laid and asks if thta’s alright, Matilda snaps ‘not really’ and says she’ll just have toast. Rhys asks how many there is for breakfast and Beth starts to count them off, Scott offers to still go the Diner but Beth tells him theres no difference between seven and nine. Max points out that there’s ten and asks if he was forgotten but Beth assures him she could never forget him.

Irene and Tasha enter and Kane asks if they had a good walk, Irene replies that it blew the cobwebs away and suggests that Tasha rinse out the shells because they’re beginning to stink the joint out. Tasha empties them in the sink but Irene points out she meant in the laundry, Tasha remarks that it was funny the way Robbie kept hiding, pretending that he wasn’t following them. Irene says that was why she kept stopping like a ‘clapped out combi’ but Kane asks what Tasha meant by following them. She explains that he was walking behind them but hid when she turned around. Kane remarks that it sounds more like he was stalking her especially because Kane told him to back off. Tasha laughs that it’s not like that but that she likes him, he makes her laugh, Kane suggests he’s weird and tells her to watch herself.

The Sutherland-Hunters are sat at the table when Robbie enters asking if there’s any sticky tape and Dani offers to get it. Beth asks if everyone slept alright but Henry moans that Max snored. Max protests but Rhys replies that he does snore. Moodily Max reaches for the cereal only to find it empty and a sarcastic Henry remarks that he had the last bit. Kirsty stands up and leaves, as Matilda watches Scott eating, asking how he can eat meat. Scott teases her saying its delicious but she tells him that when animals are taken to abbatoirs they have the same stress levels as soldiers going into battles. Dani remarks that she doesn’t like animals being hurt but eating meat is natural. Scott jokes that they’re ‘Hunters’ and Robbie suggests he changes his name to nut gatherer but Matilda snaps sarcastically as long as she doesn’t have to change it to Sutherland.

Kirsty and Kane enter. Kirsty is moaning about the chaos at the caravan park house and that the house simply isn’t big enough. Kane hints that she should move in with him but Kirsty is too busy ranting to hear him. Kane tells her that if she went away for a few weeks nobody would likely even notice and Kirsty stops to listen to him, finally deciding that he’s right, that’s exactly what she needs to do. She reminds him that he said they should do what they want, that her Dad is going to get better soon so why shouldn’t they go away for a little bit? Kane asks if she’s serious and she says she wouldn’t say it if she didn’t mean it and she thought he knew her better. Kan tells her he does he’s just shocked, they hug.

Hayley is offering to cook Alex a special meal but he is disinterested and asks what she has in mind. She suggests some complex meals but he suggests something simpler and she accuses him of not thinking she can cook. Alex makes a joking reply but she says Hayley might just surprise him, he jokes that that is what he’s worried about. Hayley kisses him.
Alf is taking Max’s order and is surprised when he doesn’t order any eggs or bacon but Max replies he’s off bacon at the moment. Colleen comes over and asks why Max is out so early but he remarks that things are a little chaotic at home, Colleen invites him to hers for breakfast, she says he gets lonely. Max offers to cook for her and goes on to extol his virtues around the house. Colleen thanks him but doesn’t want to put him out, Max tells her not to worry it’d be okay if he was living with her. He tells her he’s not wanted at home and that it makes sense, they’d be doing each other a favour. Colleen looks shocked.

Hayley suggests a meal to Irene who sounds bemused. Tasha approaches and asks what the meal is and Irene struggles with the answer. Tasha asks why somebody would go to so much trouble when its only fuel, Irene tells her that to Hayley it’s the way to a mans heart. Tasha is confused and still more confused when Irene talks about food and romance and that Tasha should watch a video of Tom Jones. Hayley asks Irene if she really thinks she could cook the meal and Irene doesn’t see why not. Hayley really needs it to be a success though and Irene warns her not to put too much pressure on herself, Hayley says she has to, Alex doesn’t think she can cook. Irene asks if everything is okay with her and Alex and Hayley says it’s fine and points out that Irene encouraged her to get back with Alex in the first place. irene asks if hayley has spoken to Noah recently but Hayley hasn’t and when she asks why, irene changes the subject and walks away leaving Hayley confused.
Tasha asks Irene if the ‘way to a man’s heart’ thing means men only want women who can cook but irene assures her theres a bit more than that to it. She explains that Hayley and Alex are trying to get things back on track and Hayley thought cooking would do the trick. When Tasha asks if some pork will really do the trick Irene admits it does seem silly and shrugs. Tasha tells her she worries about other people too much and assures her Hayley will be alright. Irene remarks she can’t help it, it’s just the way she is. Robbie interrupts them. He’s made something for Tash, he gets her to open it and it appears to be a lot of green crepe paper in a box. He assures jher its the bush and that it even smells like the bush but tasha asks why she’d need that when the bush is just outside. Robbie asks about the rain but Tasha loves the rain. Irene interrupts to say it’s a lovely thought and Tasha admits she doesn’t get it but that she hasn’t been given many things and it was nice. Robbie leaves but not before getting a harsh glare from Kane.
After he’s gone Kane approaches Irene and says she needs to watch Robbie because he’s ‘seriously weird’, Irene points out he’s harmless and anyway Kane’s always around to stop him getting up to anything but Kane points out he might not always be around.

Matilda and Henry enter moaning about how boring the place is. Max offers Beth help but she declines saying that Dani is being the perfect guest and helping out. Rhys tells Beth that now their offer (on the house) has been accepted they should do some renovations, starting with a second bathroom, he adds the house wasn’t made to cope with the number of people. Max says he has a way to help them out, it’ll be easier on the plumbing if he moves out. Rhys assures him it’s the girls who have two hour showers but Max suggests its illegal to have so many people in the hous. Dani asks where he’d go and he tells them Colleen’s, she’s lonely so he’d be helping her out too.

