Episode 3660

Australian Air Date: 23rd January 2004

Will Alex betray Hayley? Seb asks Jade to live with him. Jesse has reservations about Leah’s pregnancy.


Extended Summary

Alf has found Jade’s necklace amongst Seb’s sheets, and Seb tries to pass it off innocently.
Brodie tells Alex that she has come back for him, as she loves him and wants to marry him!


Noah and Alex walk through what remains of the DIC, with Alex telling Noah what happened with Brodie. Noah is stunned, even more so that Alex didn’t correct Brodie about Hayley. Alex hasn’t yet given Brodie an answer, but Noah warns him what could happen if Hayley and Brodie meet up for a chat…

Hayley and Brodie are delighted to see one another, and Brodie hints that she could be back for good – only problem is that it’s too awkward living under the same roof as Kane. Hayley doesn’t have much time to talk, but assures Brodie that they’ll catch up soon. As Hayley collects a stack of recipe books, Brodie catches on that she’s trying to impress a guy – and thinks it’s great that she’s moving on! With Hayley gettying more and more confused, Brodie continues to rabbit excitedly on about Alex and Hayley’s split being her “green light” to come back to the Bay – and ask Alex to marry her! She tells Hayley that despite Alex’s initial shock, he didn’t say no! Hayley hurridely leaves.

Alex races in, desperately trying to find Hayley, and Jesse tells him that she will be preparing a meal for them. Jesse insists on holding Alex back in order to discuss the gym – now he’s hanging around, they’re expecting him to help out with the running of the place. Alex agrees, before running off.

Seb returns Jade’s necklace to her, explaining that Alf found it. Overcoming the embarrassment, Jade expresses her disgust at the Hunters’ taking over the caravan park, before going on to whinge about “something” being up with Kirsty, thinking that she and Kane are going to do something stupid. Seb, however, isn’t listening to Jade’s update on the Sutherland grief… obviously having more important things on his mind – they kiss, but Alf coming through the door spoils the moment and they hastily leave.

Jesse is sceptical about Alex’s offer to help out at the gym, and for once Leah doesn’t defend him, also having noticed the recent change in his attitude. Hayley enters, equally irritated with Alex, but avoids giving them the details of Alex’s latest escapades.
As Hayley leaves the room, Jesse is upbeat about the upcoming birthing classes… but Leah, unlike her brother, is quick to correct him that Flynn will be attending with her – she just didn;t think he’d want to. Jesse acts indifferently, recognising that Flynn is the father.

Jade and Seb arrive, with only Kit greeting them, the rest of the neverending family having disappeared for the evening. Jade and Seb try and figure out where to go to be alone, and Kit cottons on to why they want some privacy, ‘helpfully’ suggesting that Seb get his own place.

Hayley has cooked a meal for she and Alex, and he arrives with a bunch of flowers, provoking a sarcastic-but-true statement from Hayley about guys buying flowers when they’ve done something wrong. Alex doesn’t come clean, and Hayley come straight out with it – he has to tell Brodie the truth. The romantic mood already spoilt, Hayley is now furious with Alex, but he claims that he simply didn’t want to hurt Brodie’s feelings – she travelled all this way for him. Alex promises that he’ll tell Brodie… eventually, before quickly changing it to “soon” upon a swift glare from Hayley.

At breakfast, Jesse helps VJ with his breakfast, promising that once Leah is out at birthing classes they’ll have a guys night in! A morning-sick Leah joins them, shortly followed by Hayley, who is still dwelling on the Alex situation. Jesse has picked up on her mood, and as she leaves he comments to Leah that Alex must have done something “pretty out there”.

Seb announces to Alf that he’s getting a part time job and won’t be working at the diner any more, but Alf suggests that they make the diner official instead – proper wages etc. and it’s ideal to work where you live. However, Seb has another grand idea – he’s moving out, and Alf jumps to the conclusion that the decision is entirely Jade-related, offering Seb more privacy/time alone in the flat but Seb’s mind is made up. Alf directly tells him that he doesn’t want him to leave, and departs leaving Seb having a think.


Jade arrives to see Seb, and before she goes up, Alf warns her about the “big mistake” that she and Seb are making, as they’re too young. He’s also displeased that she hasn’t told her father, supposing that Rhys will feel the same way.
Hayley also arrives to pester Alex further about coming clean to Brodie.

Seb apologises for telling Alf, and they hope that he doesn’t “say anything”. Seb is still dead set on moving out, however, Jade is less enthusiastic – he’d better not be doing it because of her, and she won;t be moving out with him – after all, they need to stick together as a family. Seb assures her that he just wants to do it for himself, and he’ll get a job to support himself – and he’s sure that Fisher will help him out on the cash front. The more he thinks about the idea, the more he likes it.

Leah is half-awake as she works, explaining her latest problem regarding the birthing classes – and who to take with her. Alf suggests that he take everyone involved and just explain to them about the surrogacy, however hard it is to explain. It’s better than the fuss.

Brodie bumps into Noah at the kiosk, delighted to see one another. Noah realises that Brodie is still under the impression that Alex and Hayley have split, and avoids telling Brodie, who is still looking forward to the prospect of marrying Alex.

Kit approaches Hayley, hypothetically matchmaking – if Alex and Brodie were to reunite, then both Hayley and Noah would be free… Hayley laughs it off, confused at why Kit is trying to get she and Noah together – she thought Kit wanted Noah. Kit is convinced that she and Noah will never happen, whereas Hayley and Noah are meant to be – everyone can see it except her.

Noah, Alf and Leah give Alex a hard time over the Brodie-Hayley situation – everyone knows except Brodie, so it’s only a matter of time… Alex agrees to call and arrange to meet Brodie.

Alf tells Seb that he’s going to the pictures that eveing to see “that thing with whatshisname in it”, so he can have Jade round if he wants. Seb is still determined to move out and get a job, and is scouring the paper for jobs. Alf warns him about the trouble he’s going to have finance-wise, and is quick to put an end to Seb’s hope of Fisher’s help – because he thinks the same. Seb is angry that they spoke behind his back, but this just makes him more determined.

Kit reckons that Jade should be moving out with Seb to get out of the mad house, adamant that they’re not too young – take her Mum and Dad as an example. Besides, it’s not like telling Kirsty to go and “shack up” with Kane – Seb’s one of the “good guys”. Jade is left with food for thought.

Jesse arrives to see Leah, who apologises about the birthing classes and tells him of her decision – all four of them will attend, and it’ll be fun seeing the other mothers trying to work out “who the father is”.

Alex and Brodie walk along, Brodie being in her usual chirpy mood (lovely day, perfect beach etc) and is still delighted about the letter. Alex is unable to stop her and set her straight as she goes on, finally kissing him – a kiss which he returns…

Noah arrives to ask Alex how Brodie took the news, with Alex skirting around the question, allowing Noah to believe he went through with it, before admitting that he kissed her. He was ready to tell Brodie everything, but the kiss stirred up old feelings – he’s still in love with Brodie. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do.

Brodie arrives to see Hayley, and uponm hearing that Alex hasn;t come clean, she decides to do it instead, telling Brodie straight out that she and Alex are still together. Brodie is confused and stunned – they can’t be… because Alex just kissed her…


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