Episode 3661

Australian Air Date: 26th January 2004

Hayley and Brodie turn against Alex. Alex drives Jesse to breaking point. Scott has a drastic plan to prevent Kirsty leaving. Dani’s upset that her sister is lying to her.

Extended Summary

Kane and Kirsty admit to Irene that they’re planning on getting married… Irene is stunned, wondering if Rhys knows of their plans, but Kirsty begs her not to say anything
Brodie kisses Alex, who returns the kiss
Hayley tells Brodie that she’s sorry – but she and Alex are back together. Brodie says they can’t be… because Alex just kissed HER.


Brodie and Hayley storm out of the Surf Club, and Noah enquires what it wrong – Hayley tells him exactly what is happening with Alex, unable to believe that he’s done it. Noah, however, is trying to see where Alex is coming from, which results in Hayley accusing him of finding excuses for Alex’s behaviour – she should’ve known that the guys would stick together.

Brodie storms into the diner, publicly (and loudly) asking how he could do something like that, as he tries to take her aside. She feels humiliated, so she reckons he should to – she slaps him, before walking out. Hayley enters a split second later, telling Alex that Brodie was wrong to slap him… before pouring a drink over his head – “she should’ve done this”. She also turns and leaves as Leah condemns Alex’s handling of the problem.

Irene sits Hayley and Brodie down to discuss Alex, convincing them that she’s not trying to defend Alex – she’s trying to get them to see the full picture – after all, Alex has been under a lot of stress. Hayley and Brodie are united in two thing – both their annoyance with, and their wanting of, Alex. Irene tells them that they must work out exactly what they want to get the mess sorted

Leah is on Alex’s back about how he could possibly be ‘in love’ with both Hayley and Brodie as her view is that love is about ONE special person, and he doesn’t deserve either of them. their arguement attracts the attention of Alf, with Alex again apologising – this time about what happened earlier. However, he gets riled up again when Alf comments on how many times he has apologised lately. He removes his apron and, quite unprofessionally, walks off the job.

Dani is busy moaning about ther “gruesome twosome” as Alex arrives, wondering if they want such a lowlife as him to have dinner with them. Dani comments that Brodie and Hayley will have Alex dolls to stick pins into, whilst Scott more helpfully points out that Alex is just blaming himself. Noah, on the other hand, is less sympathetic towards Alex – he couldn’t expect them not to find out. He gets quickly fed up of the interference from his mates, and once again leaves the room.

Kane is packing, discarding a shirt that he doesn’t think would be ‘suitable for a married guy’, but Kirsty is preoccupied, not wanting to just up and leave her family. She voices her concerns to Kane, who is convinced that the sooner they get a new start, the sooner things will start working out for them. However, he isn’t so understanding about her family concerns, suggesting that she simply writes them a letter after they’ve gone. He assures her that her family WON’T hate her, and as long as they’re together, everything will be ok in the end.

Outside in the living area, Dani is visiting Brodie, backing her up over Alex and attempting to convince her that she’s better off without him. Problem is, Brodie loves Alex and she isn;t keen on walking away. Kane and kirsty emerge from his bedroom, Dani and Kane exchanging a hesitant “Hi”, before Dani goes to leave. Kirsty accompanies her home.
Once they’ve gone, Irene advises Brodie to go for a bath, before going to have a talk to Kane. She suggests a new job so he could stick around, as running away from things won’t help. If he takes Kirsty away from her family then they may never take her back, but he doesn’t care – they’re not exactly getting a fair go as it is. Irene adds that he may not care – but does Kirsty?

Jesse talks to Hayley about her confusion over Alex, telling her that she is better off without him. Hayley just wants to get her head settled.
As Alex enters to talk to Hayley, Jesse asks him, not exactly politely, to leave. It comes close to developing into a fight as Jesse throws him out.

Hayley apologises to Noah for “yesterday”, and they get back on friendly terms as Hayley expresses her concern for how Brodie is feeling. Noah is surprised – some people might blame Brodie for everything – but Hayley knows that brodie did nothing wrong. Noah tells her that Alex doesn’t know what he’s missing.
Alex arrives back, and Noah makes himself scarce . Hayley tells Alex that she’s ready to work things out, and they have to talk about it, but this time Alex is the one who isn;t in the mood for talking – he won’t keep apologising for his stuff ups. He doesn’t want to be talked at.