Colleen tells Rhys she should have put him off, Rhys explains he couldn’t because he was totally confused. Colleen remarks that she can’t say anything because he’ll think she’s changed her mind but Rhys points out that she should have been straight with him in the first place. Alex tries to interrupt and Colleen departs with the announcement that Rhys will have to tell him. Rhys exits the kitchen area and sees Kane, he approaches him and grudgingly thanks him for saving their lives. Kane replies ‘whatever’ and Rhys adds it doesn’t change anything and he hasn’t forgotten the threats Kane made in hospital. Kane argues that he doesn’t remember threats, he remembers making an effort and being rebuffed but that he told Rhys he’d win in the end and he has. Rhys asks what he means
and Kane replies that he shouldn’t have threatened him.

Tasha asks Max if he’s okay now and he assures her he’s fine. Tasha asks if he had a funny feeling in his stomach all the time when he went out with Eloise, like ants running around and did he think sbout her when he should have been thinking about other things. Max tells her all the time just as Robbie interrupts them and the awkwardness makes it very clear who she’s talking about. Beth calls Robbie over to fix the fridge as Max explains to Tasha about dating, that you act impulsively. Tasha says it sounds stupid and Max replies that thats why you shouldn’t make big decisions while you’re like it. Robbie is blatantly eavesdropping and when Dani points out he’s blushing he asks Tash in an unnaturally high voice if she wants to see his latest project, she replies she’d love to and they depart.
Dani heads off to tell Kirsty lunch is ready and Rhys approaches Beth, he explains about Colleen, he has no idea how he’s going to tell max either.
Robbie is explaining his latest invention to Tash who appears interested with clearly no clue what he’s going on about. Rhys comes out and asks if he can have a word with Tasha, Robbie makes his excuses and Rhys asks Tasha about her idea that he’s her Dad. She explains that she’s heard he thought he had another child, Rhys explains he was with Angie but it was a few years before Tasha and there’s no way he could be her Dad. A clearly disappointed Tasha tells him it’s okay, she thinks he’d be a really nice Dad but it doesn’t matter really. She makes her excuses and leaves, clearly upset and nearly knocking a newly arrived Brodie over. Robbie asks if she has a reservation as Dani and Kirsty enter with cries of joy as the girls greet each other.

Irene remarks to Kirsty that it’ll be good to see Brodie again, Kane comments on she and Dani being “as thick as thieves” and Irene asks if she looks well. Kirsty explains she does. Tasha asks if Robbie was okay because she thinks he might have been rude to him, Kirsty assures her he was okay. Tasha comments that he’s nice and Kirsty agrees, he’s “far better than the twins anyway” and its a good job they don’t have to put up with them much longer. Kane hushes her but Irene asks what she means, Kirsty tries to cover but Irene is unconvinced and quickly gets Tasha out of the way. Irene asks if they’re planning a moonlight flit but Kane confides they’re planning to get married, Irene points out that Rhys will have a fit and that Kirsty needs his permission. Kan tells her its none of her business but Irene replies she cares about him and Kirsty and her family and Kane apologises. Irene just doesn’t want them to do something dumb, mess up their whole life and hurt a lot of people. Kane defends that they’re not trying to hurt people they’re doing it because they want to and Kirsty asks if Irene’s going to say anything.

Brodie asks Dani about court and in prison, Dani quickly changes the subject and asks about Brodie’s boyfriend and Brodie confides it’s over. Dani apologises but Brodie’s fine with it, she knew it wasn’t forever and at least it means she’s back in the bay. Dani is gutted that Brodie can’t stay with them but the house is bursting at the seams, Brodie replies that she’ll find somewhere.

Beth hits the computer as Max enters and quickly fixes it. Beth remarks how hard it is feeding so many people and Max compliments her and offers to help if she ever needs it. She thanks him and mentions that things haven’t turned out as she hoped. Max assures her they will but she doesn’t share his optimism but at least she has Max to count on. He makes an excuse and leaves.

Max explains to Colleen about how he under appreciated Beth and that he thinks maybe he rushed into moving in with Colleen, he thinks Beth will be upset if he leaves because she wants them all to get along. Colleen pretends to be disappointed but tells him she understands and Max thanks her for understanding, he exits leaving Colleen clearly delighted.

Irene tells Brodie of course she can stay, Brodie thanks her and Irene says she can have Jesse’s old room. Tasha comes out and Brodie greets her and reminds her they ran into each other. Irene introduces them and expllains that Tash lives there but so too does Kane and she understands if Brodie doesn’t want to live there. Brodie says it’ll be fine and Irene hugs her and asks if she’s seen Hayley. Brodie hasn’t yet and Irene tells her she’s working at the gym. Brodie says she will pop in and see her but theres somebody she needs to see first.

Alex is preparing food, tossing carrots into the air and catching them in his mouth. Brodie enters and jokes he’s hard at work as usual. Alex turns, clearly delighted to see her and they hug.


Alex and Brodie are walking alongside the beach and he asks her why she came back. She tells him the beach but mainly the letter he sent her about him and Hayley breaking up. She confides she wanted to come back for a while but didn’t think she could while he and Hayley were together. She brings up him proposing to her when she turned him down but she replies if he was to ask her again she’d say yes, she loves him, she always has. Alex can’t bring himself to look at her.

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