Episode 3662

Australian Air Date: 27th January 2004

Will Kane accept Scott’s startling offer? Max is shattered by Colleen’s betrayal. Dani catches Alex out on a lie.

Informed an overly keen Seb the price of a one-bedroom apartment by the sea.

Extended Summary

Jade apologises to Seb for not moving out with him, because of all the family stuff, but Seb wants to move out anyway – he’s doing it for him.
Hayley and Alex reconcile
Alex begs a reluctant Brodie to say, unable to sort out his feelings
Beth tells Henry and Matilda that things won’t change – they’re going to be staying at the caravan park
Irene warns Kane about the possible consequences of taking Kirsty away from her family, but he doesn’t see how the people of the Bay could treat him much worse.
Scott suggests to Dnai that he give Kane a job, and therefore both he and Kirsty will stay in the Bay. Dani is reluctant, but Scott tells her that no one else is going to give Kane a go.


Seb and Jade have just been to see a film, and Seb tries to convince Jade that people “falling ion love and living happily ever after” DOES happen in real life. they stop to look into the jewellers window, and Seb asks her to choose between a selection of rings, but Jade comments that they look like engagement rings, and she’s not going to be needing one for a while. She drags him away from the shop as he tells her that he wasn’t ‘suggesting anything’.

Henry is making himself a cheese and jam sandwich to Matilda’s (understandable) disgust. The fridge door keeps opening by itself, and Henry and Matilda don’t see the funny side as Robbie and Kit emerge with the remote control for the fridge door. Henry grabs the remote and makes a run for it… opting to run round and round the living room in an attempt to escape from the feeble grasp of Robbie… Beth answers the phone amidst the mayhem, and Rhys and Dani enter (from different doors) just in time to hear the good news – Dani’s case has been dropped and therefore there will be no re-trial!

Jade tells Seb all about the stress of living with Matilda and Henry, and Seb spies an estate agents. When she doesn’t voice the same excitement, he assures her that he’s doing it for himself – he needs some space. He talks briefly to the man inside, finally realising just how costly moving out will be, and as they leave he tries to talk Jade into moving out with him, suggesting the many benefits – they could even help each other study (!). She loves him, but it’s moving too fast. He gets her to say that she’ll think about it.

Beth brings a cup of sugary tea out to Dani on the back patio, telling her that it helps with shock. Dani takes the opportunity to ask Beth for some advice – should she fix something that would make people happy, but not herself. Beth can’t give a direct answer – it depend on how strong she is. Dani recalls praying during the mineshaft disaster, and swearing that she’d do anything to keep the family together, before telling Beth of Scott’s suggestion regarding Kane. It’d break Rhys’ heart of Kirsty left, and Beth tells her that she can’t keep everyone happy, but only she can make the decision.

A preoccupied Alex is burning food, to Alf’s distress – the customers are eating charcoal. As Alf leaves, Colleen takes the chance to let him know how perfect he and Hayley are together, and that Brodie was looking sorry for herself earlier – but not to worry, she’ll find Mr Right soon, just like Colleen found Norman. Alf interrupts Colleen’s “gasbagging”, reminding her that she’s at work and the two leave the kitchen squabbling

Chaos descends on the Sutherland-Hunter house once more as Henry takes something belonging to Max (piece of cake?) out of the fridge. Kit watches on as Matilda throws a cushion at Henry and Max to shut them up and Rhys walks in, failing to regain control. Colleen is somewhat horrified as she witnesses the scene. Rhys tells her that they’re thinking of moving somewhere quieter… like a warzone, and Colleen is unable to see how they cope

Alex congratulates Dani on her good news, but is unable to stick around for the celebratory dinner, as he’s going to see a movie. As he’s dressed up, Dani assumes he’s going with Hayley – something which Alex neither confirms or denies as he makes an exit. Dani and Scott are glad that they worked things out, and Dani has been thinking – she wants Scott to offer Kane the job

Alex meets up with Brodie, who can’t believe that they’re doing it. Alex tells her how he feels around Hayley as opposed to the feelings he has for her, and Brodie wants him to tell Hayley. She wants to be with him, but doesn’t want to sneak around – he promises that he’ll tell her, but looks to be feeling guilty about messing Hayley around. Brodie’s also sympathising with Hayley, not wanting to sneak around, but Alex is quick with the smooth-talk, telling her that he CAN’T not see her – not now they’ve found one another again.