Flynn finds Sally reading a book on how to care for a baby, and as they get close, Noah turns up to interrupt the moment. He’s wondering whether there’s any news on the counselling job and seeing as he’s the only applicant, things are looking hopeful. He then criticises Alex and praises Hayley for the way she’s handling things – he wants to help out as a friend.
As he leaves, Sally guesses that Noah’s still in love with Hayley.


Alex and Hayley take a walk, with himstill confused as to why the kiss happened, saying that he ISN’T in love with Brodie. Brodie is just easier to talk to – whereas Hayley doesn’t listen. She tells him that she just can’t get inside his head, but he doesn’t want that, and she also doesn’t want him using Brodie to ‘make himself feel better’. All he wants is for her to be the one to make him feel better – so he can stuff up and still have her love. She walks off, not sure how much more she can take.

Brodie is on the phone, trying to book a flight as Kane eats breakfast and Irene cleans up in the kitchen. As she hangs up, Kane suggests she stay and fight instead of running away – and promptly has his head bitten off for it. As he leaves to see Kirsty, Irene remarks that Kane has more sense than she gives him credit for, in agreement that Brodie should fight for Alex. After all, she’ll always be wondering “what if?” otherwise, and Alex hasn’t actually rejected her. Brodie is still concerned about Hayley, but what matters is Alex’s feelings. She decides to go for a walk as Irene encourages her to talk to Alex.

Leah is upset by Jesse’s earlier aggressiveness with Alex, but he thinks it was an acheivement to have been able to hold back. Hayley come in, upset that Alex is blaming her for being too hard on him. Leah advixses her to actually tell him that they’re meant to be together.
As Leah leavse, Jesse tries to reassure Hayley, whilst still cutting into Alex – is she really ready to believe in him after everything that he has done? Hayley tries to convince Jesse, and probably herself, that she and Alex are meant to be and all they have to do is sort things out.

Brodie comes in, but Alex won’t be back for another half hour. Leah decides to stick her beak in again, and tells Brodie she’s sorry for the Alex situation. Brodie is downhearted – she thought Alex was still in love with her, and Leah plays on that – Alex loves Hayley, and he’s not going to leave her. Brodie asks Leah not to tell Alex she was there, before leaving.

Kirsty voices her desire to Kane about missing Rhys and beth’s wedding, but he promises that she can come back. She’s still concerned about just leaving them – she can’t bring herself to tell them. He reminds her that they’re not going forever – the only difference is that when they return she’ll be Kirsty Phillips. She cheers up, and after a kiss he promises that it’ll be “all good” from then on.

Leah pesters Alex, telling him that he loves Hayley, but he tells simply to mind her own business. Hayley arrives, and she and Alex head into the kitchen to talk. She has thought things through, and just wants to make the relationship work. She promises that she will be there for him, and love him, and that they can do it. They kiss and make up, and Hayley reminds him that he must tell Brodie.

Dani walks in to find Kirsty doing something that looks suspiciously like packing, but which Kirsty passes off as clearing out some old clothes. She gives Dani short shrift when she wants to talk about things, not wanting to explain what is going on.

Dani tells Scott of her feeling that Kirsty is leaving, but Scott is surprisingly understanding – maybe Kane just wants some space for he and Kirsty to work things out. He does have an idea that could keep Kane – and therefore Kirsty – in town though, but Dani instantly rejects the option of Scott giving Kane his old job back. Scott has realised that he needs a reason to stay, and no one else is going to give him a shot.

Noah intently watches Hayley at work, and as she finishes he steps in for a chat, wanting to check how she is. She updates him on the latest Alex-news, now reckoning that things will be fine between them. Noah hides his disappointment, pretending to be happy for them. Hayley explains that it was their break up that made her so determined to reunite with Alex – they didn;t fight like they should have, and this time she has learnt the lesson.

RANDOM SEA-SIDE PLACE (near some canoes… not that it matters)
Alex meets up with Brodie, who breaks the news that she is leaving. Alex is stunned, not wanting her to go and tells her how much she means to him. He doesn’at just want to be friends though – he can’t handle not seeing her. Her conscience, however, is switched on, and she is unsure whether she can do it – both to herself and to Hayley. He is unable to make “any promises”, but he begs her not to leave…


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