Yet another arguement breaks out as rhys opens a conversation about the wedding, Max’s suggestion of a caravan park wedding going down like a lead balloon with Matilda. The bickering escalates until Beth loudly intervenes, she and Rhys exchanging a helpless glance.


Rhys and Beth, sat on the back patio, are amazed that they haven;t heard an arguement for at least 5 minutes. Beth doesn’t know what to do with her “over the top” twins – it’s not long since they lost their Dad, and they’re not settling in, but Rhys thinks they just need time. He also suggests an alternative for their wedding – they could just go away for a couple of days and come back married – it’d save all the hassle. Beth needs some more time to think it over – one of the benefits would be that they’d be able to hear the vows they were making, and Rhys tells her to take all the time she needs.

In the morning, Max successfully manages to disrupt the peace once more by walking in on Matilda in the shower… needless to say, Matilda isn’t best pleased, labelling Max a “filthy pervert”, as the crowds arrive to watch the show – Robbie complete in blue nightgown. He helpfully comments that the house needs another bathroom, as Max protests his innoncence – he didn’t even know Matilda was in there. As they are left alone, Beth asks Rhys to run away with her… they’re going to get married.

Scott is assuring Dani that if it makes her uncomfortable, they can pull out of the Kane thing, but Dani insists that she can deal with it. Alex passes through, on his way into work, late due to a late night the previous evening. Leaving his jacket in the kitchen, he departs. Scott checks the Kane thing over with Dani, before leaving himself. As he goes, Dani picks up Alex’s jacket to hang it up (?) and starts to sniff it (as you do).

Dani arrives to see Alex at work, questioning whether he was really at the movies the previous night – he protests that he was, and she goes on to state that Hayley is her friend – she doesn’t want to see her hurt. She then spells out exactly what she knows – there was perfume on his jacket, and it wasn’t Hayley’s… Alex laughs – she’s basing her accusations on how his jacket smells? He advises him to come clean to Hayley, and leaves.

The fridge once again manages to open itself… this time in the prescence of Jade, who predictably isn’t impressed by Robbie’s idea of a joke. The pair start to argue again, Robbie advising her to lighten up, and she considering him to be childish. Robbie then starts to open up about his feelings – it isn;t easy for them to construct new lives – things were diffuicult after his Dad died, especially for Beth. Their lives were torn apart – Scott rode around on his horse all day, Kit started drinking and the twins turned “haywire”. He acted like a clown and invented things to get through it, as laughter is a “feel good hit”. Jade explains how she felt when her Mum left, how she went haywire and everything fell apart. They manage to get back on better terms following this heart-to-heart, and Jade admits that she finds his joking annoying sometimes – this time, however, it doesn’t develop into an arguement and they laugh it off.

Seb has it all worked out for he and Jade to move in together, but she isn’t convinced. He shows her an alternative “fully furnished garden flat”, the rent being considerably cheaper, but Seb doesn’t care if it’s a dump – at least it’d be THEIR dump and they’d have their own space. He accuses her of being too down on things, and is trying his damndest to talk her around, telling her how perfect things would be. He can’t get why she’s still thinking about it.

Rhys leaves for the kiosk as Colleen arrives to see Beth, wondering how Max is coping with the descending of the Hunters. She can remember what things were like with Lance at that age, and how much of a handful kids can be. Beth is optimistic that things will settle down, and Max comes by the door at just the wrong time. Colleen is relieved that Max decided to stay put at the caravan park as she didn’t know “how to wriggle out of it” – she wouldn’t have coped with a boy of his age. Max also overhears Beth’s part in pursuading him to stay and doesn’t look best pleased

Kane arrives to see Scott, and doesn’t know quite what to make of Scott’s job offer. Scott reasons that he was the best deckhand he’d ever had (and considering Kane worked for him for all of a day, then he must have made quite an impact) and so long as they leave their differences on the shore, things should be fine. Kane is suspicious, and tells Scott that he’ll think about it.

Kane comes to talk to Dani about Scott’s job offer, having worked out that it must have had something to do with her. Dani denies it, before telling him that she can’t stop Kirsty loving him, but she can stop her family being torn apart – and if he stays, Kirsty stays. Kane interprets this as Dani wanting Scott to keep an eye on him. Rhys walks in to intervene, and is shocked to hear of Scott’s job proposition, instantly telling them that it won’t happen. Kane leaves Dani to deal with Rhys’ wrath, and she tries to convince him that it’s the only way to sensure that Kirsty stays put – and if she can deal with it, then he should be able to.


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